Crypto Adoption in the Canadian Market

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Hello Hive Fam!

had a lot of fun sitting down with Jason Towsly to chat about crypto adoption within the Canadian market and how we can help increase educate those around us.

We also chat about what legislation is like in Canada in terms of taxation of crypto, and what kind of crypto products are becoming available.

As a previous athlete (hockey of course!) we chat about mindset and motivation for those who are interesting in becoming part of this industry.

I hope you enjoy this fun, casual chat!

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Always great to see people pushing adoption, its going to be tough in places like US and Canada where the inflation is lower relatively and people see fiat as a stable trading mechanism, but with companies now starting to keep it on their balance sheet it may just start to click for the traditional investor. I think that its going to take a while before it clicks for more people until this is a trillion dollar market cap none of the big players are taking it seriously or they are just taking positions without spooking the market, only time will tell

Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment and I'm glad you enjoyed our chat!

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