Sharing School Supplies by HIVE & Dbuzz (pt.1)

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When you give, you give hope. When it's school supplies, you are not just encouraging children to study but to dream as well. A small or simple act of kindness will be much to others that inspire them to keep going in the future. It might be hard but your actions will teach them how to overcome challenges that they will face. Acts of kindness will help them to resonate that there is still light despite the dark and destructive society.


I was overwhelmed and a little embarrassed. I felt a little conscious of myself having this kind of success. Imagine you'll see people so happy because of what I have done. As a matter of fact, I was like a courier or like a messenger to make this event possible. I don't want to be credited so immediately when I do a short speech. "These school supplies are not mine, they came from hive and dbuzz. I'm just the one who is distributing it," I said to them.


When I entered the school, I saw students and parents were there already. I learned that the head teacher said, "No parent then there will be no school supplies for children." That's why the small school of Anislagon was occupied by parents and students.



Welcome Address

A little later, the distribution was not yet started but the short program started. Led with an opening prayer from the parents, followed with an anthem song. I was flattered that even the Brgy. Captain of the small village was present. He stated his gratitude for the said distribution.



When the host welcomed me and with a strong clapping from everyone. I immediately walked on the stage to show myself in front of everyone. I told them that they should be thankful to hive and Dbuzz but not to me. When I mentioned the names of course I assumed that they were curious about it. Without hesitation, I told them hive is a cryptocurrency and Dbuzz is a front end of hive. I recorded a video, I will upload it. I just have a small internet so it is not good for now.





The sharing of school supplies went well as we were giving it through year level. I had assistance from my wife together with the utility of Anislagon Elementary School. We did it in a room, other students and parents were waiting outside. The students went inside the room when their year level would be called.










I don't know how to say it but I'm confident that the students and parents were happy about it. The full video will be uploaded some other time because of the internet connection issue. Here's what you will expect in the said video. Dancing of the students, the thoughts of the people there and the smiling faces of the children when receiving the school supplies.

A shout out for the people who made this giving possible. The hive and dbuzz community, together with the people behind it. @chrisrice and @guiltyparties from @valueplan ,also if you like what I've been doing. You can contact me or by showing your support. This is not the end of our journey in helping. This is the beginning because I learned that many schools are in need of even just a small amount of helping. We can not do it with just a small group of people behind it. There might be funds but not that much to provide for many students.

After the said event, a lot of head teachers from different schools calling me and from the school teachers relayed that they need the small help of school supplies as well. We don't need reason but we only need a heart to help. There are no returns but the smile of the people or the students because of small things we help will be priceless.

contact me at Gmail, [email protected] or here.

This was my previous post about asking for support for school supplies.

I just did it on my own this time even though I did not receive support.

This was my first ever asking for support.

This was my first sponsorship.

By the way, I am accepting hive/hbd in my store.

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This is overwhelming. I simply get overjoyed when I see how the hive is performing in all parts of the world. Let us keep spreading the love and the power. The blockchain's success stories need to be shared all over the world. Congratulations to you guys! @mrnightmare89 @chrisrice @guiltyparties

Thank you, and yeah, hive is not some blockchain or money matter. It's about a community uniting to help other people who are in need.

Wow congratulations.

Thanks, it was an awesome experienced.

Thank you friend for dropping by.

That's a wonderful job. How I wish i can replicated something like that.

It's not easy but it's not impossible. Everyone of us can as long as we are sincere to help.

you done wonderful job dear...

Yeah, I thought so, even though I was a bit embarrassed.

Wow. Congratulations @mrnightmare89 I really appreciate your generosity. I can't imagine how happy the children are when receiving your gifts. Thanks for your kindness.

Yes, they were and I'm sure I can not forget their wonderful happiness.

This is so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing :))

Thank you as well for appreciating it.

Great job Sir! That's why I'm really proud to be a member of HIVE because it helps many people, not only us members but also ordinary people through people like you.🤍

Yeah, it's not just about money but also humanity.

What nice act of kindness. I would love to do the same if given a chance by time. Keep it up you're inspiring more learners.

When you have the passion you can have the chances. All we need is dedication, sincerity and honesty to make it possible. Thank you