Impromptu Hive Orientation & OCD Onboarding to a Group of Secondary School Teachers!

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Finally met my Hive friends - @missleray and @callmesmile!


Two weeks ago, @callmesmile, one of my onboarded friends, invited me to their town fiesta. I happily obliged. Thinking this would be a great opportunity to share Hive, I asked her if she had fellow co-teachers that will be coming. Our conversation went on until we decided that it would be best to schedule a meet-up with a few of her colleagues at a café a day before the fiesta.

And so yesterday came - October 14, 2022, I asked @callmesmile where I would meet them and she simply told me to go to the school where she was teaching. I thought I wouldn't make it at the agreed time as a few unfortunate events came about before arriving.

It was my 2nd time meeting @callmesmile in person after 5 months since she joined Hive through the OCD Onboarding program. It was @missleray who also introduced the both of us to each other. We were excited and happy to see each other again after our serendipitous 1st meet-up inside the bus while I was headed to the city and she was on her way to her school! What were the odds?! 😄


Once I was inside their school, she revealed to me that she invited almost all secondary teachers in her school to attend our Hive Orientation! Just when I thought I was just meeting 2-3 people, about 15 teachers were waiting for me! 😲

So that's how I ended up having an impromptu 2-hour Hive Orientation & OCD Onboarding yesterday at Ilihan Integrated School with @callmesmile and @missleray.


How it went...

Once we were settled inside a classroom and also settled my nerves (I wasn't ready for a big crowd), we started the Hive orientation at 2:45 pm. To be honest, I didn't prepare anything. 😅 I relied on my old presentations and simply did the discussion as how we always do with our webinars. It was also a weird feeling to be sharing with a group of teachers but I was humbled as they were eager to learn and stayed throughout our 2-hour session.

I started asking if some of them were mothers or if some of them loves to cook, tend to their gardens, or perhaps if they travel a lot. Most of the time, we would often hear - "I don't know what to write." so we always suggest they lean into what they already know first - their passion, interests, or hobbies. Then, I shared my journey in Hive and all the opportunities and blessings I've enjoyed since then.



Felt like I was having my own class. 😆






We continued further with the Basics of Hive - how it's a decentralized social media, a blockchain, a cryptocurrency, and an ecosystem. This was followed by showing to them the @peakd interface - feed, communities, profile, wallet, and many more. I showed them how to draft a blog and the reward system. I also introduced them about @ocd - the initiatives and programs we support.

The internet connection was intermittent so I had to ask @missleray and @callmesmile to fill in the dead air by sharing their Hive journey with their co-teachers. A part of me was proud to hear @missleray shared how smooth her onboarding experience was and how she used her first withdrawal to donate goods for the Typhoon Odette victims. @callmesmile also shared how her Hive journey has been, and that she used her first withdrawal as additional funds to purchase a flat screen tv for her family. 👏



@missleray sharing about her onboarding experience.


@callmesmile sharing about her Hive journey.







Just when I thought I was done, I decided to use another presentation on how they can make their introduction blogs, the dos & don'ts in Hive, and the importance of making quality blogs. When I had a glimpse of the time, it was already 4:30 pm! After almost 2 hours of nonstop talking, my throat was starting to feel parched! So, I had to finish the session off with a Q&A and a photo session for another 15-20 minutes.

Post Onboarding Moments

@missleray gave me a bunch of plants from her garden that I'm excited to grow. @callmesmile brought me to their house and also gave me a bunch of bananas right from her backyard. They also told me that their first impression of me was that "I'm strict." I get that a lot! 😆 Still, I'm forever grateful to them both, especially to @callmesmile for making our impromptu Hive orientation & OCD onboarding possible! It's been a long time since I've done this face to face and it's quite refreshing!


@callmesmile prepared these signage. 😄

I'm pretty sure those teachers were overloaded with too much information but I'm still glad they were eager to learn. I didn't pressure them to join right away or make their introduction blogs as soon as possible. I don't expect them all to join Hive as well. Zero expectations.

After many orientations or webinars we have done in the past, I've learned to never expect anything but just be grateful that we were able to spread the word about Hive. If they want to miss out on this opportunity, it's ok. If they finally decided to join in, then I'd be more than happy to assist them in any way that I can.

See you at our upcoming monthly Hive PH Onboarding Webinar on Oct. 22, 2022, 8:00 pm in our discord server which will be led by our Hive PH admin & onboarders.

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If not because of you @indayclara I for one wouldn't be able to learn HIVE and its wonderful ecosystem the right way (though I still have a WHOLE LOT to explore but because of your guidance, I had a good start. I am forever grateful for that, and I believe my colleagues feel the same too!

Thank you for inspiring us and encouraging us to write. You always say it best when you said "You don't need to be a professional writer, as long as you follow your passion in writing and you enjoy sharing it in HIVE, everything follows".

By the way, you nailed the Seminar! It was superb,👏👏👏👏 I couldn't see the impromptu part! Hehe. It was a very comprehensive and interactive Seminar. HIVE's basic and Onboarding Program we're clearly and precisely delivered. Amazing kaau!Labaw pa's maestra! While I was listening, feel nko nag refreshment course ko.☺️

AGAIN THANK YOU @indayclara AND @ocd . 🥰😍 New users are waiving.😍

You just don't realize it but its people like you that make all these webinars or onboarding sessions worthwhile! So thank you for paying it forward and sharing Hive to your colleagues. I'm but just an instrument for you and them to explore Hive.

I need to bring other reinforcement because 2 hours is so long for one person. Next time, will also assign you to do the talking! 😉

Wow, sounds like you did a great job there !

Thank you @hoosie. Just doing what I can do.

Thank you so much miss Clar @indayclara for visiting our school and for sharing that bunch of informations about hive and etc. Ari niya balik sa Tabogon. You are always welcome here and to our house. Hehehe. Napay tanom sa amoa.😁

It was really good to see you in person @missleray! Who would have thought diba?
Thank you so much for the plants as well! still had to buy some new pots for my new babies. 😍

Kaayo. I thought online rata kutob...hehehe...You're always welcome miss Clar @indayclara. 🥰

Wow! Surely they would all love to join Hive, Ms Clara. It always feels so good seeing the happy faces of the secondary teachers after knowing about Hive. How I wish I was onboarded by you. Hehe. I always look up on you and I am inspired by your journey. But still, I am always grateful because I got the chance to connect with you. Thank you so much, Inday Clara for everything. I am in awe!

Thank you for your kind words @pinkchic! I know you are doing your part in sharing Hive as well. Onboarded by me or not, this journey is all about you so just make the most out of it.

A meeting worthwhile. I like how this meeting ended up with Hive and with teachers learning about Hive. Excellent teamwork. Excellent work.

Thank you so much @collinz! We might even share Hive to their students... but at the right time. 😍

That sounds good, keep it up! . Hive deserves more attention 😊

😊💪😎🤙 awesomeness! Spread that hive!!

Thank you so much @chinito!

It amazes me how people like you make an effort to share Hive! Grabe nag-travel pa din talaga, kahit impromptu 'yun for sure wala kang na-miss na information.


Never have thought that it would end up like that! 😂 Eh kasi nga, cafe2x and chika chika about Hive lng supposed to be.. tapos naging ganun.

Hahahaha literal na impromptu buti may naka ready na PowerPoint 😆


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 2 years ago  

OMG So this was what happened. I am so proud of you for doing this by yourself indayclara! Well of course, at least callmesmile and missleray were there to fill in.
One thing I learned is that not all people who come to the onboarding will want to join Hive. We’re so lucky they will want to hear from us. I like your mindset na zero expectations.
I still hope though that they will join. Usually those na dli nato ginapugos will end up being active and stay longer. Aw ambot lang diay hahaha

See yall next Sat for Hive PH’s webinar! pak super nice ending!

Usually those na dli nato ginapugos

This is sadly the truth so dapat chill rata on. No forcing, no pressure. In the end, its not about us! I like to think that the Universe will lead me to those who "need" me the most.

But grabeh, I think I need to update my presentation! 2 hours was intense but its best jud to share Hive na comprehensive daan para sa sugod pa lng they know what they will expect.

 2 years ago  

True sad! I hope we will be led to those that "need" it the most jud.

Oo oi, it's best if they know a lot already bahala ug ma overwhelmed sila sa sugod. They can still ask questions and if light convo lang, usually mahinomdoman jd na nila ang na storyahan. It's nice to onboard people like this if daghan lang jd free time.

Wow astig.
So cool ma'am indayclara. Parang gusto ko rin tuloy e invite mga brother (sir) ko sa school hahaha

Please do so... we have an upcoming webinar sa discord. You can invite them there and our Onboarders will do the rest! See you.

Salamat ma'am.
Sana magustuhan din nila. Baka mahilig din sila mag sulat

I can really see how passionate you are po in making such initiatives and making it turn well despite sudden changes. I've been inviting also my classmates and a few friends to join HIVE, and some had shown interests. I would love to tell them about the webinar. Thank you!

It's an unplanned initiative 😂 but I would love to this once in a while.

I can see you have already been inviting your friends over to Hive and we appreciate that! Hopefully, more students would explore Hive, crypto, and the blockchain in the future.

Great work Clara, hopefully people will slowly be more open to blogging and crypto and eventually Hive.

Thank you! We do what we can do to share our platform. ❤️

That's our mentor, we are proud of you @indayclara 😊. Grabi ang energy for 2 hours na mag isa and improptu pa. Salute.

Thank you! Excited for you to invite people into Hive from your hometown. Lets grind.

Hahaha, Im excited also for this part of coming Home.

Wow! ang dami! Congrats @indayclara for the success of that impromtu hive seminar. You're really a teacher in front of that teachers too. Hopefully magjoin din sila ano. Galing din ni @callmesmile for arranging it at grabe ang convincing power kasi ang dami ng na convince nya to listen.

Ang saya din isipin na may makilala ka in person or i mean ma met in person na hiver din. Meron din kaya hiver dito sa South Cotabato? hehehe

Hello @jenthoughts! Thank you for your kind words! They did say I looked like a teacher! 😂 To be honest, I prefer talking to smaller groups but I do what I can do if given a huge group.

South Cotabato! Ay nako, pag.andam dnha.. makasuroy gani ko dnha ay!

Bitaw ai here mi Polomolok, basi naa kay nabal-an nga taga Polomolok sa hive or Tupi or Gensan para naa pud koy kampi nga taga diri hehehe.

Pinya rajud ang ako ma offer sa imuha diri kung naay bunga ning atbang sa amung payag hehehehe. kung makaingon ug offer daw tag iya lang bah hehehe..

I must say what a beautiful picture of you Ladies 😊 @indayclara @missleray @callmesmile @callmesmile @missleray. You all are looking beautiful and good, Sometimes in life we always tend to meet what we didn't plan for but it's good to be ready for anything it was because you were ready that was why you were able to come up with a plan by taking up the old topic and shared it. I don't know but @indayclara how can you assist me with the ocd onboarding program how can i be a member of the @ocd family I am very eager.Fill me in a little.

Aweee this is beautiful and super helpful to them!!! Kanindot ani gayud , well done @indayclara 👏

Wow. That's a milestone to note. I hope these teachers won't miss out on the opportunity that's right before their eyes. It might not be easy to multi-task but I'm sure it will be worth it. Congrats to you.

great.carry on.

Amazingly, you are passionate po in conducting activities like that. Im looking forward po to join on the upcoming hive onboarding webinar.

What a great read, I think it is the glasses that give off a strict feeling from you!