An Epic Wedding I Can't Escape...

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When a very close friend asked me to attend her wedding, I simply said yes although the wedding was to be held at her hometown in Pagadian and I wasn't sure that time if traveling would be easy despite the "covid restrictions". I also didn't expect her to make me one of her bridesmaids. I've deduced that I was chosen since all our other college friends couldn't attend because of the location of the wedding that would require them to go on leave and travel. Lucky me, I only have Hive for the moment so I take my blogging and curating anywhere I go.


We had a beautiful friendship back in college. We still kept in touch when we were already focused on our careers. I witnessed how she and her husband started their love story. And 8 years later, I got to witness the culmination of their relationship. Pros for attending: I get to travel on the side and I get to witness her special day. Cons: Can't say there was one since declining or not attending the wedding was no longer an option.

The wedding was held in Pagadian City, the capital of Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines. To reach the place, you must travel by plane or boat. I opted for the boat ride as I found it cheaper during my last-minute booking. I will share about the place in another blog. I met with the other bridesmaid a day before the wedding and we had a surprise Bridal Shower too!

Wedding Preparations

Our day started with getting our hair and makeup done. The call time was 5:00 am. I was there at 5:15 am. Hair and makeup started at 6:30ish am. And despite being there early, they couldn't start working on me as dead skin was peeling off from my face because of the facial routine I did days before! So I had to run off to the store to buy a face scrub. I had to wait another hour for my turn. The frustration was already building up. Good thing, I brought with me my laptop so I did my curation work while killing time.

At about 10:30 am, the photoshoot session began. It was fun but required so much energy, personality, star quality and time. I'm used to photographers just taking photos but I didn't expect they were making a music video for the wedding. I had to give it my all since I was a bridesmaid and a backup dancer at the same time! Who knew I might get discovered?! 😆 Want to watch the music video and check if I have the star quality? Click here.


Channeling my inner diva... Source


Jaw about to get locked from all the smiling we did... Source


It was still a blast! Source


"Are you a policewoman? Your hair is short."

"I love your brown skin and hair..."

"You are likely to have a foreigner as your boyfriend."

Just a few remarks I won't forget about what people said to me during that day... It's either I just really made an impression because of my outgoing, extrovert personality and my looks, or perhaps the energy I was projecting out. But then again, I always try to remain authentic. To be honest, meeting new people and making some friends, especially with the other bridesmaid while remaining true to myself was amazing. I didn't know any single person before coming to the wedding. My only connection was the bride and the groom.



In a world full of conservative people, I shine.

Church Ceremony

The ceremony started at about 1:00 pm and it went smoothly in my case. I was in the moment - no distractions, no phone. Although I had my camera, I took a few shots just to have some photos for memories but that's it. In the past, I get too impatient with church ceremonies and my mind would often wander off. This time I was present in the now moment and I love every bit of it especially when they exchanged vows at the end.









Yep, I always have a big smile...Source


A teen asked if I was an artist coz I kept showing my leg! 😆 The slit of the dress was there for a reason...Source

Post Church Ceremony Photoshoot

Thought the photo and video shoot ended? It went on! This time we went to a secluded place with lots of trees near the wedding reception venue. And there was some running involved. I love it though.

Behind the scenes:




Shots from the photographers:


Lorden Titular Fine Art Wedding Photography.

yay 2.jpg

We all look gorgeous, don't we?...Source.

Wedding Reception

The wedding reception was held in Subanen Hall. The place was decorated well with a rustic theme. It was simple yet felt like Autumn season for me. Before the bride and the groom had their grand entrance, I was thrown into the hot seat when the host had a game for "singles" in the house. Another thing I thought I graduated from but I know it was all fun so I went along with it! The crowd was smiling and laughing because of the amazing hosting skills of the emcee throughout the night. Instead of the money dance, a new trend was done - the "money bridge". We also performed some dance numbers which I might share on another blog.










yay 5.jpg

We got to flex our moves... Source


When you put in a show... give it your all and enjoy it too! Source


The night was long but it was amazing, fun, and heartwarming. The bride and the groom were all smiles throughout the event. It was a beautiful celebration I get to witness or shall I say an epic wedding I can't escape!

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You look stunning in your dress and the wedding event looks amazing I experience to be a bridesmaid at the age of 19

Thank you so much. I never thought this shade of green would look good on me. You look pretty as well! Couldn't recall how many times I've become a bridesmaid already!

This was my first to be a bridesmaid at the wedding of my brother

Happy moments for you and them, congratulations on the happiness of this marriage, may you be given health and a happy life.

Thank you danlop! Happy moments should be treasured!

When we come across with people from different cultures we just realize there is still a lot in the world that we are not aware of. The traditions and cultures are so unique. I never heard of an outdoor photo shoot for any wedding. Feels like a unique idea. A lot of memories would be collected this way.

Haha. The remarks that you had about you would keep on making you smile for a long long time. And the remark about your legs 🦵...... I also observed that show off in most of the pictures 😉😉... are you an actress , @indayclara . Lols, I have the same question 😂.... You are looking sooooo pretty and glamorous..

I have a question. What's a bridesmaid?

Having an outdoor photo shoot has been a thing here in Asia for how many years. and trends are making weddings costly as well! But anything to make the wedding memorable, right?

I used to day dream of becoming an actress way back when I was a child but now I rather be a mermaid. 😂

A bridesmaid is someone who "assists" the bride on their wedding day. olden times... this was literally true but nowadays... its mostly being a part of photoshoots. 😅

Having an outdoor photo shoot has been a thing here in Asia for how many years.

🤔🤔. I am also an Asian. A Pakistani actually. Hehe. In my country there is no such tradition. Some elite class families might do this but it is very rare. I haven’t ever witnessed any.

I used to day dream of becoming an actress way back when I was a child but now I rather be a mermaid

Ahaaahaa! Mermaid. Then why don't you join Aquaman 😏

A bridesmaid is someone who "assists" the bride on their wedding day. olden times... this was literally true but nowadays... its mostly being a part of photoshoots.

Ahaaan! I got. There is such a character in my culture too. Yes, nowadays the character is limited to just a tradition. There is not an actual need. Brides are groomed enough to take care of themselves 🙂

It was really nice to talk to you 🌹🌹

Wow! you really had fun in that day sis @indayclara. You're really good in making friends because you look like so close with other bridesmaids even you saw each other for the first time.

Congratulations to your friend. Hmm Pagadian? I remember my godfather, he is also from Pagadian. Di pa ako naka punta dyan hehehe.

Anyway, you looks so good with your short hair,.

Hello @jenthoughts! I appreciate your words! It was truly a memorable day with lots of laughter and shenanigans! Since we seldom meet new people and we dont know how long we get to spend time with them... I make sure to make genuine connections.

That's great @indayclara, indeed we met some people once so if we do, chose to leave beautiful memories.

Ganda ng setup ng wedding definitely love your hair! And suits you well ate. ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

You look so good in this pictures, I am sure the bride had so much fun at her wedding, by the way, your dress is so gorgeous, suites you perfectly with the slits

Thank you @treasuree! Didn't realize as well that the color of the gown would look nice on me. 😍

What a beautiful wedding, and you look gorgeous in the bridesmaid dress standing out with your short hair and lovely smile

Thank you @livinguktaiwan! Might sport this hairstyle for a very long time. It's refreshing and less of a hassle during shower! 😂

I was amazed how you look beautiful with your short hair! Never got that hairstyle as I am not confident it looks okay too me but you slay it.

Hey @lhes! get that short hairstyle you always wanted! How would you know if it suits you or not if you haven't tried it at all. I think this was my 2nd or 3rd time rocking this short hair!

haha, with my chubby face, I rather not🤣

I love everything about it. It was grand and it was the kind of wedding some girls could ever ask for. Full of colours and full of life.

Thank you @murakaamiiii! It was simple yet grand as what you said! Our active participation made it even more amazing!

Thank you @murakaamiiii! It was one of those weddings that I won't forget!

Pretty bridesmaid. Next na yan.🔔☺️

Sana nga! haha. thank you!

The bride and all bridesmaids look wonderful. The flowers are lovely. The venue is decorated nicely. Awe, beautiful Wedding, Clara. I'm glad you had a great time. This look suits you well because you are different from the rest- cool, strong, sexy and appealing 🙂😍

@trangbaby! Thank you for your kind words! Since I've embraced who I truly am... I definitely lit up and inspire others to do the same. The wedding was perfect and fun indeed!

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HELLO @indayclara

I have taken a walk from start to finish, of course I can't say that I managed to see
all the publications quite thoroughly; but I believe that it has been
super cool all this time that has passed since you managed to enter the hive. Just as you were one day almost 4 years ago now (since 2018) now I.
I'm also just starting out, I'm not even 1 week old and I wanted to thank you for the
that you have been able to see my publication.

Congratulations for such a nice recerdo!

You slayed in every picture madam! I love the energy you project ❤️.

Kakatapos ko lang din panuorin yung vid nung wedding. Nakakaiyak hahaha. Congrats sa bagong kasal!

@cli4d! ano ba yan... thank you! lovelife nlng kulang! bwahahaha

Malapit na dumating yan, I can sense hahaha

Wow beautiful ladies so good to look at, i like the theme of the wedding. Congratulations to our newly wed