I'm Back

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Baby Ander is born. 42 weeks + 1 day. 8lbs, 14oz, 22inches. Healthy and happy.

Second half I talk about what I see getting back into the market and where Hive is sitting in my book.

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Great to see you back, Dan!! Congratulations to you & your wife on your new bundle of joy. :)

HIVE is thriving & we are only getting started (as you can see). :) Life will always be full of ups & downs but as long as we keep doing our own inner work, we will bring more light into the world (including this blockchain) & raise our vibration. :)

Namaste, my friend & take care! 💜

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Congrats Dan, love the name of the Baby: Ander... An amazing experience you have got, now a new journey will start for you... Congratulation once again...

Thank you @priyanarc!

congratulations to you and your wife dear friend @theycallmedan there is nothing comparable to bringing a child into the world. New adventures begin to live, enjoy every second, do not lose a single one of the lives of your loved ones in unnecessary worries

Hello to Ander from James.

Future generation of Hivers!

It's my first time seeing James in a picture 😄.. Such a cute child.

It seems every Dad on Hive are blessed with cute children 😂😉

Thank you bro!

Congrats on the baby! welcome to this wonderful and scary and exciting and terrifying and all around crazy experience of parenthood! seems like little Ander is from the get go making his dad know who is charge now lol i know people say the first week is a hell but... to be honest the second week doesnt get any easier LOL anyways enjoy this first days they go by so so fast when he gets older you will miss those sleepless nights of just looking him so tiny and cute.

Hello Dan.

Congratulations on your little one Ander and to your wife, special moment in life for sure.
Thank you for onboarding me to Hive last year, I owe you a massive virtual Fist Bump! Hive is Amazeballs.

Have a good one and get lots of sleep while you can :)

Thank you, Traci!

Congrats! Childrens are the future <3
Teach him how to use hive ;)

Wow, that's awesome!!! Congratulations for you, for your son and his mother!!!

A new baby, thats great! Congrats Dan.

Congratulations! No wonder you’re a busy guy.
I did wonder where you had gone for a short while.

Enjoy the little guy while you can, things move fast. Much like crypto!

Think big or don't think at all. Ammirite?

Congrats. He'll be driving before you know it but right now, you're the wheelman. Enjoy it.

Congrats Dan, For every parent, the first child means a lot, and I am sure, it will be same with you. Enjoy the great time ahead - hope with this good news, a good time starts for Hive / Speak ..everything is showing positive signs.



Congratulations and many blessings! 😊🙏💙💗

Congratulations! Wish you many happy, healthy and wonderful times.

Congrats to you and your family mate :)

It's good to have you back in the Hive fight too ✊.

Let's do this!

It's really very good news ☺️ wishes for the baby good health and bright future.
Love ❤️ and love 💕

The mentality monster is back!

First I want to say congrats on your newborn child, Ander. I wish you all the best in this new phase of your life. Hope it is as fulfilling as it can get.

Looking forward to what you have in the pipeline regarding the speak network and hive. Cheers!

Congrats on the baby!

That's wonderful news Dan. Congratulations and name is so cool.

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Congrats to the whole family!

Congratulations for the new baby!
Wish you a lot of happiness 😗

Congrats on the baby

What you had to say about the difficulty is raising constantly really resonated with me. I think it’s very true and a good way to look at living. Congrats on the baby.

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congratulations to you

Welcome back on board. Really been a while.

Congratulations mate! Wish you and your family a healthy life. I guess having a baby is the best thing parent can ask for :)) Wish you all the best!

Hey man, good to see you here again.

Congrats on your baby:)

Good to see you again. Congratulations on the baby

Congratulations on the song.
Wish you good health always.

Congratulations on the birth of your little one, Hope you all are doing well.

Congratulations man!


Congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of your baby.

Hey good morning and congrats on the little man. Best age to observe them at. The crawling and walking are my favourite though cos that's when they really start to show their character.

Little automatons! But programable evil grin

Congratulations on your baby! Good to see you back.

Congrats man! There is nothing quite like that feeling when they are a little one

¡Felicidades para esa bella familia!

Congratulations in your new roll @theycallmedan


Another awesome year you have.
Congrats and have fun and I know
fatherhood will bring you joy

Good to hear @theycallmedan
How the birth when...?
Did she give birth in water as you were saying in one of your previous videos?
Enjoy being a father for you will be a great experience I bet!
Namaste 🙏

Congratulations to the whole family!

Congratulations Dan 👶


Happy new life to y'all :) Endless possibilities and many good paths ahead!

Learning a language is something anyone can do, if you are ever interested let me know. But you are right, if you aren't truly interested, it's not worth it. Yo Congratulations!!

Great news! Congrats & good health to your beautiful family, Dan! :)

Welcome back, Dan! Wish you and your family all the best..🎉😀

Aww congrats for the little one!


Glad to have you back Dan, congratz!

Any news on wen 3speak token? I know you guys had a minor stepback due to domain issues, just wanna know for how long do i have to hodl hive.

Soon? 👀

I am also happy with the great news from your little family. Congrats to you and your wife, Dan :)

Welcome back Dan, and congrats on the birth of your new child.

Congratulations Dan, this is awesome news! Even if now you share your time between the little guy and investments/crypto. As you said, you just raised the level. Welcome back too!

Congratulations Dan! I was wondering where you were!

Glad you are back Dan, many congratulations to you and your wife. I have several nieces and nephews that fill my heart with love, having a child must be an inexplicable emotion.

Welcome baby Ander, many blessings! 🎉

Congratulations Dan, and welcome Baby Ander! More blessings!

Welcome to Earth Ander!

New life is awesome! Congrats to the fam and always prioritize haha.never forget!

Big congratulations. May you enjoy fatherhood as much as I have.

Congratulation. Happy your child is healthy and everything went well.

Congratulations to your child. thank you for the positive thoughts on Hive.

Wow, 25 hours. I can't imagine. Congrats!!!

Hello baby Ander, welcome to this beautiful, filled with a lot of great and cool things to learn. Dad got you cover❤

Happy to hear you have a healthy baby Ander. I can't imagine how difficult was the 25 hour labor is, but all of the effort is really rewarding. God bless your family, Dan

When a woman is giving birth, she has sorrow because her hour has come, but when she has delivered the baby, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world.

John 16:21
English Standard Version (ESV)

Yesss! When "I'm back", is followed by this kind of announcement, then everything in the world is awesome!

Massive congratulations to you and your family from mine on this fabulous new addition.

'HELL WEEK' made me laugh as I remember it each time well but it is accompanied by a whole lot of adrenaline, love and wonder that pulls you through. Every single time you look at that whole little person who didn't exist but now does, that wonder grows.

I have many labels that I am known by in life, as I'm sure you do too, BUT if anyone ever took away the label of Dad, I have no clue who I would be, it is the one that defines me as a man more than any other. Enjoy all of those early steps and milestones, they go so, so fast.

The great thing for all of us here is that this will pump you for the next 'step-up of Hive/Speak and promote even more exciting growth and developments. Something about bringing a new future Hiver human to the world gives you the impetus to kick down walls and defeat challenges.

Sorry for the length of the comment, I know time will be tight right now, 'kinda what I do' lol. Don't think I've ever left you an epic comment BUT this is the kind of post that deserves acknowledging, from redfish to whale, everyone here is just a human, right? Posts like this give that important, authentic feel to our bloody amazing community.

Love the drive and passion when you talk about pushing forward to the next level, the most exciting, white knuckle part of the journey is yet to come! I cannot bloody wait!!! I often re-listen to the interview you did with Louis after the fork as that vision and belief is what gets me pumped more than anything else.

Welcome to the world Ander, it's not nearly as bad as some would have you believe, and everyone of us have our own opportunity to make it a little better, can't wait to read your intro post little dude. 😎

P.S Dan the midwife, that could be a whole other niche channel 😁

Agree with you on where Hive is headed and how strong its core fundamental purpose is... any added benefits like smart contracts and research on layer 1 development/solutions would be great.

Almost one month old, I know you are a doula with all the knowledge you had but how is the “dad” duties going? It’s almost your birthday and that will be different aswel as a fam bam! I as a mum am curious how is the mood “deep with the blinders on”