Making the transition to Linux

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January 6th, 2022
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Transition to Linux

I have been enjoying my time with my Raspberry Pi. For how small and compact it is it worked extremely well as an alternative to my dead desktop computer.

There are limitation for it though. Splinterlands did not run that well on it. Also some other graphic intensive pages were slow loading, and sometimes movies would run a bit slow. However despite those few issue it did a pretty nice job as an alternative, and be non naggy about update this update that you need to fix this or you need to fix that, it just worked.

Linux Mint Desktop Look

The Laptop

A three year old cheap HP laptop that never really saw much use. Installing and setting up Linux while not that hard it was also not that easy. Here is that post.

Since then I have not really turned on the laptop until today. I took a look at what plug ins were available on the laptop and saw an HDMI plug. So I had to try it out.

Setting up the Display Options

I found the display choice option in Linux and was able to make the large screen work with out the annoyance of also having the laptop screen flicking in my peripheral vision.

It took a bit but I also found the sound function to turn the laptop speakers off. I hope I can remember how I did that because It would be handy to have on when trying to watch a movie and not disturb my wife to much with volume control.

That was one hurdle I really needed to make it over. I really like my bigger screen. I am still not happy with the photo edit programs I have found and will continue to look for one that works for me.

I took the plunge and downloaded the Brave Browser, I will be testing it out when playing with my alt account. Hive Keychain works on it as well and also on Firefox. I am still trying to move away from the really giant corporations. So now I have both browsers set up for duckduckgo as the search engine. I also still have Vivaldi Browser but it will take a lot to get used to.

Now sometime over the next 6 days I need to put my spreadsheets on a thumb drive and move them over to the laptop.

It is a lot of work changing from a known operating system to a different one. I would have just as much trouble if I tried to switch to a computer with the Apple operating system.

I am having a slightly difficult time with the file system, but I am sure that will be overcome with more use. Sometime this week I'll get the Steam Client installed and running, then it will be off to the races to looks at some of the Linux games available.

Okay, getting tired so that is it for the Linux and Raspberry Pi update. A new year, a new operating system, a new challenge to learn. The years go by pretty quick on their own, I am sure this one will fly by.

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If you left click the sound icon in the taskbar you will see a Sound Settings option. That is the best way to adjust the sound settings.

Cheers and Hive on!

MX Linux (although I've been using Linux Mint for many years, just wanted to try something different)
Brave with Pre Search earn PRE crypto while searching and many other Linux programs discovered on my own journey.

I haven't used winblows in a very long time, it works well for me because I don't pla gfx intensive type games.

So far it has been a pretty fun transition and learning experience. Only time will tell if I can become real accustomed to it.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 87 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

As always the help is appreciated.

I had a similar thing happen. I had a battery swell up on my backup laptop. So I quit using it. My son replaced the battery and installed Linux and is learning that. Of course he is trying to get me to switch. I will keep my main PC Windows, but since we are getting into crypto mining, Linux works great for that.

It is not easy learning to use a new system, but I would be just as lost if I went an tried to learn how to use an Apple computer.