Hello, Hive! We're donating 10% of all profits from HiveSwag.io. Help us pick a charity or cause!

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Hello hello!


First off, we want to thank everyone that's supported HiveSwag already (and we've only been live for ~3 hours) - you guys (and gals) are awesome!

For those that aren't aware, we launched HiveSwag.io earlier this evening.

HiveSwag is a Hive-themed apparel (and soon accessories) eCommerce store.

The best part? You can actually use your hard-earned Hive and Hive-Backed Dollars to pay for your purchases!


We're really excited that we can be a part of the Hive ecosystem and help provide real-world use cases for Hive - not many cryptocurrencies or projects can legitimately claim that.

Part of our mission (& promise) at HiveSwag is that we will donate 10% of ALL net profits to a charity or cause of the Hive community's choice.

So -- we need your help!

Comment with your favorite charity or cause (whether it's on-chain, another chain, or even completely off-chain), and voice who you'd like to see us support. Our promise is to support said chosen cause as long as we're open and are operational.

We'll post monthly donation reports as well so that the community sees that we are keeping our promise; we're very serious about this.


If you'd like to support said charities (as well as use your Hive earnings for some swag!), come check out what we have to offer at:


(take 10% off using discount code 'hellohive10' (without ') now through 6/8/20!)

We're also running a giveaway right now -- visit our giveaway thread for your chance to win a free Rainbow Brushstroke Hive Tee in your choice of size and color!



Contact Us:

We can be found on the following channels:

Twitter: https://Twitter.com/Hive_Swag
Hive: @HiveSwag or @nulledgh0st
Web: https://HiveSwag.io
Email: [email protected]

Keep calm, and hive on!




I'm a big fan of charity:water.

I cannot think of anyone more deserving than @Papilloncharity! They are probably the most selfless people I know, putting their own needs aside to take care of the less fortunate in South Africa.

Thank you for your consideration!

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We will be announcing our charity of choice in a few hours, alongside announcing the winner of our T-shirt contest! Thank you all for participating and sharing your vote!

I vote for @schoolforsdg4 - a school in Bangladesh supported by the Hive/Steem community (at least a little). :)

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Thank you kindly @dswigle / @tipu! 😍

My pleasure!

Quite a few nominations for @papilloncharity here - we've spent some time browsing their site and they look like a fantastic cause!

We will seriously consider them when making our final decision 😀 thanks for the input everyone!

I would like to nominate @papilloncharity. I have known them for few years and they do amazing job helping people in South Africa.

You may like to consider @papilloncharity as a possible recipient of some support.


Here is one I regularly support. It helps women and young girls in Sierra Leone.


Wonderful ideas go a long way when helping charity. I nominate @papilloncharity would be able to make good use of donation. Working with poverty stricken people buying food to feed in South Africa.

Excellent content with very few requests come from @papilloncharity and @hiveswag donation would most definitely go a long way.

This is a wicked awesome idea, @hiveswag! I think @papilloncharity would make an awesome choice for a charity to donate to - I've seen them do some wonderful things over the past few years since I met Sir Stephen here on the blockchain. Here's their main website, if you'd like to peek for yourself -


Three cheers for Hive Swag! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Great to help someone who is working with social media with sole intention of using funds feed people here in South Africa.

Thanks for supporting @papilloncharity in assisting Stephen and his good works @traciyork

I second @papilloncharity, it is the only licensed non-profit I'm aware of that is active on Hive.

Thank you, we will definitely check this out! Appreciate your support and suggestion 😁

I love @aalagenesis' @creativestreet.
They teach art to street children in the Philippines.

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