Thanks a lot!

And yes, my distributor ships to Europe. The prices on my website are set so that shipping can be included to any region, and the price you see is the flat price you pay!


Alright, thanks for the fast answer man! I might order a t-shirt the following days! I have also built a shop using printful and ecwid as my distributor but I have yet to try it!
Thanks for sharing dude and I wish you a prosperous business!

Printful is super useful and easy to set up. I use Wix for my website and can literally just create a product template on printful and port it to my web shop.

If you buy a shirt you'll have to make a post and show it off so I can throw you some love ;)

Definitely man! Promoting a fellow Hustler's products is my duty! Hehehe!
Yeah, I have ported printful to my ecwid site too!
Check this out!

This is a test sire and products but it's looking great!

That's awesome! A skate group definitely needs a shop! 😆

I thought of you and your group when I was thinking about prizes I could give away in my new raffle series. I'd love to collaborate with @skatehive and give away a custom printed skateboard one time! (It would be a SkateHive board, not Still Here! 😉)

Board looks sick brother!
I need to chat with you and @nulledgh0st about a huge contest that will go down on September! I was planning on texting you guys today at the Hustlers discord but I was too busy! Gonna text you tomorrow so we can chat!

It's 2:00 here so I am off to bed yo!

Hit me up, you know we're always down to chat!

Sounds good. HMU whenever and I'll get back if I'm not immediately available