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SPOOKY PODCAST is not a horror, but a collection of Filipino belief about supernatural and mythology that you might not yet heard before.

Original content and program of @eunoia101 exclusively in Hive Blockchains.

The spooky podcast is a combination of Podcast and radio-drama that surely you will enjoy. Enjoy listening.

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Kyaahhh galing bespren. Pabago pa tlga ang boses eh. 😁

Ganito pala ang podcast. Parang gusto ko e try. Charoot.

 last month  

Yiew why not? 😍 tara podcast hehe. Uyy try mo din for sure magugustuhan mo din.

Kaso pangit ng boses ko magsalita hahha lalo pag english bespren 🤣
Parang tiyanak na matinis. 🤣

 last month  

Haha same lang din sa akin 🤣

Di ahh, husky nga ng boses mo eh. Parang kakagising mo pa lang haha. Bedroom voice ba tawag nun. Charizzzz 🤣

Galing naman ng boses nito oh... Para kang nakikinig ng drama sa radio.

 last month  

Haha, one of my dream are become a voice actor haha.

The first story about the grandma is scary. Glad that I listened to this while the sun is still up 😆

Yiiee, thank you for the mention! More podcasts to come!

 last month  

Luh, that's not that horrifying thou. Just so simple drama eh. Haha promise the podcast wasn't a horror 🤣

This is nice bro, you have a bright future ahead of you in podcasting.

 last month  

Yiee thanks bro, sana nga 😍 I really loved to have one. Soon spotify na. 😍

Welcome bro, and yes, I think you have a good chance with spotify.

 last month  

Damn! I loved your narration, speech, voice, tone, emotions, and storyline. You put all of them in a harmonious blend resulting your podcast today. Bravo!

Thanks bro for the shout out. Love it! More of your scary stories. We, listeners like it. Such beautiful content.

 last month  

Yiee salamat bro, for always hehe

Yung raspy voice tlga eh haha.. Pwd na pang radio dj...

 last month  

Haha why not no? Baka nandoon nga future ko yieee

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I listened to this prior to submitting it last night and your voice acting is really good! The phasing was well delivered to the point and emotions are on point.

Few side notes though: The background music overpowers your dialogues but overall it is a great piece and looking forward to more spooky stories from you.

grabe naglaing kabsat! intro sounds pay lang epek na. Btw try to slow down when talking next time, haan mo unay paspasan. I guess I love to savour your voice thats why. hahahaha!

Simula pa lang kinikilabutan na ko yunong. hahaa dapat papanoodin ko na last time kaso nabasa kospooky, need ko ng tulog kaya pass muna.

Oemgeee kinikilabutan na tlga ako, galing galing!! Parang yung mga nadidinig ko lang tlga sa Radyo twing holloween special..

PS; ang kyut nung pag cchange ng voice sa batang chanak hahaha.

Honest review: May mga times lang na medyo mas malakas ung bg music sa dialogues pero all in all goods talga. Waiting ou to be a DJ soon po. please continue ung ganitong forte ha, advantage to. ❤🤗