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😉🤜🙏🙏 That was AWESOME!


I though I knew about hive/steemit, but that really learned me!

Hey @crrdlx, we are working on a website on decentralized platforms the @hive @leofinance and @ecency and more and it would be nice if we could add the link to the animation of the Hive story, would that be possible, please?

Of course, that would be awesome!

Amazing! great animation and best+ to @hive and thanks much for what you did and do @crrdlx

I saw this was shared recently in #theterminal #discord during a hive onboarding chat. Very cool.

Thanks. You made me smile. 😃

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I'm glad I could make you smile. 😃

Hope that @crrdlx was able to read your !loveable comment! 🤗 !HUG

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You just made me smile. 😃

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good video a lot should know where hive is born from

Thanks, I enjoyed making it and learned a lot in doing so.

Two tears in a bucket... forget about it... had me DYING!!!!! lololololol

I couldn't resist it too.. lol


LMAO. Makey Makey. Not stick aroundy 😂😂😂😂


🔥🔥🔥Thank you🔥🔥🔥


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Forgot to show you - hehehe our homepage :)

Ahh, now I see. I'd been seeing some chatter about I know. 🙂

ah nice hehe

yeah we are a site that helps people get more eyes on their content. the way they "pay" is by reading 5 posts a day to rate them from most favorite to least favorite.

but we also have a lot of fun too 😊


THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad you liked it. I enjoyed making it (but am glad it's done). 🙂

That would be a ton of work. All the info you found. All the animations. Everything. But while I lived through it this is the best explanation I have ever seen of what we all went through and for that I thank You!

Wow, thanks for saying that.

you are very welcome!!

 2 years ago  

Awesome! Great job!

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Great content! I !love it!


Love it! That sums things up pretty well. It's been an interesting journey since 2016 and I'm having fun.

You're an og. I joined mid 2017, but didn't get very active until 2019 then amped it up around fork time.

I missed the very start, but then it took a long time to grow my account to something decent. I was a nobody in crypto, but it was fun playing around with it.

Awesome video. I was there when it all happened. I watched live on Discord.

😀 I think this is the kind of thing that will be told to grandkids sitting on knees! Thanks for the reblog by the way.

It was wild. We were all in disbelief as we voted and upvoted and revoted the best Witnesses to keep control. So much strategy to just hang on long enough to get the Fork through. Then the Justin Sun AMA on discord, so much drama, … I made a few animations of the Steemit Wars…

Wild stuff for sure.

LOLOLOL i lived through this... so I remember it all hahaha but your animation had me cracking up!!!! so so so entertaining... i just wish that it was a real voice LOL cuz AI kept messing up words hehehee

still - so fun!!! LOL

I know, that voice. It gave an entertaining angle though.

some parts were so damn funny with that voice!!!!

Oh really..
I should come around for more stories then.. hehe

The animation is great and the narration is concise but comprehensive.
What a great job. Kudos!

😀 Much appreciated. It was fun to make and I learned stuff.

I literally just did a video saying the same thing! (hehe sorry i'm sending 3 separate commets - but your video is still going and i'm still laughing and nodding my head hehehe)

whenever people said to me about web 3.0, I would always say... why are they saying this is new??? its been here since 2016! LOLOL

its all here. and we are still growing hehehe

you did such a great job with this - sincerely! loved the humor - loved the passion - loved it all!!! followed :)

Awesome, really appreciate your words. It was a bit of work to make, but fun.

videos take SO long... but animations are seriously a labor of love!
they take SOOOOOOOOO much longer.

believe me - i know how long this much have taken you hahahahaha

yes they are fun though! especiall when you're DONE hahahahaha

Amen to that! I got some serious hand cramps along the way. When I was about 90% done the sound and motion got out of sync. I still don't know why. If I make something else, I'll be sure to break things into smaller units. Always learning.

the sound out of sync....

the horror of it.

no joke. the absolute horror if it. you're like "no no no no God, please no!!!"

you are preaching to the choir here hahahahaha

but yes - always learning!! LOL

Right. Especially when I was almost done and wanted to wrap things up.

"Are you serious?" kept running through my mind.'s when you stare at your screen like this...


and for my 4th comment hahaha
I'd love to share this on our site - when people click the link they would be taken directly to this post... so you'd get the traffic :)

would you mind if i did that?

let me know! :)

Seriously? Yes! That's great!

great! hehehe will share it with you when it's up :)

Yes! Please do. I'm tickled that you even asked. Made me :)

love the video and text. Can I ask was the computer voice due to not having a narrator or was it a creative choice? I am sure there would be many willing to put their voice to it.

Hi! The computer voice choice was that (a) my voice is not great I don't think, (b) I try to keep things private mostly, (c) I thought it added some humor somehow. Beyond that, no reason.

If anyone wants to narrate it, and has that awesome voice, feel free to take a shot! I'll help if I can.


ah yeah, Im not sure Ive got an awesome voice exactly, but Im an actor and Ive got some half decent recording gear. If youre happy with an english accent then Id be happy to give it a crack

Of course you're welcome to give it a shot. I can't promise that I'll re-animate's a bit of work...but we'll see how it goes.

What an amazing presentation!

Absolutely brilant.

Wow. Thanks. Makes me smile. 😃
I'm pretty blown away by the response to this animation. I'll need to write a proper response. Not sure how, but I'll try.

This is wonderful tho slow Internet RN can't ruin the fun. I wonder is there a "Watch later" something feature in 3speak?.

Sorry hat it's not working for you. Maybe I can create smaller file size and see if that helps. I'll try to do somethiing and drop ypu a note. Remind me in a couple of days if I don't come through.


Heh! Thanks! How was I not following you already? I've seen your name so often that I was certain I already was a follower, so, I nearly didn't check. Anyway, I did check and now I do. :)

Lets Hive on thennnnn!!!

Makey Makey. Not stick aroundy....

genius!! 🤣🤣🤣

The Microsoft Sam voice was a little tough to listen to initially but it grew on me and worked quite well. Really well done @crrdlx. I will be pointing people towards this page in the future 👍

Wow, thank you. Sam voice? I thought it was Daisy. I don't know. I realize the voice wasn't perfect, but thought it was better than my own and somehow added a comical element.

By the way, I just read your profile blurb, you have a wide range of eclectic and neat interests. I'm following.


Sam voice? I thought it was Daisy. I don't know. I realize the voice wasn't perfect, but thought it was better than my own and somehow added a comical element.

Ha ha, there was an application on PCs in the 1990s/early 2000s called microsoft SAM, you typed stuff into a text box and the application read it back to you, it was also what Stephen Hawkins used to communicate I believe.

By the way, I just read your profile blurb, you have a wide range of eclectic and neat interests. I'm following.

Thank you 😊

Ahh, now I know!

Woah this is one of the coolest things that I watched on Hive.

You had a lot of effort and talent in animation. I learned a lot. About Hive hahaha!

The story is also interesting, I don't fully know it until you summarize and give all of the important information here:)

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Thank you. I really appreciate your words and glad you got something out of it.


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OK, @crrdlx,

I came here from Dreemport and watched your video.
When it finished, I immediately reblogged it.

Color me impressed. This is great on so many levels...

It is beautifully and entertainingly done.
It held my attention throughout.
Making the transcript and link available is a great touch.

For me, personally, your video filled in gaps in my awareness of what actually happened at the fork. I am a "35,000 foot" thinker, most of the time perceiving the world from a great distance, and so I find it extremely helpful to have an entertaining overview of history handed to me on a platter as you have done. Thank You!

And in the context of communicating to my friends what Hive is, and hopefully onboarding them; this is spectacular! When I finish this comment expressing my appreciation for your work, my next move will be to share your video with people I care about. My very strong feeling and hope is that this may propel at least some of them "over the edge" to consider joining Hive, thus making them able to interact/comment/etc. with my own labors here.

I hope you find my reaction to your work encouraging.

Bravo... Applause. Thank You Very Much!



Wow, thanks for those words. I'm a little at a loss as to what to say, so, just thank you. 😀

Interesting.. .. even I just got to know the full breakdown of the story.. really worthy of a movie here..

Yes! A couple of movies are in the works. See the transcript for the links if you haven't already. Maybe movie might be the wrong word, but documentary for sure. And I'm sure these will be REAL, not like my animation.

Yes I m on the Hive movie discord, But I never really got the full gist, seeing your post makes me really agree to the docu or even a series.

great work. if you send me the transcript of this I will have a go at doing a voiceover for it.
something is always lost with these ai readers...

Hi and thanks. Not sure if im up for a re-animate, but the transcript is at


oh yeah, If i give it a go ill make sure its in the right timing for the animation for sure!

No, don't worry about that (about trying to get the timing right). Reasons: (1) I think it would be pretty much impossible to get everything timed perfectly. Every single time something happens visually it is synced to the soundtrack. To keep that in sync would be impossible. (2) I'll reanimate it on my end. (3) The number one goal of re-doing the thing would be to get a natural sounding voice. I'd say just speak it naturally and feel free to kind of do your own natural and organic about it. The visual can be adjusted accordingly.

i like your attitude!
I'm moving house at the moment but once Im a bit more set up I'll try and give it a crack. Don't worry, I wont be offended if you dont get round to animating it! These things are a lot of work, and Im very much an advocate of putting your energy in to whatever inspires you at the time. Otherwise creativity can turn in to unpleasant work!

This is clear and easy to understand. Well done and thank you!

Wow! Thank you so much. :)
I learned a lot and it was fun to make.