I ought to be the one to correct my own Errors, not Others.

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When I was in a relationship with the man I'm dating, I had no idea how quickly I would become pregnant.I took some pills one month after we became officially engaged to ensure that I would never become pregnant because I am still studying as well as he does.Even though I read the contraceptive's instructions on how to use it, I still trusted my friend because she has been taking pills for so long. She offered me this thing and gave me advice on how to use it.

I am confident that the first tablet I took will be 100% effective; however, my monthly period did not arrive until I had finished taking all of the tablets.My friend informed me that this is normal for first-time users, and it's possible that the pills I'm taking have delayed my period.

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In the month of May, I've been wondering so many "what ifs" that I can no longer wait for my period.I went with my gut and asked my friend to buy me a pregnancy test so I could see for myself what was going on.I was extremely anxious and felt heaven chest when I received the pregnancy test.I was astounded by the outcome and lost all of my strength.I could not accept my situation at the time, so I wept knowing I was pregnant.I shared the news with my partner, who is as shocked as I am.I spent the entire day crying.My happiness will be in jeopardy and my life will come to an end there, I believe.

When my family learns that I'm pregnant in July, my grandmother, who takes her place, is naturally extremely enraged and tells me that I'm like my mother.Grandma believes that I am like my mother because she raised me while she was in high school.Her words have deeply affected me, but I also understand her because her actions demonstrate her love and care for me.
When our other siblings learn of my situation, they treat me like an additional family problem, look down on me, and say anything that might discourage me.Because they were my family, they were the most distant from me.My understanding is that when you have done wrong, the family must be the first to console you, not to criticize and disparage me.

I know that for them, getting pregnant at 20 is a mistake because that's what they always try to tell me when they know my situation. However, for me, this baby I am carrying is a blessing that God gave me.Yes, I was initially unable to accept my pregnancy, but when I saw my child's heartbeat, I felt love and joy.Some of them advised me to have an abortion, but I never did. Even if the father of my child refuses, I will continue to act as a mother regardless.No one, not even my own child, will ever be killed by me.

Although I am doing everything in my power not to be affected by their words, now that I have already accepted that I am pregnant and that I will soon become a mother, I slowly understand the life of having a family. The disappointment I feel toward my family is still present, and the fact that I remember how they looked down on me made me also look down on myself.I know it won't be easy because I've gone from being a model and a student to a homemaker, changing my clothes and food.But I have a clear understanding of my situation: I stopped going to school, but I can still do so after the baby is born; I lost my modeling job, but I can still get it if I want to; for the time being, all I need to do is put my baby first because it is essential and important to me.

Even if I'm wrong, I believe I can correct my own mistakes because I should be the one to correct myself, not others.We should not allow others to judge us solely on the basis of a mistake.People, life doesn't end here; this is just the beginning of a new chapter. If you don't want to know what will happen in this chapter, don't read the book and don't say anything bad about it because I never did that to you.

I'm now in my third trimester, and I'm enjoying living happily with my baby angel growing inside my tommy.I've grown strong, and I never lie about being pregnant because if I do, it would appear that I despise my baby.I can't do that.


Hey @faithamore! Regardless what others say, glad you accepted your pregnancy and went on with it. You will be an amazing mother. Life will definitely throw rocks at you but I know you and your child will make it through.

The community Motherhood is a great space for your to learn from other mothers here on Hive and also share your journey.

Yes I hope so. Thank you very much indayclara mice to meet you. Yeah I've been in the mother how community and I've been reading random articles there, i forgot to include!y blog there too. By the way ill be there next time. Good morning 🌄

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I hate when people judge and contempt others with such. Yes, you had an unwanted pregnancy and should be reprimanded to such but after the nagging, then face the problem together with the family ( ideally but not happening most of the time ) kasi nandyan na iyan and having a child will bring another persona in you parenthood will change you immensely more than you ever think of in good and bad way.

Ilaban mo yan. Re finances, Hive also helped us out sa hospital bills kaya kayod lang din dito.

Yes kaya nagsisipag talaga ako dito friend, sana nga makuha kodin supporta ng pamilya ko kasi hirap nung palagi kanalang pinagsasabihan ng hindi tama

Being pregnant at an early age will really make the parents or the whole family sad. It is normal that they will feel sad and angry towards you because even yourself as you have said, you cried after knowing that you're pregnant.

Accept their reactions as you accept yours. I believe they will start loving your baby too very soon. They will accept the fact that there is a baby coming to be an additional member of the family.

Don't be sad and yes I am glad that you're loving your baby and fighting for her/him. I'm praying for both of your health.

January ka ba manganak sis @faithamore? Love your baby.

Yes next year on January hoping na Normal ang aking pag deliver. Thank you so much po

January 01 yan sis para new year, new blessing.

Tama. Others can point out your mistakes, but unless you recognize them correct them yourself, nothing will happen. :)
Stay healthy... as our OB always say to my wife... Healthy mother, healthy baby.

Yes that's why if I will to choose between to cry for those who hated me pr to be happy for my baby, I'd rather my happiness