Q&A with @TheyCallMeDan about Hive & Decentralized Social Media

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This video is a 22-minute Q&A session with @TheyCallMeDan after a presentation I hosted for the Free Enterprise Society at Oklahoma State University (https://linktr.ee/okstateFES) to expose students to the general concept of Decentralized Social Media, with a particular emphasis on Hive. As part of the presentation, students were given a detailed explanation of Hive following the outline presented in http://leopedia.io/hive.

For context, it might be best to familiarize yourself with http://leopedia.io/hive (an explanatory video of which is available here:


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Welcome to Hive, Steve! Had a great time talking with you.

Thanks, Dan!

None of our students were aware of Hive, or that anything like it actually existed (even those who are already into crypto). We have had some great follow-up discussions.

I am looking forward to continuing my journey of exploring all that Hive can do and promoting it to all who will listen.

You and this community have really sparked some new & incessant activity in my brain--trying to come up with ways to expand the Hive universe. You've got the platform developed and primed; you just need to get the masses to come [cue Field of Dreams voice in the field]

A student came up to me after your Q&A session and asked if I would be willing to be the faculty sponsor / advisor for a new 'crypto' student group they are wanting to organize on campus. I said "Sure!"
I am going to meet with them soon and brainstorm ways to increase awareness of Hive on campus--ways to get students in general comfortable about crypto and excited about decentralized social media, to steer existing content creators this way, etc.
I'll keep ya posted!

Welcome to Hive! :)

Damn, amazing! Welcome :D

@trostparadox welcome to Hive
Good talk with @theycallmedan
Hive is a great decentralized network, as long as you stay here there is always something new to learn.
As Dan said there many websites and applications connected to the network.
One of my favorite to stay on top with all of my content is the @ecency mobile app.
Give you a goos view of your accounts like fast access to all of Reply and Mentions.
You can easily skip the “All” section there is all the incoming votes ✅
One again welcome to Hive!

Namaste 🙏

Thanks, Namaste! I'll check out @ecency.

I'm wondering what is the connection between D.tube and 3speak video platform. As far as I understand, 3speak is the next generation of D.tube?

I like how the discussion is more than just what blockchains can do besides store-of-value. It's true that blockchains are just distributed databases.

We've had this solution implemented in the past using "synchronization." I used to work on databases like this, and there was always the problem of resolving database conflicts.

Blockchains solve this problem by a) enforcing determinism (which means unambiguous type definitions (which means a "date" format, for example, is defined with a certain precision)), and b) resolving these fewer conflicts quickly, using byzantine fault tolerance (which are just strategies for ensuring messages are sent to block signers reliably).

All this to say, although blockchains are just distributed databases, they are different from distributed databases when it comes to ensuring communication. A merely distributed database allows conflicts to exist and be resolved with trust. Blockchains do not require this trust.

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Time to go on your Hive Tour

Great video and enjoyed watching the interview. Welcome to Hive!

I've been here about 3 years now and still learn new things myself. It's pretty transformative!

Thank you for giving Hive this opportunity and welcome aboard.

That's cool teaching students about cryptocurrency is an important mission.

I just found Hive too.

great video!

Great interview! Welcome!

Great interview.
Thanks for the promo.
Welcome to the blocks :)

Welcome to Hive, Steve!

I enjoyed this conversation very much and I hope there will be a part 2.

Welcome steve to hive. It's really good that such technologies with practical implementation are taught at universities. Great effort.
Welcome again.

thanks! shared

Thanks for this video, I finally found the explanation have been looking for

Nice interview, this video make my spirit to always use hive blog