Introducing truvvl: Hive app for (travel) stories. Now available on Android & iOS!

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👋 Hi everyone! Julian from TravelFeed here.

I love reading travel blogs. I already made a mobile app for TravelFeed (which is basically just the web app optimized for small screens), but when I recently went on a trip without my laptop I realized how much scrolling through a long blog post on mobile sucks - and don’t even talk about keying in a 2,000-word blog post on your smartphone.

I asked other travelers where they share their travel stories and they use Instagram and TikTok because these apps provide a great mobile experience. There is some great travel content there, but a 15 second clip is just way too short to share detailed information.

I made an app that combines the amazing mobile experience of stories with the informativity of travel blogs.

Do you miss travel?

Truvvl is the perfect app for when you want to read travel blogs on the go - but it is equally perfect when you are at home and can't travel. If you miss travel as much as I do, downloading truvvl is a must for you! Swiping through all these amazing travel stories takes me around the world, even when I'm under lockdown at home. The truvvl logo may be a flying truffle pig, but with truvvl, travel doesn't need to wait until pigs can fly 😉

👉 Features

✅ 25,000 blog posts from TravelFeed have been converted to stories. Stories are swipeable, have big font on colorful backgrounds and photos that fill the whole screen.

✅ You can discover new stories (randomly, nearby or by followed accounts) by swiping up, and if you are interested to read more, keep swiping left until you are bored. Then swipe up again.

Creating stories is easy and works much more like Instagram’s story creation tool than a traditional blog editor. No long texts needed.

✅ With truvvl, you own your stories! Not only can they be permanently stored on the Hive blockchain, you can also host them on your own domain (with TravelFeed blogs). On the web, stories are viewable as AMP web stories. And Google loves them! In fact, web stories appear in the Google search and can give your blog a nice SEO boost.

✅ On Hive, Peakd Beta already supports truvvl embeds with more frontends to follow soon.

✅ While truvvl starts out with a large selection of travel stories from TravelFeed, you can share any story you want - your food, your pets, your life. Doesn't have to be travel related.

✅ To make things more fun, there are random drops of truvvl coins. The more you use the app, the less likely is your chance of a drop, but the odds reset each day - if you use truvvl every day, you earn the most coins. You can show off your truvvl coins on the leaderboard - and watch out for an announcement what else you can do with truvvl coins! If you download the app today and sign in, you will also receive 100 truvvl coins to get you started!

Download the App

Download on Google Play

Download on the Apple App Store

truvvl is on Product Hunt 🎉

Since it’s launch day, truvvl is launching on Product Hunt. Product Hunt brings the potential to get a lot of eyes 👀 on truvvl. If you like the app, I would be super grateful if you can support truvvl on Product Hunt!

Support truvvl on Product Hunt

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Here I am again!
Once more, I ll tell you! I love the concept and the app itself
I have some questions/remarks - I understand that not everything is doable but I would like to share!

  1. Do you plan to allow multiple-login ?
  2. Is this app mainly for travel content or can it be used for other kinds of content? (i.e. nature, photography, tips etc)
  3. It would be great if when you visit a profile, you could swipe up to see their other posts
  4. It would be nice if you could follow someone without having to enter their profile (think of how it is possible / easy on tiktok)
  5. It was very difficult for me to find out how to delete a slide (I saw how to do it in your previous post but have not tried to do it) - Maybe add a small icon, and a help you section?
  6. I am not sure how the HP/like/upvote works
  7. It would be cool if you have/had a bug section in your discord (maybe you do, I did not check)
  8. It would be great if someone downloads the app out of a user's link - to have them as referrers
  9. It would be nice if you could download this as a .. slideshow and share it i.e. on Instagram / tiktok (it would be a great advertisement for truvvlr)
  10. I use the @aboutheraklion account too (It is an account of my city) and I have downloaded the app on IOS to use in both of them. As I used myself as a referrer name, I got some coins but I think it is not fair (because it is the same person) - Please feel free to take the extra tokens from my accounts

(edit) 11. How can someone also post on steem? I used hivesigner on my mobile to enter / sign in the app

Thanks again for an awesome new app!


Congrats! You launched it 🚀 on Earth Day 2021 🌏🌍🌎 What a fitting coincidence and pretty easy to remember! All the best for the app, keep up the good work 🖖🏼😎🤙🏼

Thank you! What a great coincidence, didn't even realise it is earth day today before you told me!

Love the concept! Especially as a neat way to discover other users. I will give some feedback when I have the time to put something together.

Installed app on Android and gave it a vote on product hunt :)

Thank you 🙌 Curious to hear your feedback!

i can confirm that you did something good with SEO. As few of my posts are in the first page on google search.

checking the app now :)

The biggest factor in SEO is the content itself, this means you are writing great posts :)

How do you like the app?

did not try to post anything. few things while browsing:

i would like scaling for photos from old posts. landscape photos are cropped to center. Also i did not find the dates of posts.

Not sure how hive upvotes work?

Thanks for trying the app & your feedback!

  • Cropping of existing TravelFeed posts is done with an AI tool that is supposed to find the best portrait crop - which doesn't always work.. Should work better with stories that you create directly in the app where you can choose the crop. I've been thinking how to optimise landscape photos - maybe a Ken Burns zoom-and-pan effect? Or would you prefer having the option to use landscape photos, even if they are very small on a portrait phone display?
  • The vote system is very simplified (like Instagram/Tiktok): Double tap to like or press the heart. If the post is under 7 days old, you vote 100% on Hive.
  • There's no way to find dates for now ;) I'll look into adding dates for comments, I think there it makes a lot of sense

i am not really a heavy mobile user so i am not sure what the best solution would be. maybe just make it smaller but with an option to zoom

100% vote will be hard for Hive :D slider would help

I'll see what I can do, appreciate your feedback :)

That looks very good guys :) good job!

Thank you, happy to hear you like it!

Mind blowing Julian! Loving the app already. Will share my feedback after using it for a couple of days. I have a few Traveler friends who would find this interesting and useful.

I got some Truvvl coins too. But can't see them anywhere. Is there a wallet where I can check?

Love hearing that! There's a truvvl coin symbol on the top right of the app home screen, tap it to see your truvvl coin balance in your "piggy bank".

Nice to see some progress.
Former delegators to travelfeed we were promised some kind of rewards. What's the plan with that?

We originally planned on releasing an SMT and since that didn't happen and we decided against Hive Engine, the token plans got pushed back a bit. The TravelFeed ecosystem is getting bigger with truvvl and TravelFeed Blogs (our paid hosting/site builder service) and our token is going to tie it all together - we want to make sure that it has proper tokenomics and is successful in the long term. We haven't forgotten about you and the other delegators ;)

Very good.
Thanks for the answer.

Congrats, love it!

Happy to hear that!

congratulations on launching the truvvl application, as a travelfeed user, as well as writing on the website. I am very happy with the launch of the truvvl application, and I will download it to share a very extraordinary experience. I have also read that truvvl is not just about travel stories, anything I want like food, pets and my life. very amazing. ❤️❤️

Awesome, can't wait for your truvvl stories!

I just made a review about this apk, and let me publish this application in my writing, I can't wait to use this great application. Always success with TravelFeed. Love it ❤️❤️

Thanks for your review 🙌

Can't wait for the travel ban in my country lifted so I can post about places I've been.

Same, also under lockdown here.. Can't wait to travel again!

That's interesting! I'm glad this post is in the trending page because I didn't knew about TravelFeed! I'll have a look at the app, I love travel stories!
Keep it up

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Great that you found us :) How do you like the app so far?

It's great!
Are you working on a dark mode?

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I'll look into that, thanks for the suggestion. Since most of the app is white font on colorful backgrounds, the best way would probably be to darken these background colors in dark mode. Is that what you had in mind?

No, I like the colorful background that way! It's just the menu at the bottom and the profile page and so on, so like everything that's plain white (apart from the text) I would love to see it black, or a purple grey.

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Ah ok, that's a great idea! Put it on the to-do list :)

Wow, love it. Great Idea 🖖🏼 Congratulations for your launching on Earth day 🌎 today it’s my birthday too 🥳

Happy Birthday 🥳

Thank Your very much 🥰🥳🎉


You do great work looking forward to seeing these posts pop up on peakd

Thank you! Asgarth was so fast in implementing support for the embed!

Yeah we have a couple other features to finalize before we do the release to the main site... but I suppose you're testing it out and giving feedback. I just tested it on mobile and told him it didn't display very well so we have to do a bit of a change to layout

Just checked on mobile, I think especially on small phones it needs to be scaled down a bit - same issue on TravelFeed. I'm also trying to implement support in Condenser and I asked @good-karma to looking into supporting the embed on esteem. Let's keep in touch and let me know what you find and if you need any changes from my side!

Check again we just now did an update

Scales much better now! I'll look into scaling down the font size for smaller screens with reduced height, that should fix the overlapping

The app looks good. The search is very slow, though. Like unusably slow.

Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into this. Which phone are you using?
An issue could also be if you are located far away from Europe, the API is currently hosted on a single server in Europe, so the responsive time can be slower from other parts of the world.

It's an old Samsung of some sort. Yeah it definitely loads slowly, and you have to wait for everything to load before you can click on a search result.

This is awesome! You'll find me there in couple of minutes...downloading now and will surely try make my first post today itself!
Great job!

Awesome, let me know how you like it!

Just made my first...well posted twice infact...mistake mistake!
But seems like the post doesn't open on my hive blog.

That's why I deleted the first one and tried again...but still the same. Now i have duplication on my hive blog! 😅😅😅

Overall I love the couple of days will understand it better for sure.
And I will give some more feedbacks.


Interesting, looks like a bug on! I forwarded the issue to the Hive developers. I started working on an update for that will support truvvl embeds, I just checked and the error in your post is also gone in that update.

For now, you can view your post on Peakd Beta:

Excited to see more truvvl stories from you!

Just downloaded it and trying to see how its working :)

Great job on your first truvvl stories!

What an amazing initiative!! I love stories and I will for sure download it as soon as possible 😊😊

Excited for your stories 🙌

now we're talking
very rad, lol I'd have to get a new phone to use it (am one of those kinda off gridder types) but this really looks fun

Now you know which app to install first on your new phone 😉

Great project! I will already install!

Let me know how you like it!

In fact, I had trouble logging into the app. For some reason, my passwords are not working.

Did you try logging in with Hivesigner? The first time you login to a new app in Hivesigner, you need the active key, for subsequent logins the posting key.

If you don't want to enter Hive passwords on your phone, you can also go to and create a new account (e.g. by email, facebook google) and connect your Hive account to it under You can then log in with email/facebook/google on your phone and posting to Hive will still work :)

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Thank you 🙌

Whoa... This is new. Ah maybe I will stick with TravelFeed for the meantime. Or maybe it would be better to fully integrate TravelFeed with truvvl.

Wow! that's awesome. Can I post here my travel blog too?