#piratesunday 2001 $20 Canada Dollar Transport: The Marco Polo Revisited

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” Blackbirds tend to like Shiny Things” ~ The Bloody Raven

“So what’s in the Fancy RCM Box?”

Reading a page out of @ronavel ‘s playbook of never buying RCM Commemoratives unless it is priced at least 30% off the Issue Price…. In this case, this Proof beauty came at four dollars above the spot price with shipping included strikes me a fine good deal indeed! He said, “It’s a game of patience.”

So this is a little re-visit to a previous blog on another coin I made two months earlier, Tall Ships – The Three Masted Ships and the portrayal of the ship is simply stunning as the ship is viewed in the open waters at full sail, testimony to her record setting speed.

The Coin

20 Canada Dollars: The Marco Polo
Reverse; The Marco Polo at Full Sail, Colorized hologram ship Inset
Artist: J. Franklin Wright
Sterling Silver 0.925
Weight 31.1g

England, Liverpool waterfront, July 1852

Aidan Malcolm McKay pushed through the throng of humanity that lined the warm Liverpool waterfront.
It appeared more like a public spectacle as they open the gate allowing the public to view its acquisition of this company's latest addition to their fleet. Most of the crowd were there for the thrill to see this new class of ship.
The sight of her wharf side was simply breathtaking in size, elegance and design.
The crew busy loading cargo and passengers as the ship would be underway in a matter of hours.

The Marco Polo in her prim best as the band struck a rousing fanfare for the ships first passenger voyage to Port Philip Australia. "Aye, me ship O' guuld!" He thought to himself. A sense of excitement brewed in his heart.

20 Canada Dollars: The Marco Polo
Obverse; Queen Elizabeth II facing right
Legend: ELIZABETH II D · G · REGINA · 2001
Artist: Dora de Pédery-Hunt
Reference KM#427

Aidan had to board this voyage to the new colony of Australia in an urgent need to help manage his brother's mining operations.
In his right pocket was what meager savings he had remaining after selling what possessions he could not take over to the distant colony.

Two hundred sixty pounds cash, a few gold guineas with most in silver coin of the realm, and his late Father's gold pocket watch.
His left pocket held his papers declaring him as a subject of the crown, a Reservation letter, along with his brother's letter urging Aidan to leave his Tenant farm and travel with best speed to this far colony for the new business opportunities there.

With industry becoming machine driven, restrictive land reforms, increasing poverty and growing unemployment what can anyone do? But start a new life knowing he may never return to Scotland again.

Stubbornly independent a soul he knew his brother was no stranger to hard work on any farm but always dreamed of finding gold and silver along with his childhood friend Callum Sutharlainn as wee lads.

Luck would have it when both Duncan and Callum traveled to seek their fortune in the Americas just two years before the California gold rush he had the wherewithal to built a decent company with his partner Callum rather than drink all away in rash excesses. After all he was as they say, a prudent Scotsman not to waste even a worn thin Shilling. His most recent letter said...

20 Canada Dollars: The Marco Polo
Mintage of 41,828 Proof
38mm Diameter
Eleventh coin of the Twelve Coin Transportation Series
Issue Price $64.95

"To me sensible kin brother Aidan Malcolm Mackay,

I be not doing yoo ain our kin any favors if I dinnae ask yoo to comes over in guud speed. I noo lay claim to rich stakes in the Echunga in South Australia as well as me profitable Victoria mine, but I need me kin brother to manage the mine as I got my 'ands full. Troost me, Aidan. We ken almost buy our bluudy farm ain all our neighbor's tenants too! Callum ain I agreed to ave yoo as a partner in the coompany as soon as yoo get 'ere... I will come fer yea soon as know yeas come ashaire. Good bless 'er, Amelia will meet you at ... "

"... ain' she may nae be th' girl fer uh free spirit like me, boot th' lass would prefer a home fella likes yea..."

At the last page, Duncan's words took a deeper tone,

"... but in the Americas I also found another treasure more valuable than all th' gold and silver we doog up, and it was th' teste o' freedom Aidan. Ye won nae get toilin on a Tenant farm or payin tax t' King George fer breathin Scottish air. Good gave every man th' right t' decide fer 'imself, t' own land, and works hard fer 'imself if he wants. Me eyes 'ave been opened Aidan... come..."

".... Good speed yuur journey,

Duncan Angus Mackay "

There was no doubt Duncan had learned a lot from the California gold rush and applied his knowledge in the new colony according to earlier letters.
There were six more hand written pages describing the business but also the unimaginable beauty of its expansive land before and the bizarre fauna and flora he seen that intrigued him.

The atmosphere seems like a celebration by the Black Ball lines still flogging passage fares of this new service.
One man elbows past Aidan but stops and recognizes a fellow Scot, "Aye, tis robbery I tell you, just you see their bluudy fares!"

Among many passengers were Scots seeking a new life or their fortunes in a new land. Many like him hear of the enormous gold fortunes made but very little news of those that fail that his brother's eye have witnessed. Many with expectations unaware of the long hours , back breaking work, dangers and often sheer luck even with the knowledge of the work.

The line shortened slowly, the sign above the fare kiosk ticked away as he finally made his way to the front.
He dropped his rucksack that held his only earthly belongings at his feet.

The Ticketman didn't lift his eyes to Aidan, only holding out his palm, "Reservation letter please."

"Ere yea are." Aidan slapped a wrinkled letter into the man's palm.
"Intermediate class that will be £19."
"£19, that's purdy steep fer passage like th' Whit Staur coumpany."
The Ticketman looked up and replied, "Perhaps you should do business with the White Star Company."
"Aye lad, boot thar nex' passage is nae till anoother month."
"If you are not going then please step aside for the next per..." as the Ticketman motions Aidan to step aside a portly gentleman with a pipe walked up aside the clerk and whispers into his ear.
The Ticketman nods, “Yes sir.”

The man with pipe was in good spirits and winked at Aidan, “The Marco Polo is departing in an hour, best fill her empty cabins with paying customers. You are in luck sir as the price of Intermediate class is now £16 with meals still included.” He said with a hearty laugh.”
“Noo yea talkin sair! One ticket fer meself.”


The Bloody Raven's memories

"I met these young men in Sabastian California, both Duncan and Callum. Energetic, focused and prepared. What they didn't expect was a corrupt territorial Governor, a crooked town paper and a cadre of greedy bankers. I made sure to fixed things for them." ~ Tricia Maloney and the Gambler's house.1850.

I hope you enjoyed this very special feature

Thank you for stopping by my Pirate Blog today.

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1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons


Complete Set 1991 – 2003 Transportation of Land, Sea, and Rail
Wiki: Clipper Ships
Mysteries of Canada: The Marco Polo


“Et lux in tenebris to serve laboro, sum sicarius” “I work in the shadows to serve the Light, I am an Assassin”

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I always did like Canada's putting $20 and higher denominations on some of their Modern Silver Coins. I've been on the lookout for them getting overlooked and ending up in the common bullion, but haven't found any yet. Thanks for sharing, kerrislravenhill.

The RCM seems to be trending higher denominated coins over the longer time, perhaps coming to grips with real world Inflation I guess.
The Mint Master or Chief Engraver tends to get the final say on assigning the Nominal fiat value so the policy is not dictated by the RCM management. That is why it appears so inconsistent over the entire existence of the RCM. Every Chief Engraver had his own idea, not to say it is bad, but certainly some variety.
There is a YouTuber who took advantage of an apparent Arbtrage situation, where the face value of the silver coin was much more that his purchased price of Bullion+. The Canadian Bank coughed up the $100 face value because of it's legal tender status. Cool Flip, I'd say. Thanks for the comment @cwe3

Now this is the way to present a beautiful silver coin @kerrislravenhill!!!
Looks a bit spendy my friend, but awesome silver for the stack!!!🤗

Looks pricey because of the fancy packaging the RCM wants to give their products more appealing value to the buyer. I'd just be happier if they put more into the design.

For the cost of mailing the whole meal deal and Ebay fees, I think the Seller lost money on this sale and a get a beautiful proof coin at under $5 CAD over spot.

Thanks for the comment @silvertop

1952 South Africa 5 Shilling, Name of the Ship: The Drommedaris

So very nice a collection of ships you have, sis @kerrislravenhill! So very impressive!!!
I can only imagine because I know your ship collection (those that you have shown, anyway, hehehe), it is something to aspire for.
Thanks for sharing, and I always look forward to your articles. I am glad that I Came over to this tag feed, otherwise, I may have missed it!, and I'd hate myself if I did.
Take care sis, 🥰🌺🤙. Lots of love💓💝 and a million and one Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋! [It looks like myprecious trail got to give my vote before I found this article, I need to remove that vote and upvote you now... two hours after. Nah, I think I will leave it there because you will always get a higher reward with the tip than a 100% upvote from me].

I will plan on an Fleet Update Post in some form or another. Bringing it altogether in an entertaining and fresh way if I can think of one.

I still have about seven more ships queued of which two are enroute to me (Including a Spanish Galleon) , But I also continue scouring Ebay for deals using @ronavel's style.

Shipping cost is much better buying within Canada and RCM Products are plentiful in Canada, so it is just a matter of how willing the Seller is to part with the Vessel. Arrrh!
Always, with Love my Sister Pirate ☠ 🦜 💗 🥰 🌷 🎏 🌼

I remember this as one of your favorites.

AHA!!! There she is 😱!!! I love the ROYAL FORTUNE, and thanks for showing it here again!
It must be a fun thing if we can physically show each other's coins, just like in a card game... hehehe!!
We never want to break the rule: No full stacks!!!! [Full stacks are for novices,😂]
Take care sis, @kerrislravenhill 🥰🌺🤙

A thin shilling lol. I do like the cases for RCM coins but they take up valuable safe space.

At the price I got his I was surprised to get the complete package. I'd expected at best the capsuled coin and the COA as to save on the postage.
I think the previous owner lost some $$ with my net cost was no more than 4 to 5 dollars above the Spot price for this complete beautiful PROOF coin!
I need to get a decent safe. I'm out of hiding places.

I will be after it's sister ship coin of this series. The Willian D Lawerence!
Thanks for commenting @monstejamgold

Awesome writing as usual @kerrislravenhill! Congrats on snagging a very nice coin. The colorized hologram is interesting, presumably for security authenticity. You bring the coin to life with your story. I appreciate all that you do! Take care sister, and have a lovely rest of your day!🤗💕🌻

Putting all my writing effort into fewer post affords me the time to do the little extras and decorative touches.

As a voracious reader of Historical Romances, it was inevitable I developed this story format creating fictional characters in the midst of historical events as they unfold. Historical context, what the typical person was like, what motivates them, the dreams they have, and what values do they are willing to fight for.

Security, it's exactly that purpose and to develop newer coin technologies to come therefore adding value to future numismatic products.
Thanks for the comment @elizabethbit

You bet! Thanks for writing your articles. I enjoy reading them!

Very nice coin Kerris and at a fantastic price.

Thanks for the precious comment @silverd510!
And now I return to the vast Ebay Seas and continue to pillage and plunder for more silvery deals and add to my fleet of Vessels.

So long as the prices are good!

Arrrh! (With a little Norse accent) ☠

And I'm getting the feel of the RCM Numismatic market, there are few excellent coins out there I've got my eyes on watching them shaving down from their original Issue prices.

It's just a matter of time and Spare cash before the Bloody Raven pounces... ☠ 🦜

Much Obliged fer yea timely comment Captain @fat-elvis

Very Nice for #PirateSunday, Thank You for Sharing the Ship...........

And I made sure to save this picture for you my Pirate Captain @stokjockey
Always, a pleasure to hear from yea!

As you may see I have also decorated my Comments Section of Ships from my past Posts.

Just for the fun of it!

I am Hoping for a Jubilee for All and Every Crew Member gets Their Own Ship...............

awesome coin, i never had one that is sterling silver

Internationally, and I have a digital copy of the Krause coin catalog, most premium numismatic commemorative coins are done in Sterling Silver 0.925 by tradition, if not then for the Type collector in a Nickle Copper version in some cases.
The RCM have in the last ten years begin to Issue 9999 bullion grade commemoratives in favor over the traditional 0.925, I don't know why, I missed the original Press release.

Thanks for the comment @djohan
$10 Bahamas Independance 1973 Sterling Silver

You have so much knowledge on silver

Very nice addition to your stack and I what a cool story.

My Ships have come in! (always like to say that)
Got another seven ships with two of them sailing inbound over the week.
Famous ships like the USS Constitution, HMS Shannon, and the HMS Victory are a challenge to write about but alas, to me, there is more to life than just slap up a picture and toss in a few sentences....

I like little drama.
1999 Juan Perez Commemorative, Name of the Ship: La Santiago

You must have put a lot of though into this Stacking Theme, I don't think I could come close to writing at your level. Nice work.

Thank you for being a reliable friend all these years, I wouldn't be here without you and the Church family's intervention, mending a broken life back together.

Every time I finish reading your articles I feel sad. Sad because it ended. I don't want to stop reading. Please make infinite posts!
As a side, I will start on Wednesday a series showing ships on coins. I have a great number of them and I love ships...

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My fictional stories tend to be open ended, Teresa D'Mordecai is still in progress is that I have run out of Mexican silver so instead I have a few Mexican Silver minor coins as my next episode for now until I can get more Mexicoins.
The Next arc is Tracy McMillan and the Sky Pirates, there is a Brazilian character as the Ship's engineer named Ronaldo. A TOTAL COincidence.
Featuring Mutiny Metals and a few other Silver coin like a little 2000 Reis coin.
Takes place in the Atlantic (Bermuda Triangle angle) With a Steampunk kind of style. Thanks for sharing your feelings @ronavel

1958 Italian 500 Lira, Ship Names; Santa Maria, Nina and the Pinta