How Do Some People Not Realize That They Are Living As Caricatures?

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As I've mentioned a few times recently, I've been staying in Denver with a friend of mine who I know from Rainbow. When we first met, it was an instant deep-dive into conversations about anarchy...

Unfortunately, since then he has been sucked pretty effectively into the renewed false left-right paradigm, and is now one of those folks who constantly complains about "the right" - and hangs out far more with people on "the left," pretty much to the total exclusion of actual freedom lovers.

Last night, a few of his leftie friends came over, as did my friend Bruce and a couple others. At one point, Bruce and I were talking about this weekend's Mega Freedom Rally in Vancouver, BC - which we had almost made the trip out for, but the ticket price and lack of certainty about getting let into the country stopped us.

So... we're talking about this epic rally, with thousands of attendees and dozens of world-class speakers... and one of the lefties goes into a little rant about how turned off she is by the idea of something called a Freedom Rally because her imagination immediately went to "a bunch of Trumpers with assault weapons breathing into each others' faces." I don't think there's too many Trump folks in Canada... and I know there's not many guns (much less government-buzzword-"Assault Weapons")

Let's just say that things got even weirder from there.

I definitely don't care much (if at all) about the Left vs Right spectrum... because I find the Authoritarian vs Libertarian spectrum to be far more important, and to actually be a matter of principles, instead of personal preference.

That said... I'm definitely getting more and more convinced (by "Leftists") that most of "the left" is insanely pro-state at this point.

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nice to hear from you - yes denver is fucking WEIRD. I live here. I know how fucking weird it is here. It didn't used to be this weird although it always has been segregated.

Hey! I forgot you were up here.

I've basically stopped going to businesses other than grocery stores, since they never hassle me about not wearing masks.

You have any free time the next couple days? I'm off to Cheyenne on Wednesday.

sure - give me a call 7202430545 - I have free time for sure!

or text whatever

yes I finally walked into Natural Grocers on 38th and tennyson last week without a mask and was confronted by the manager and I told her I had a medical condition and she let me go - and I intend to do that again today in thornton. But anyways - yesterday was my birthday - we went to Chili's - my boyfriend to eat a burger and me to eat the free guacamole - we had to wear a fucking mask to go in and then could take it off when we got inside. i just barely go out anymore - to do anything that isn't outside. It sucks.

Very good points, Kenny. They like to see things in a left or right manner we're people like you with me see it is freedom and liberty versus coercion. I think another way to put it is everything in life is done by either persuasion or coercion. We tend to prefer persuasion and living peacefully. People on the left or right both feel that they can use coercion as long as it's used for their side. Thank you so much for sharing this and all the other great content you create. Please keep up the good work.