CCC's Street Art Contest #63 | 100% Liquid Payout as Prize Pool & Winners of #62

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Hi everyone! Welcome to the new people! 12 participants this week, great to see and thanks for joining! Much appreciated and great art pieces. Lets do it again! And we are so lucky to get @arcange to support our contest, it will boost pricepool for the winners. Give him a thanks by a witness vote if you havent. So calling for all previous participants and winners to join! @coquicoin, @alt3r, @septymahija, @miriannalis, @nesmeliy, @eto-ka, @gems.and.cookies, @agreste, @suezoe, @latinocaracas, @ellenripley, @carolinacardoza, @leifasaur, @zolajade, @tommyl33, @marshmellowman, @olesia, @karbea, @brittandjosie, @may2015, @belkisa758, @trippymane, @karma-panorama, @crisalayon, @tinman88, @street-art, @failingforwards, @chaodietas, @adinapoli, @friendlymoose, @sharker, @qwerrie, @scubahead, @carlagonz, @victorbz, @ervin-lemark, @dandays, @nenio, @femcy-willy, @numasi, @pegarissimo, @happyfrog420-new, @kingaddz, @maestroali, @escriptora, @tali72, @oleg1119, @diosarich168, @grindle, @neshk, @hivesuperman, @karinxxl, @itsfall173, @tjoe123, @lalakhes, @betterthanhome, @defolumal, @justinparke, @cryptosimplify, @kaptnkalle, @myfreshes, @stortebeker, @jurich60, @phoenixwren, @heroldius, @iptrucs, @curart38, @trincowski.

Winners of #61










Welcome all Street Art fans for #63

We have seen a lot of great street art post on Hive and want to make a contest for everyone who loves street art. Share some of your coolest, beautiful or powerful finds from any place in the world.


  • Competition open to all.
  • No reuse of previous photos
  • Upvotes and reblogs are appreciated to boost post payout for the winners but not a claim.
  • Only street art-related posts and remember to tell us where you found it.
  • It's not about posting a picture of the largest mural or done by one of the most famous artists. The winners will be judged based on art that has an appeal to us. (visuel, message etc.)
  • Mention the CCC's Street Art Contest in your post title or somewhere in your post.
  • Post your Street art picture and link as a comment in this post to officially enter.
  • Posts cannot be older than this post.
  • Only the first photo in your post will be evaluated for the competition.
  • Only one entry per week.
  • Deadline: 2 hours before this post reaches payout.
  • Your entry will not count if you aren't following the above mentioned rules.

Prizes :

  • 100% of all liquid payout shared among 3 finalists!
  • 1st Prize 50% | 2nd Prize 30% | 3rd Prize 20%

Please do follow if you want to keep up with our next contest. Any upvotes or reblogs are hugely appreciated!

Previous contest, check out :
CCC's Street Art Contest #62 | 100% Liquid Payout as Prize Pool & Winners of #61

😊Have a great day and looking forward to some great street art pieces!😊

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Here is my Entry for this week. The post contains of several Portraits but I choose the old man for the contest. But the pice of art is absolutely beautiful in my eyes.


 7 months ago  

All the others are great too, but this old man is absolutely beautiful. Thanks a lot for sharing :)

WOW, I really like this too!

Wow !!! But what beautiful works they found this week! congratulations to the winners and all the participants !! They did a great job!!


 7 months ago  

Impressive mural! thanks a lot for sharing :)

Unfortunately, I missed track of time and this Round was over when I was about to do my entry. But good that there is another one. I will definitely participate 😊
Congratulations to the winners and honorable mentions. Beautiful street art entries!

 7 months ago  

Will be looking forward to that :) but easy to loose track of time :)

 7 months ago  

This one is cool! really like the colors as well. Thanks a lot for sharing :)

Thank you. My pleasure. 🙂

Thanks for the second place... another great round 👍

@tipu curate

 7 months ago  

You are wellcome :) Impressive piece you chose to share with us :)

My new entry for this week done by Senck in the Graffiti Alley in Montreal:

More on CCC's Street Art Contest #63, Senck (AG Crew), Montreal

 7 months ago  

Charming! That little alarm clock in the corner is lovely. Thanks a lot for sharing :)

Thank you for the mention! Stunning Sreet art in the round. Congrats to all the winners!

 7 months ago  

You are wellcome :)

 7 months ago  

A great way to decorate the wall. Looks actually good with the bricks. Thanks a lot for sharing with us :)

Wow thanks, I'm so happy right now¡! 😁🎉

 7 months ago  

👍 You are welcome, well deserved!

Good morning everyone!🙌
Thank you for the previous mention @StreeetArt and congrats to all, here I am again!

 7 months ago  

This is beautiful! The artist did a great job here. Thanks a lot for sharing :)

 7 months ago  

Beautiful portrait. Thanks a lot for sharing :)

Hooray, I actually have another entry this week, it's been a while!

street art 3.jpg

Congrats to all the winners of #62!

 7 months ago  

Great to see you contribut with this beautiful piece. Agree with you. The boxes look much better with paintings than the usually grey! thanks a lot for sharing :)

 7 months ago  

Very nice piece you found here. Thanks a lot for sharing with us :)

You are welcome @digi-me

Pleasantly surprised, I'm glad you liked my post. All the entries were wonderful. Success in this new week 🤗

 7 months ago  


 7 months ago  

Beautiful portrait! Beautiful woman :) Thanks a lot for sharing with us :)

 7 months ago  

Beautiful and very expressive portrait! thanks a lot for sharing with us :)

 7 months ago  

Wellcome to the contest. Glad to see beautiful art from Cape Verde. Wonderful to see local art like this. Thanks a lot for sharing with us :)

 7 months ago  


 7 months ago  

What a way to be wellcomed when arriving a village :)

Hi. Here is my entry for CCC Street Art Contest #63. Enjoy!
Hi Street art lovers, today I present one of my favourite pieces of S.A. in m...