Welcome to the Art Community! Seeking professionals to the crafty to the non creatives!

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Hello & Welcome to a different kind of Art Community,

Update May 2020, Hello everyone! Don't forget to stop by our discord sever, please join us here https://discord.gg/zcr2Vns

Different how? Well for starts I created this community for all types of artists & the non-creatives who thought about trying some kind of art but never thought they were good enough.

Lets start with this, I do believe a lot of people were born with a high skill level of artistry that is just unmatched comparing to other artists in there lane. Sounds contradictory right? All the expert artists are on the same level, everyone has there own style and way of doing things. In my opinion its the artists who can just pick up a pencil, grab a sheet of paper and draw anything from memory and it looks like a photograph. That is born talent, its a gift. They can see things most of us can't, but can it be learned?

Again in my opinion yes. Drawing, painting or any art medium for that matter can be learned, but it takes a TON of PATIENCE and PRACTICE! This doesn't mean that if you can't draw highly skilled art, it isn't art. Anything can be art. Look at the world art community, some pieces sell for millions and the canvas is painted white. Yes, things like this happen, crazy indeed. What constitutes art? That is up to you to decide, thats what makes art an amazing profession or hobby.

I feel like everyone can be creative if they wanted to, they have to connect with there creative side. Find a way to get the juices flowing. What are you into? Try to use your interests as an influence. Example, you love animals or flowers or whatever it may be, relate that into the art world. Maybe try an draw or paint the animals and flowers you see. Check out videos and tutorials online and see how you do. You be surprised once you learn the mechanics behind certain art mediums that its sometimes not as hard as you think.

Anyway I don't want to chew everyones ear off all day long about my opinion on the art world etc. I wanted to create this community for every skill level and newcomers! Even if you never did any art in your life, your welcomed here. Ask, post something and we will all help point you in the right direction to your first masterpiece!

Now, experts and very skilled artists, don't fret this place is for you as well. There is a lot of artists who do have a lot of skill but are having trouble pushing themselves to the higher skilled work. Please post your art work here, a lot of people including myself would find a lot of influence and interest from your work. Especially if you take the time to tell us about your piece, some information on how you went about creating it etc.

So, all in all, anyone is able to subscribe to this Art Community and post what your heart desires to show the world. One side note, if your piece is a nude piece that's fine, but please mark it NSFW, in-case someone is at work or around family, warn them first.

Lets get to the contests, the second part I'm most excited about besides seeing all the great artworks being posted into the community. I plan on putting a twist on my art contests. The very first one is a basic contest, it will piece together the art banner across the top of the community page, but the next ones will be different and give chances of all skill levels to win top prizes. Thats because I plan to set the prize structure a little differently. Most communities in the past on steem and other platforms always prized the grand prize for the most skilled \ visioned and impressive artists. Why? Like I stated, art is art. No matter how its created or skill level. So here are some future ideas.


For example next months contest will be grouped into different sections like this:

Experts \ Professionals
1st Place 100 hive
2nd Place 50 hive
3rd Place 25 hive

Skilled Enthusiasts
1st Place 100 hive
2nd Place 50 hive
3rd Place 25 hive

Crafty \ Novices
1st Place 100 hive
2nd Place 50 hive
3rd Place 25 hive

This is only an example and this can change many times, because as I wrote an outline for all my contest ideas, whose to say which section people belong to?Thats the part I am still trying to figure out. One idea I had was the person submitting there contest artwork picks the section they want to be in. Then they will be curated within that section, but if your obviously really good we will put you into the right section. Or possibly a voting structure of some sort. This is a tough one to figure out and over the next few weeks something will get fleshed out, if you all have opinions on this please do comment below and tell me! I want all of us to make decisions as a community. Thats all on contests for now.

On to the voting, curating, delegations etc.

First I would like to thank @overkillcoin for delegating 4k hive power to the Art Community owner account @hive-188955 !! He said the delegation will stay for about 4 months. I will use this to vote on the communities contest entries and art work they post here. A BIG THANK YOU overkillcoin! We all appreciate the delegation. His blog can be found here: https://peakd.com/@overkillcoin He is an amazing artist go show him some gratitude!

I also sent over 500 hive to the owner account @hive-188955, powered it up. I will try my very best to keep contributing to the owner account to make the vote stronger and stronger to help all of you out there in this community.

Now with that said, I am not rolling in the dough and would love if anyone else would like to delegate HP to the art community account, even if its for a short period of time, if so you will be on all future posts until the delegation is no more. I will make sure you or your organization gets the credit where credit is due! Also, a big thank you if we get some help!
Besides delegation if you want to donate hive, it will go towards the contests each month and other give-aways in the future.

Either way delegation or donation, please mention it in the comments below first, I will respond with my discord handle and we can discuss the details.
I will always be transparent to the community with all of this. I have a history with a lot of people I met on steemit, i was there from almost the beginning over 3 years. If you need someone to vouch for me, ask and we will work something out, but for the people that know me, always saw how nice I was to everyone and never had any bad intentions, that is not who I am. I am very out going, I like to lead which is probably why I started these communities, I am very passionate and ambitious. I never take no as an answer with my goals and persistent as hell, a blessing and also a curse lol


  • All delegations will credited in every update & contest posts.
  • All donations will be credited in every update & contest posts.
  • I will try my very best to stay as active as possible in this community, I do also work a day job, if you don't hear from me instantly, I promise you will.
  • All skill levels are welcomed here, please have respect for each other.
  • Please help by reblogging this and other update posts \ contests, to help this community be the best on hive!
  • Much, much more to come as we grow!

Lastly, in the begining I will handle most of this on my own, the voting, curating etc. But I would like to build an Art Community team made up Artists and non-artists, both sides of the spectrum's with different perspectives. I'll need, mods, curators, judges for the contests etc. So if your interested and no me already on discord, reach out, if you don't comment below!

That's all for now! Start posting your artwork for all of us to see, and subscribe! 1st 10 people to subscribe and reblog this gets 2 hive each, please comment below, i'll check and send ya the good stuff!

PS: Now that I finally got this post and the art contest post up, I'm taking the rest of the week to vote on your artwork, comment, talk to you all and start working on my own artwork, when there finished i'll share them here! :)


I already subscribed last night and I just reblogged this.

My father was the professional artist and my sister got most of the talent. When I do art it's usually computer generated.

When I save up enough money for a 3D printer and can print the parts for a MakerScanner I might try making physical 3D models to scan.

Welcome! I always wanted to try a 3d printer, looks like a lot of fun. The last time I checked them out they were still pretty expensive?

The price of 3D printers dropped quite a bit around 2018 when several major patents behind the technology expired. The one I am looking at getting is around $250 USD. It can't print objects bigger than around 4.7 in. X 4.7 in. x 4.7 in. (height could be increased to around 6.2 in. with modification to the printer) but there's always the option of printing several small pieces that snap together to make a larger object.

I do get 2 hive like it mentions above for being one of the first 10 subscribing and reblogging, right? I am trying to fund a meme tribe on hive and every little bit helps. :-)

Thats not a bad price for what it can do. If you get it definitely share here what you make with it, I'm curious to see.

I'll send the hive soon, don't worry unless i simply make a mistake i am a man of my word, just working right now. Later today it'll all get sent out to every1 and I'll catch up on everything else like comments and whatnot as well.

My kid draws like ... crazy... enjoying seeing his evolution.

Example of his last drawing:

He has some kind of "unique" stuff...

Your Kid is an Artist :D

Nice! If you want to submit something to the community art banner contest on his behalf feel free: https://peakd.com/hive-188955/@gre3n/1st-art-community-contest-10-winners-1st-is-100-hive-we-need-artwork-for-the-community-banner

Haha "unique stuff", this one looks like manga style to me, a lot of people like drawing in this art form.

Thanks for sharing

Yep, he's into to exactly that. But expanding... as he learns more.

Awesome, he's doing a great job so far, share some more. 😀

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I joined the discord server, I'll check all this out after work tonight. Thank You! 😀

This is a great initiative!

Thank You, I will try my very best for all of you! 😀

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Done reblogged and followed ... more power !

Thank You! We will all grow as one big community! More in numbers can accomplish anything! 😀

Done, upvoted and reblogged Congrats with your endeavor I like much your idea this is a place for everbody to try their gifted hands.

Exactly! I am really happy you agree, For professionals and people who thought they never could create and everyone in between. This will be a very positive atmosphere, but at the same time all creative professionals we want you here to. We can all learn from your mastery skills and admire them. I sure do, I look up to a lot of artists and always amazed at what skills they have, that I keep working on. And for all the people who never created, you can! You just have to try. If anyone ever needs an idea where to start or what to make etc, let me know I'd glady help spark some ideas and point you in the right direction. Thanks again! 😀👍

Im inviting @gremayo to join here. This is a very good initiative making hive the best.
Thank you so much.

Thank you, i'm glad you like what i am trying to do, but I hope it turns into what we are going to do as one big community at some point. I always had visions of doing big art related projects, contests, and creating a place for all artists that have similar outlook on art like i do. Artistry can be very demanding, some people feel the pressure of "am i good enough" "i cant draw" and even professionals have there gripes to, where they have to be "perfect" with there work, especially people who make a living off of it. I envision a community where the pressures can be taken off as we all work together. Especially for thoughs that never created any sort of art ever, if i can get some of thoughs people to find there creative side, then i have succeeded. :) Welcome to the community!

Thank you so much and here to support.

😀👍 You got it!

I am joining in.... yuhuuu ! an art community! reblogged and followed.

Thanks for joining and welcome to the community! 😀 👍
Thanks for the reblog too!, As we all spread the word, our community will keep growing! Like I said, more in numbers can create anything together as one!

Just reblogged and followed sir.. Thanks for initiating this community.

Thanks for joining and welcome to the community! 😀

Yeah... I just subscribed to the community... reblogged and followed your account too.. from now on I will revive my account and will be posting again. Thank you.

All good, and welcome to the art community, glad to have you here! I will try my best for every community member!! 😀

This is cool! I'd like to try my luck here as well. Thank you! Rehived, shared, reposted!

Awesome Can't wait to see what you can come up with, remember we are all creative in our own ways. Welcome to the community! 😀

This is a great opportunity for us to be more creative and enhance our art skills from the real talented ones joining this contest.

Absolutely and welcome to the community! 🔥👍
Looking forward to see what people post.

Thanks for this warmly welcome!

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Welcome everyone to the Art Community! I can't wait to see your art, please join the contest to here: https://peakd.com/hive-188955/@gre3n/1st-art-community-contest-10-winners-1st-is-100-hive-we-need-artwork-for-the-community-banner 👍

Thank you @gre3n, I'm not an artist but I'm inviting some of my artist friends to join here. Keep up the good work. Hive on.

Everyone can create my friend, give the Art Community contest a try! This is one of my goals, to get non-artists \ creatives to try something new. It can be anyway you want. If you'd like some ideas let me know I'll help you out. 😀 👍

Great idea and happy to know you more. Hive on with you @gre3n


thanks for the Hive gift!

your welcome

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I said 10 total, but I gave it to everyone who has done this. I am going to conclude this as of now. Look out for this on future announcements and posts. I'd still greatly appreciate any more reblogs of this post, to help bring more people into our community! The more people apart of it, the more we can do together! Share all your work and have fun! Remember the contest :).

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Gracias amigo @gre3n super agradecida por tu obsequio. Saludos desde Venezuela. Me gusta mucho tu iniciativa para todos aquellos artistas que queramos hacer arte.

Translattion: Thanks friend @ gre3n super grateful for your gift. Greetings from Venezuela. I really like your initiative for all those artists who want to make art.

Thank you for your kind words, & Welcome to the Art Community! Glad to have you here and nice to see people from all around the world! 😀

Thank you so much, I'm caling @fycee to gather his army for this project and also @atongis
hive on!

Thanks for your help! The more the merrier! Hope to see a lot of new faces in the Art Community. I am trying my best to come up with ways of promoting as well. When we all try even better!😀

Thank you so much... I will tell all my friends and the members of my Hive GC to check this community out.

More the merrier! 😎

my promise to put the contest in the discord room in the terminal worked because a few members already participated so i cannot stay behind,
so here is my entry for the banner contest


hope you like it,

I like them a lot, great job and thanks for entering! 😀

Please join us, I'd like to talk to you more about some stuff! https://discord.gg/zcr2Vns

EDIT: One side note, creative writers \ authors, especially with visual artwork going along with your work, comics, etc - is also art. Feel free to make this community your home as well!

Hello everyone! Don't forget to stop by our discord sever, please join us here https://discord.gg/zcr2Vns