Bonus Review! Gene & Ashlee Do A BMovie Style Twilight Zone! “Black Leather Jackets 🎥

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0:01 - Rod Intro Clip
0:58 - Gene & Ashlee Rate & Review
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Ashlee Rating - 4.0 🍿
Gene - 5.5 🍿


The lowest scores so far on this one but we purposely haven’t done any of the really bad episodes of which are rare but they do exist even for my favorite Television show all time. This wasn’t bad, just had a silly but funny vibe. This episode was fun and worth watching. its corny fun episode! like a old B Movie and I mean that as a compliment! It belongs with those old drive in sci-fi movies. Didn’t feel like a TwilightZone to me but it was fun. And hey if you don’t love it well it’s only 23 minutes without commercials.


I say watch it! Ashlee didn’t like it as much besides thinking one of the guys is hot. I’m gonna pick an episode for this Saturday’s review with a babe for me!


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But you left out deleted scene featuring the mis-matched couples little boy alien 25 years later brokering a peace deal between the two races. With the world practically devastated his brilliant negotiating gift stopped the conflict by convincing the aliens in accepting a 10 Troy ounce Silvertowne silver bar for 3 used alien built Harley Davidson bikes that ran on T-Ag 54 isotope. And the aliens believed they got a great deal without the premium.

A scene in a DVD set from a Rental store that can be found only in the Twilight Zone.

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I think its not that bad. I mean, man, its the mid 60s, and probably not a very well funded TV flick. I even like the story, its this typical 50s and 60s scifi stuff. When the writers still talked about ideals and the screwed up society, not about super kitten vs lord evil dude over and over again. Most of my favourite movies were made back then, like New York 1999, Dark Star, Logan's Run, Silent Running ect.
Today its all big CGI and nothing behind it.
So I wouldn't judje this episode too harsh, compared to other stuff from that time. We are just used to a different kind of presentation today, so it seems a bit weird to us now. Hell, I even watched movies that I had in memory as super cool - and now I find them pretty lame.60 years is a long time...

We liked it. Just judging on the scale of our other Twilight Zone reviews though. As a stand-alone it was a fun one indeed! I don’t use “ B movie” as an insult. We love watching those old B Movies 🎥.

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This was a pretty good episode. Budget definitely wasn't high on these shows but they did the best they could with what they had!