World environment day: not a proposal but responsibility for all to be faithful towards Earth.

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Hello everyone!
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Tomorrow on June 5, all government institutions, offices are being opened for one day. By the way, summer vacations are going on, but keeping in mind the World Environment Day, government offices are being opened to spread awareness about the environment among the people.

Pledge will be administered to all for environment protection in all the offices. Apart from this, environmental awareness will be increased among the people by taking out campaigns and rallies.

Needless to say that there is a great need of tree plantation on the earth. Whenever we step out in the sun and our vehicle is not air conditioned then it is very difficult to travel at that time. Take out your sleeper for 5 minutes in the sun and try wearing it again, you will definitely not be able to walk wearing it.
We need the shade of trees to rest on the way. Just think that if there will be less or no trees on this earth then how difficult our life will be. This should not be a campaign but it should be the responsibility of all of us.
The situation in rural areas is still under control but in urban areas the situation is getting worse. The expansion of cities is causing havoc for the trees. The day is not far when we will depend on oxygen cylinders for oxygen. Perhaps that is why the state government is giving more emphasis on these programs so that more and more people can become aware.
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Wait this wasn't a proposal :P. You are right though certain. We need to take care of the world and mother nature. We need to do this to protect the future and hopefully the generations will come will follow what we did.

Absolutely you are right brother. Nature is our mother and we should take care of her.
I think time to time there should held some campaign related that instead of in particular day.

what campaign u want . maybe u can start the campaign and then we support u haha

It is not about particular campaign but the campaign that held by the government.
Yes some complain can be also organised by the community, by the young generation. Do you think if clean project post supported by any whale then there will be so many people in that campaign.

Yes I think so just depends on the friend group? maybe the whale have many connections. like if u and alok do oen I think u can get many people

World environment day Is a nice event and thanks to you for talking about it because I believe people needs to pay more attention on such events so that they can be more considerate about the planet. This planet is our home and it is high time when we need to pay more attention and also be careful that how we behave towards it. Together we can only make the difference and every effort count Nice topic.

Unfortunately we remember the things when we got into trouble either in particular day. Scorching sunlights always remind us that need to be plant more tree. As I said it is not a proposal but it is moral duty of us.

Bro, today you have made my heart happy by talking on World Environment Day. And the government is also doing well. It is a good effort to spread awareness about the concept of environment. And it is the responsibility of everyone that they should not understand their responsibility for their planet.

You are already doing a great job bhai participating in Green Planet project. May be possible in your area lots of people make a fuss over your toil you but everyone knows that it is a good deed.

The purpose of celebrating world environment day we should take part in growing plants.We should try to make our planet clean.In this regard I will appreciate the project clean olanet.
You mad a nice video on this day.

Yes! Clean planet project is doing very good and motivating to the people to participate in initiative. It should be the responsibility to all to remove the trashes where they are living.

Happy world environment day We are doing our part by planting and managing some trees but we need to be done on a higher level only the government can do this but it seems like they are ignoring this thing. They should give first priority to the environment. Thank you so much for bringing awareness and also kudos to the Cleanplanet content creators.

Thanks for your nice approach and idea about environmental day. There should be some strict guideline towards the government taking plantation and saving the tree.