Losing weight and exercising EVERY day since March 13th

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Lost 23 lbs through eating and being healthier. Just living Life and also helping my kids with online distance learning for school !

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That's great. I also think I may need to shed a few pounds (though people usually say I'm not overweight), this is quite inspiring

Thanks @empress-eremmy Iam glad it is inspiring :)

Man! You look great bro....Really healthy...Congrats on the weight loss.

God knows I need to shed some pounds LOL

Thanks my man :)

You are looking great man in a good shape

So kind of you @mandate :)

Good for you!! Being healthy is really really important especially with everything going on now. Keep it going.

Appreciate it @belema :)

Dang! Congrats man! I exercised pretty much every day for close to six months and when I went to weigh myself I had gained weight. I was pretty upset. They say muscle weighs more than fat, but I think that is just something they say to try to make people feel better.

Hey @bozz I have found that I gained in the past when I exercised because I ate more and more. I have been pretty strict with my food intake this time around so it has helped.

I haven't changed my food intake, so I am not sure what the deal is. I must just be getting old :P