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December 27th, 2021
Temperature 32F/0C

Simple Image Edit Tool?

I thought after 8 hours of hunting for just a simple image cropping tool that I had a solution. I did download GIMP and install it. Mirage just would not run even after several tries and attempts. I found another one that looked like it would work, but nope it did not.

So if any Raspberry Pi users can point me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated. I thought I had a solution, but it has not worked very well.

While being frustrated for lack of progress on finding a simple solution I went to work on restoring my spreadsheet. When I opened up Libre Office suite I saw the draw program, and thought that would work. It worked for cropping, pretty simple to do.

My first try is below. Spreadsheets often when pasted in to an image program sometimes have a lot of white space around the perimeter. I don't like that at all.

from aug.jpg

It took a little bit for it to get through my head that saving it was not the right choice. It saved it in Libre Office Draw native format, to save it as a JPEG I needed to use the Export function.

So I have a solution, but would still like a simple stand alone program for simple edits and crops. GIMP is just loaded with to many capabilities for me and for what I use paint/photo programs for. I need an old school Paintshop Pro program from the late 90's.

I may have had my Hive keys backed up, but none of my Spreadsheets or much of anything else. Fortunately I was able to rebuild it. This evening I even finished rebuilding my Hive League spreadsheet so hopefully I will be ready to go on the first with my year end report.

I will not be doing my quarterly Hive Engine Token report, that information would be difficult to recapture, and I was not happy with the token report and format. I just do to much buy, sell, and trade to keep it all straight. It has taken me two years to where I am just getting comfortable with my progress reports.

One tool that helped with rebuilding my Hive League sheet was the search function on PeakD. Click the search, then when it opens click the advanced search link, and you can enter what you are looking for, then enter the persons name, and the topic. I did not use the topic. If you use the recent tab you will get them in date order, also you can limit the amount of returns. So if you need to find something PeakD search is pretty easy to use.

Winter Solstice, 12/21/2012 my local time. That is when my desktop computer died. Early Tuesday evening about 5:20 PM will be one week free from Windows. I need to download and start working with the Vivaldi browser, I did play with that one for a short time on my Raspberry Pi, but found it difficult to get used to after to many years on Chrome and Firefox, but I think I will give it another try.

It has been almost a week since I even googled anything, I have been using Duck Duck Go, for searches. Slowly I am leaving the conglomerate world for the independent world.

As you can see from the temperature above we are in our post Christmas Warm Up. Today we hit 37F/3C for a high. Tomorrow more warm temperatures. No snow or rain, and by New Years eve back to the single digits, and some snow for Thursday being forecast.

Be safe especially on New Years, take a taxi if you need to, a lot of them offer free rides or reduced rates on New Years Eve.

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