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Welcome to a not so lazy Saturday went rather far to buy my first circulation gold but this post is not about that you all will be able to see the spoils in a year when the precious metals que gets around to it 🤣

I came home fairly late so I made a quick trip to the store was going to get some fancy cool beer.... thats whats its called cool beer it's hella smooth but they didn't have it so I got some piss instead wtv its about doing damage at the end of the day if you want flavor drink some juice 🤣

Why y'all gotta do this to me here is 2 more pictures for a total of 3 🤣
It's already hard as is working on these posts intoxicated 🤣



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Excellent post and really like what you're doing here. Thanks again!



Thank you appreciate the support

Absolutely you're very welcome!

It's excellent content like yours that keeps me coming back!


This beer can looks like an energy drink and trust me I love the cool can color.


Balance after drinking about 20 beers hahaha

I can't do that gonna end up in the hospital 🤣

Thank you the win

count me in again please @ericburgoyne


The feeling of being intoxicated and making a post will be cool
I should try it someday to see if I will write rubbish

Hello friend, I like that beer, it has a good % of alcohol and good milliliters, it is very similar to a beer that they sell here in Cuba from Holland, I would like to try that beer friend hahaha

It's a good value but I don't think beer connoisseurs think it's any good but fuck em 🤣

haha ok friend, it doesn't matter, the important thing was that you enjoyed it and had a good time

You're a #nut 🤣
Excellent post

You know it !PIMP

You must be killin' it out here!
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@bitcoinman, @summertooth just sent you LUV. (2/5)

You did well for puting up this post even though you were intoxicated 😂
It's always good to relax with a bottle of beer after the days struggles.


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thank fuck its not an acti fit thing post....