🎄12 Days of Crypto Christmas - DAY TEN🎄

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Hello Hive Fam!

Welcome back to "12 Days of Crypto Christmas" - day ten! It can be hard to come up with gift ideas for the crypto lover in your life, and so for twelve days I'll be highlighting a different item that you can actually wrap and put under the tree. 🎄

physical bitcoin coins are really steeped in a lot of history and there is a variety of options on the market. There are some that are actual collectibles, some that act as cold storage, some that are made out of precious metals like gold or silver, and some that are honestly just kind of decorative and fairly inexpensive.

Obviously, the decorative ones will be cheaper than the other options I mentioned and so your budget can help guide what you think will be the best option for you. If you do go for a cold storage option though - I would just advise against buying on amazon and purchasing directly from the company so as to make sure you aren’t purchasing a counterfeit.

Now the reason I think these make a fun gift is that even if it is just decorative - it can be a really simple, yet cyberpunk feeling item to add to a display on a shelf or on their desk that might just make them smile when they see it. Honestly, i think that’s a good goal to have when getting someone a gift.

That’s a wrap on day ten and I’ll be back again tomorrow and then only 1 more day after that with more holiday gift ideas.

XO, Lea


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