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When I saw the latest challenge presented to us by @rutablockchain for providing the Best Tips for Hive Newbies I got really excited about joining in. If you’ve been following my blog you’d know that providing tips and guidance is something I like to do on a regular basis.

I have posted advice on several different topics (I’ll add links at the end) but I thought it would be nice putting what I consider the top starter tips altogether in this one post.

How this Post is Setup…

I will mention several things to consider but only go into details on the topics I am most knowledgeable about where I feel my teaching will be most beneficial for you.

This post is setup in a step by step manner. If I were to start over again from the beginning with everything I’ve learned in the past six years, this would be the order I would do things to get settled on Hive. I believe this to be a good order in preparing someone to have a successful and enjoyable experience here.


First, let’s talk about all the things you should do…

Before Your First Post:

I know after finding out about Hive some are eager to get in here and start blogging right away even before they really know what they’ve signed up for. The things I mention next will help you get more comfortable and familiar with the environment here and get you set up for better support on your publications.

Browse and Learn

Before diving straight in it’s best to get a feel of the environment and how things are set up. It’s the same as getting a new membership somewhere. You look around and check out all the perks and what that organization has to offer. It’s also wise to know the etiquette of a place to avoid the Dont’s and embrace the Do’s.

Getting familiar with the Hive ecosystem will get you off to a smoother and less confusing start.

Some things to search/ask about - your keys and the importance of keeping them safe, Hive frontends, setting up your profile, resource credits, reputation score, hive power and powering up, delegations, witnesses, curation and rewards

Read Posts, Leave Comments, Connect

One thing I learned when first joining was that no one knew I was here yet. I barely received any comments or interaction on my posts. While I was sitting there saying

I hope people find my post and read it.

there were others thinking and saying the same thing.

No one is going to know you’re here unless you get out there and make connections. Spend a few days a week or a little bit of your time a day doing nothing but reading and commenting. Engagement is one of the most valued aspects of Hive so it’s good to make this a habit early on. This will also help you find people of interest to follow.

When commenting and replying to posts be careful not to make them spammy or repetitive. Creating content takes time and effort and a writer deserves to have genuine comments left for feedback. Please make sure your responses are thoughtful and considerate.

For example, don’t just leave it at “Nice post!” Instead, explain why you thought it was a nice post. Your goal should be to leave something that will be beneficial to the author whether it be encouraging, complimenting, or relating to them.

Find your Niche

This step is so important and has a huge influence on the quality of your posts and how much fun you have here. Let me explain…

If your aim is to write a post that lands on the trending page and you decide to choose a Hot topic that shows up frequently, then you most likely will not produce the best quality content you’re capable of. If you’re not knowledgeable or passionate about that topic then your writing won’t flow. On top of that you won’t enjoy it because it would actually be more work (doing extra research and background stuff just to try to understand what you’re writing about) instead of an enjoyable effort.

Why not write about something that flows off your mind and that you already enjoy talking about anyway? Your goal is to captivate, stimulate and excite your audience not to bore them which would cause them to leave the article.

Jot down the areas you are familiar with and the ones you want us to learn about. What excites you and gets your wheels turning? Let your passion do the writing and you’ll have a better chance at writing quality content.

Find your Niche Community

Once you’ve narrowed down the things you’ll be posting about it’s time to find the communities that are a fit for your topics of interest.

Go through the list of communities. Once you find one that fits your niche, read through the About section to get familiar with how that community is set up. Make sure to read the rule section because each community has their own. If you like what you see you can Subscribe to it but you don’t have to be subscribed in order to write a post there.

To learn more about communities, their purpose and how to post in them please read this very informative article Communities Explained - Newbie Guide written by @erikah.

Understand Formatting and Markdown

One of the biggest learning curves for me was learning how to use markdown. I had never used it before and had to read several posts and watch videos on how to do it correctly. Educating yourself on this will help your writing process go a lot smoother.

The other part of this is formulating your posts for an easy read. Being creative with your title will entice readers to want to read what’s inside. Another good practice is writing a short introductory paragraph about the topic you’re sharing, this gives your audience more detail about what to expect from their read.

I try to aim for keeping my paragraphs no longer than three sentences. I also like including one sentence lines to help break up the content a bit. You want to go easy on the eyes and make sure your post flows nicely to keep your readers interested and engaged.

Always try to include a wrap up sentence or paragraph to close your article out nicely. You can do so by adding a review of what was discussed, a final thought or closing line.

Avoid Plagiarism and Cite Sources

Plagiarizing and the lack of care and effort to cite sources is one of the biggest causes of downvotes, being labeled as a spammer, getting blacklisted and muted from communities.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.

According to Oxford Languages, plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.

The golden rule I always go by with everything I do on and offline is: Give Credit Where It’s Due!

The mistake I see made is people not realizing that if you take even just a sentence from another article and not source it, it’s plagiarizing. It doesn’t matter how short it is, if you’re copying and pasting someone else’s words, work or content, you need to give credit where it’s due.

Let’s say you visit a facility and learn all about it’s history and the architecture. You then want to write a post about your experience. To make things go quicker you decide to copy and paste an article you found online about it without citing the source.

You try to justify yourself by explaining you just visited there and knew all of the information anyway. This still doesn’t give you the right to copy someone’s work without giving credit. Even if you paraphrase some of the article it still needs to be sourced.

If it’s not your own words, please source it (adding the link from where you got the info).


Your Posting Journey Begins:

Now that you’ve got a handle on the Hive ecosystem and some important do’s and don’ts you are ready to start preparing for your writing adventures.

We’ll first cover some writing etiquettes before talking about your first post.

Posting Etiquette

• Originality and Quality - create your signature style, be creative and be you

• Post Length - shoot for a minimum of 2 minutes (200+ words) - I personally don’t curate or nominate posts for an upvote if they fall under this mark (unless it’s a really impressive photo lol)

• Use Clear Photos - photos add an extra layer of interest and help keep your audience engaged - make sure they are clear and easy to decipher - if using Stock Images or images from a free site don’t forget to add the image credit and/or source link

Tag Usage - only use relevant and appropriate tags to match your topic - do not use unrelated tags to try to gain more attention and rewards - if you are unsure about a tag read up on it before using

Avoid Unnecessary Tagging of People - this is really looked down upon - please don’t add hundreds of people’s name to your post to attract attention and upvotes - you will get just the opposite

Do Not Double Post - double posting is also known as milking rewards - don’t publish the exact same post more than once


Writing Your Intro Post

Whoo Hoo! Finally you are ready to roll with telling us all about yourself. Hopefully at this point you have already gained a following and supporters from connecting with others on their posts.

You should put some effort in this post since it will be a first impression for many who read it. You can remain anonymous (not showing your face) if you prefer but at least give some information about who you are, your interests, what can one expect to learn from you, what you’ll be sharing with us.

You can use tags like #introducemyself, #introduceyourself, #introduction or #intro. It would be a good idea to first browse those tags to get an idea on what these posts look like.

I strongly recommend you reply to your comments. It’s a polite thing to do knowing people took the time out of their day to read your content and leave you a comment. Some Hivers won’t support those who consistently leave comments unanswered.

I know not everyone is on Hive 24/7 or is able to make the time to reply to every comment but just make the best effort you can to acknowledge the comments left for you.

These are my Getting Started with Hive to have an Awesome Journey and an Incredible Experience on the Best Blockchain Ever Tips! 😆

The 3 friends I thought of that might also want to have a go at this initiative are @kattycrochet, @lauramica and @jicrochet.

I’ll leave you with some other links that might be of help to you…

So What’s The Criteria For A Quality Post? - How Curators Make Their Selections...

How My Post Are Born

How to Cite Sources

How Impactful is Your Content? Do You Stand Out?

What’s Hive Engagement All About? It’s definitely not a one way call!

Follow Up | Follow Through | Follow the Rules

You can also check out @newbies-guide and browse the collections.

All photos are my own.

Thanks For Your Attention ~


I wish I had seen this when I first started here, perhaps I would have gone farther than I have. Quite informative and I can clearly see where I have been lacking. We keep learning everyday on Hive and honestly I have learned something quite invaluable with this post.

Thanks for this feedback. I try to do posts similar to this on a regular basis because I know how important it is to get this type of info out. It's hard to come by and most people learn by mistakes...hopefully we can get that changed soon by publishing more guides like this.

I'm so pleased that you learned something invaluable from reading. 😊

Thanks for your time ~

Wonderful! I enjoyed reading this @crosheille. I believe there are so many ways to grow on Hive, but the easiest of them all is by engaging with others.

You said it all

No one is going to know you’re here unless you get out there and make connections. Spend a few days a week or a little bit of your time a day doing nothing but reading and commenting

The good thing about doing this aside from the rewards is that you get to build relationships that bring happiness.

I have a show on Hive which made me speak to a lot of Hivers around the world. These interviews didn't only bring me rewards, they provided joy and happiness to me. Sometimes I watch them and smile when I'm sad.

It's great you put this out there, Already reblogged and shared on twitter. I hope it is useful for others too.

Have a wonderful day! Lots of !LUV



I'm glad you enjoyed the read. ☺️

Absolutely! I didn’t know how much engagement would change my Hive life and my RL. I have met people here that I call my friends and we have friendships outside of Hive…it’s pretty amazing.

I learn so much just by engaging, many things I’ve used to help me in my at home life.

That’s really cool about your show. It’s neat you have that to look back on. 😉

Thanks for your nice response and for sharing my post. I appreciate the tokens too ~

Reading through this, I learnt a lot on how I should handle my hive account as a newbie and also how to help other newbies, this is so detailed and also easy for anyone to understand.

I can see you have learned so much in the times you've been here and it's a really great privilege to be part of the people reading this post.

I'm glad you read through it and picked up some things you can use. 😉

Yes, I truly have. There was a lot to learn and still more to learn but I'm glad to be able to share what helped me along the way.

Thanks for commenting and for the tip ~

I'm more honored to have read through and also add to my knowledge of how things work around here.

Yes, learning is something that is continues, it only ends when we die. We just have to keep acquiring knowledge and sharing it with others as well and that's what you are doing, it's just so amazing, keep up the good work Ma'am 👍🙏.

You're welcome Ma'am, it's my pleasure 🤗🤗.

That's right, if you're alive you're learning. 😉

Thanks again for your comments it’s much appreciated ~ 🤗

Yes, you got that right Ma'am 🤗☺️.

It's my pleasure leaving a comment 🙏😘🤗.

@crosheille, you have been my mentor in HIVE 😍, much of my achievements are thanks to your advice, your publications that always leave me something to value and put into practice.

This content that you share with us is extremely valuable, if I had stumbled upon a content like this in my beginnings, it would have been wonderful. But as I always think, everything has a moment.

Now then, I find this tips excellent, the fact that you try that the paragraph does not exceed three sentences, it's funny just last night when I was writing the post for the Monday edition of #NeedleWorkMonday I felt that some of my paragraphs were long, today you have given me the answer. I also like the thing about adding the introduction, more I didn't have it as a rule, I'll keep an eye out for it.

Thanks for the invitation, I greatly treasure this mention.

Infinite thanks for your support 😍.

I always treasure your comments and feedback because I know how loving and genuine of a person you are.

I am honored that you have seen me as your Hive mentor and very happy that you have taken the advice I have given you. It was amazing seeing how you changed things up and started sharing more of yourself in your blogs and the support you received on your posts kept growing and growing. It was really exciting to witness. 😊

Well since I am a very long winded person I have stuck to using the 3 sentence guide in order not to put my audience to sleep 😂. It can get hard on the eyes reading very long paragraphs and easy to get off track too. It helps keep the attention of your readers if you break up the paragraphs a bit more. 😉

Thanks for your feedback. It’s always a pleasure supporting you ~ 💓

Hi @crosheille your recommendations made me refresh a lot of things, I have been disconnected from Hive for a long time, but I'm starting again as if I was beginning a new stage of my life, I'm anxious to start again in this beautiful world of Hive, of course one of the things I love the most is the originality and I see it in your articles, they are great. I hope MiniCrosheille is well, greetings.


Hey @ayleenr! Oh my gosh I’ve missed you. It’s so good hearing from you right now. You and your family doing okay?

I’m glad to hear you are reconnecting here again 😃🤗!! Thanks so much. I love being able to express myself in my own little way and creatively share what I’m passionate about with everyone.

Oh yes, she’s doing well. It’s about time I did an update on her life at home with us ~ 😊

Well, thank God! leaving the Covid, it hit us very hard, but it is getting better.

Yes of course, I hope to update you soon on Hive, I missed you a lot too. I'm glad to see MiniCroshelly in your profile😍.

Greetings and a hug to your family. 😘

I'm glad you all are doing better. It hit my family too and we're all just getting over it.

Oh yes, I enjoy having her as my profile pic!! 😃😍


Thanks for sharing you just made my day by giving me all the tools I have been looking for on boarding more people too hive, and also I just realized why am I haven't been doing well on hive ever since I joined the hive Blockchain, will improve on my activities here and roll out the best i have too offer. Will reblog this post for more visibility too my followers and to also serve as an achieve when I need to tutor those am on boarding too hive.

Of course, it's my pleasure to help. ☺️

It’s good to know this will be a source for you to use as you guide people through Hive.

Thanks for the comment and reblog!

It is such a wonderful and comprehensive post guiding towards a smoother journey on Hive.

Where all the other points stand firm and true, I would stress on finding and working on your niche. Stressing yourself to write something that you are not comfortable with only exhausts us. I can attest to this fact. I tried writing fiction on regular basis as I saw the communities were give good rewards, but soon I realized that the amount of time I was spending in creating one fiction writing, I could write three non fiction. Besides, it was causing me restlessness. Wroting on the topics that you are not expert at causes frustration. Continuous stressing on doing anything like this would destroy your blogging experience even when you are following all the other tips

Commenting is more important than posting especially when you are new. It makes us visible on the platform and build the connection.

Thanks for the guiding tips. Going to reblog it

Have a nice day

Thank you @amberkashif! It makes me happy you felt it was comprehensive because that’s what I always shoot for. 😊

I’m glad you talked about your experience and how it made you restless, exhausted and frustrated. I’m glad you realized this and decided to change what you were doing.

I did the exact same thing. I tried to write crypto/financial posts because I wanted to get more involved with the Leo group after seeing how supportive they were. Guess what? I totally sucked at it 🤣. I’m serious, writing crypto topics and/or financial ideas is not my niche…I quickly got away from trying that lol. It’s best to stick with what you know and what you’re good at.

Thanks so much for the comment and reblog ~ 💗

I do write fiction easily when I have some inspiration, otherwise writing fiction drains me when forced. I am happy that I understood the fact and stopped forcing me.

Oh the leo group. I thought of trying it. Guess what! Reading the crypto posts drained me let alone writing. Hehe. I realised the importance of be staying in your niche.

The simple formula is to BE YOU in everything you do. Imposing things forcefully is disastrous

Haha I know what you mean about that draining. That’s how I felt writing them, it wasn’t natural for me to do so and the flow was so off lol.

Yes!! Being you in all you do is definitely the way to go!!

And it is!! Being you in all you do is definitely the way to go!!

That's the secret of success ♥️♥️

Hi Crosheille, these are some great tips for newbies. I wish I had read something like this when I just started: in my second publication I already received negative votes for writing the same post twice, one in English and one in Spanish 😅 (I didn't know that I couldn't duplicate posts and someone kindly suggested that I write both texts in one single place). It really is all very confusing at first and having this information is very valuable for those who want to build a good path here.

This is a great initiative and I hope it will be useful for everyone ❣️.

Thanks Laura!

I’m glad they kindly suggested it to you 😄.

I agree it can be very confusing as well as overwhelming. That’s why initiatives like these are really great to have spreading around for more awareness and guidance. 😘

I did some of what's listed here and that really helps me build my own name here. I made sure that I let a few people known my existence before I really started. I read articles and also comment and because of that I gain a fee friends too. I am still a newbie and still exploring Hive but so far I already learned a lot. Thanks to you and to others who's continuously giving us a tips and guidance. And I will make sure that this knowledge will be pass on to my other friends and other people. ☺️😽🥰. I know am already in an awesome community 🤩💪

Sweeeet! I'm sure it was nice for you having made a few friends at the beginning.

Thanks for reading and sharing what's worked for you so far. I hope you continue to enjoy it here. I appreciate you passing on the info ~ 😉

Yep, yep it's really nice and awesome. Talking, making a joke ang sharing a lot of stuffs and information with them ☺️. I'm actually looking forward to have a chat with them everyday hihi ☺️☺️

Yayyy, thanks again 💓

Very informative post.. As a newbie,my greatest challenge was knowing the exact community to settle in. I took some time off from writing to actually study different communities and I am glad that helped me.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge

Thank you Joy!

That was a good idea to take some time to study the different communities. I’m glad it was helpful to you.

Always a pleasure ~ 😊

Congratulations @crosheille! You received a personal badge!

Happy Hive Birthday! You are on the Hive blockchain for 6 years!

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Whoo Hoo! Thank you!! 🥳🎉😎

Yeah! You're welcome @crosheille, that's a real pleasure to have you with us 😊👍 Thanks for being here, we hope to see you many more years!

Hearing about Hive for the first time and landing on Hive blockchain feels like an ocean at the beginning. It takes time to understand how it works, what to do, and what not to do. When new people get valuable tips like this, it will make a difference in their Hive journey.

People get confused about what to talk about and how they can make content. Starting with something that you know and love is the easiest way to go. You explained it very well in this post. Thank you @crosheille for sharing this!

You're right. It is like swimming in the ocean not really knowing which direction to go first. It can be pretty daunting especially without any guidance.

Yes, it’s not worth the stress trying to talk about things we’re not even interested in. When you’re passionate about a topic people can feel that through your writing and that’s what we should shoot for.

Thanks so much for the visit and feedback and confirmation that things were explained well :)

This helps a lot for a newbie like me. I can agree with all of that. Engagement is really necessary if you want your post to get noticed. Also, making your post engaging is the challenging part. I was having trouble on text formatting and markdown at first, but when I grasp the gist, it's a little easier now.

Yay! Awesome to know this helps you. 😃

In my opinion Hive without engagement is boring. It makes it so much more fun and pleasing here when we are able to gather together and chat about things. It's one of my favorite things about this platform.

I'm glad you got the hang of it now. At first it was challenging for me to get a flow going. Once I got comfortable here I was able to get a feel for the type of style I wanted my post to be…it kind of just happened as I went. Using images to help bring your post to life really makes a difference. My posts started flowing better when I loosened up and allowed my personality to be seen in my writing (my goofy side as well as my sensitive side). Pretty much just bringing who you are to your publications and not being afraid to be creative is the way to go.

Thanks for your visit ~

I learned a lot from this post, interactions are the key to being noticed by other hives. My only mistake is not knowing the formats but I knew the basics, hive ecosystem is also quite confusing but I read a lot of articles and discussions about it. This is an informative post, thanks for sharing this with us.

Yes, interacting and engaging with others is key.

It is confusing at first and people quickly realize there is a big learning curve. It’s good you read articles and discussions to help you get a better understanding.

Thanks for reading and providing your feedback. I’m delighted to know you learned a lot from reading ~ 😊

Muchas gracias por todas las recomendaciones dadas en su blog, siento que servirán de mucha ayuda en mi recorrido por esta hermosa comunidad, tengo poco tiempo aquí y la verdad he aprendido algunas cosas gracias a mí tío @lezama quien siempre me da su apoyo, nuevamente gracias por sus sugerencias las tendré en cuenta de ahora en adelante para tratar de lograr mejores resultados en mis publicaciones, muchas veces el trabajo y las labores del hogar nos alejan un poco pero siempre es bueno poder interactuar y aprender cosas nuevas de las experiencias de los demás ☺️ Gracias por compartir!

You're welcome @marianne55 ;)

It's good you've had some teaching and support from your uncle.

Thanks for reading and I'm glad you found this helpful ~

Thank you so much for the support!! 😊

I love reading your post because your write up is very meaningful. You have said it all what anybody can do to make a success here on Hive. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful tips I really gain alot from it

Thanks for taking time out to read @mosesessien and leaving very nice feedback for me. It makes me feel like I've accomplished my goal knowing you gained a lot from it.

Thank you ~ ☺️

Such sound advice fir new people on the platform it would give them a good guide to starting on here

Thanks JJ! I was really aiming to hit some important points that would help get them off to a good start ~

And you nailed it
I wish I had seen something like this when I started out

Yay! That's good to know!! ☺️


I think in the guide for communities explained to newbies, a few things should be made clear. I’ll explain what I mean.

Some general purpose communities are not actually general purpose relationships. And I’m not saying that those communities claim to be general their about. But some of the communities are about topics that ideally can be a general topic. Like. Blogging for instance.

As a newbie, I’ve had some encounters where I post into what seems like a general purpose community, but it turns out not. Even though the community was centered around a particular topic, the community seems to be dominated and acted like a monolingual community that interacted in a bit of a discriminating way.

I’ll give an example because this might not understandable with the things I’ve said. I’m being vague, I know but you can understand why. Let’s say I wanted to post In an art community, and the art community was created and is dominated by Ghanaians, the community could turn out to be a Ghanaian community where they only or mostly only support Ghanaians posting about art. This is not the case, I’m just setting an example. I’m Ghanaian myself. So even though art is for everyone and anyone can post into the community, Ghanaians are more likely to get interactions on their posts.

Some of the communities are like this, and I think its important you tell inform newbies this in your posts, but let them (and everyone) understand that you’re not saying these communities are for A group or B group, just educating someone on how you see things(you opinion[everyone is entitled to one right?]).

I appreciate your comment and trying to explain your concern to me.

This wouldn't be something we could inform newbies on because it doesn't happen in every community. I only share from knowledge and experience and this is something that I haven't noticed or experienced.

For instance, you'll never see me posting in the ASEAN community because in the description it clearly states a place for Southeast Asian content. In the About section it lists the countries that are included. I would immediately read all of this and feel I wouldn’t fit in posting there because I’m not Asian nor from any of those listed countries.

It’s really a personal choice in which community you decide to post in. I have decided to refrain posting in a particular community for several reasons and I don’t feel bad about that choice. It’s a community that’s not for me and doesn’t fit my standards and that’s okay. Not everyone will feel comfortable with every community or agree about the way it’s governed. That’s why I love that it’s a choice where you decide to post.

I’m sorry you felt discriminated against and my advice to you would be to carefully read the description and the About sections and browse through the type of posts that are submitted there. Hopefully from doing that you can proceed with your own discretion on whether to publish a post there or not ;)

You’re right. I’ll be more careful and take more time to look into where I post. Thanks for the advice as always :)

It’s no problem at all. I’m glad you spoke out about how you felt ;)

These are absolutely amazing tips every newbie even those that have been here should learn for a better experience on the chain. @couragbox see this!

I'm happy you think so @royalpeek. Thanks for reading. 😊😉

The most important thing for beginners is to get to know different communities on the platform to gain diverse ideas and share them with members.

Yes, communities are a big part of Hive so it's good practice to get to know them :)

I believe you've said it all and it will be really helpful for those that lack some part or ideas in creating lovely and attractive contents in the blockchain. Though nobody is perfect and we learn everyday but what can keep the mission going is If we throughly work on our mistake and put in more effort, I believe such individual or person is good to go in achieving success in the platform.

Yes, all of this is a learning process. I'm still learning day by day. There is always room to fix our mistakes and correct our actions once we have been made aware of something. Putting in effort is always a good idea especially in meeting our goals.

I appreciate you always taking the time to add your input :)

It's a pleasure and thanks for sharing

I am guilty with not putting the source link on my of my article a couple of days ago. Someone noticed it and comment on my article. I am ashamed and at the same time feel down but I take it as a lesson and will not do it again. Thank you for this post. Will keep this all in mind.

Well it's a good thing you know now. There's a big difference in someone not knowing and making the mistake compared to being made aware of it and still keep doing it. You know now what you need to do ;)

I'm learning lately that some people truly don't understand that not sourcing is wrong so that's why I wanted to stress that point today.

Thanks for reading and commenting ~

Thank you so much for the wonderful tips and guidelines it's a really big help for me and I'll remember all of these for sure

It was a pleasure putting this together. Thanks for taking the time to read and I’m glad it was helpful ~ 😊

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What beginners lack is not to write directly, thinking and controlling things may forget the true meaning of what we write.


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I'm a newbie on Hive and this really helps. Being able to know what you're going into, in the first place, really is an important factor to consider. Thank you for this guide 😊 a good informative read indeed

This is really valuable! I am still lost in using the site and I am being careful that is why I don't post daily. I don't want to be a problem in the site.

I’m glad you found value in this. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek guidance on how to navigate the platform ;)

Thank you for these helpful tips. I wish I had seen this before I posted my recent post. Well, at least, I get to read this. I will definitely read your other posts. Thanks again!

You’re welcome. I’m glad you found them and that they could be helpful to you. Thanks for taking the time to read ~ 😉

You can't tell how happy I am to have come across this article 😊💃
This is so timely and it's going to be of immense help to me as I am a newbie. Thank you so much for this.