Hive: A Complete Beginner's Guide (With Fun Doodles) Pt. 2

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Part 1 of A Complete Beginner's Guide To Hive had Harry learning how to join Hive, manage his keys, learn to post with resource credits, etc. We left off in the middle of him learning about Voting Etiquette, so that's where we'll pick up.

"Let's see how well you know the etiquette, Harry...


...What's the best way to reply, upvote, and reblog?

“OK, I think I got this.”

“Impress me.”

“I’ll read the comment. If I feel it deserves a reply, I’ll reply. I’ll upvote it too, but only with 10%, because I’m new and I don’t have much Resource Credits / Hive Power, and I don’t want to burn all my Voting Mana. Smart right?”

“Very. You’re almost right.”

“What do you mean ‘almost right?'”

“Well, since you’re new your votes aren’t worth much. And since your votes aren’t worth much, when you vote, you’re only earning a tiny percentage of a Hive token. Like $0.0001 of a cent. And if you remember, there is a ‘dust threshold’, where no one will earn anything unless a piece of content crosses the two-cent mark.”

“Aaaaahhh, I forgot about that. So even my 100% vote won’t push another’s comment past the dust threshold. So I’d burn my entire vote, lose vote mana, and earn myself and the commenter I’m replying to… nothing?”

"'Burning' votes is one of the most wasteful things on Hive."

“Now I get why people might be a bit touchy about it. It’s kind of like watching someone throw away a Michelin-star meal. It’s their choice, but dang, it hurts to watch.”

“That’s as good a comparison as any.”


“OK, so I’ll do what I said earlier, but since I’m new, I will not upvote my commenters.”

EDIT: Following paragraph corrected due to insight from @meesterboom :)

“Actually, the best advice I've seen for a newbie is to 'vote freely.' Yes they may not cross the dust threshold, but it's good karma. It's good will, and your votes recharge anyway. So just show love to people, vote up any comment you like, the thought counts. Just know that upvoting other people’s original content is technically a bit more impactful. Can you tell me why?”

I could see the gears turning Harry’s brain. “Hmmm. Well, because since it’s only me voting on my thread’s comments, my votes remain ‘dust votes’ there. But if I vote on original content, it’s likely many others will click upvote when they see the content too, so it’s very likely the dust threshold will be met, and my ‘dust votes’ will actually become worth something and begin paying out, just like everybody else who voted on the original content. Did I get it right?”

I clapped! “You totally did!

And one more thing about voting etiquette is...

You can upvote yourself. Which is basically like 'paying' yourself, and it's mostly frowned upon. I know what you're thinking, 'should I upvote my own stuff?' And the answer is, try to avoid it. You have a limited number of votes and resource credits, and it's usually seen better by others if you use your resources to engage and show love to others, not 'self-promote.' Instead, try trusting that other people will upvote your content if they like it. That said, occasionally, if you think something really needs to 'float to the top' or be recognized, that might be a time to self-upvote.”

“Got it, thanks chief! I just realized though, I have no clue about re-blogging.”

"Reblogging is easy."

“Thank god.”

“It’s the same as on other platforms. Similar to retweeting on Twitter or sharing on Facebook. Once you re-blog a post it shows in your (and your followers’) feeds as if you had posted it yourself. Also PeakD allows you to remove reblogs that you've chosen at a later date if you'd like. That’s it.”

“Makes sense. But since everything ‘earns’ HIVE tokens, which can be converted into real money… do I get paid for re-blogging?”

“I don’t believe so. It’s just a fun, kind thing to do. Reblogging costs Resource Credits and returns nothing, at least not directly.”


“Payouts on Hive do happen though.”



"In HIVE Tokens, Hive Power, & Hive-Backed Dollars (The 3 Currencies)"

“This drove me nuts when I first joined. I thought…

Why the f--k would you name 3 currencies all nearly identically?”

“I know, right?”

“Imagine if I made three U.S. Currencies: ‘US Tokens,’ ‘US Power,’ and ‘US-Backed Dollars’… you think any United States citizen would have any clue what was going on with their money? They’d store some in one currency, some in another. Some could be used to spend, others would be locked up. And they all have nearly the same name. It’s pure chaos.”

“Yeah, this doesn’t seem ideal.”

“It’s not. But Hive still rocks. And their 3 currencies are still easy to understand. If you want to earn on Hive, you’ll have to figure it out.”

“You’re gonna help me, right?”

“Well, no one held my hand through all this. Maybe I’m done teaching for now…”

“Bro! No way, we’re at the money part. C’mon ese!”

“Hehe, I gotchu, was just playin’.


First I’ll explain the 3 currencies on

HIVE Tokens (HIVE) is the primary currency on the Hive blockchain. It’s basically the same as bitcoin. (It’s the main token on the blockchain.) You can spend, receive, transfer, and trade them. (Also sometimes called ‘Hive Tokens,’ or ‘Hive Coins.’)”

Hive Power (HP, or VESTS) is HIVE tokens that you’ve ‘locked up’ for use on’s social platform. This is also called ‘staking’ your HIVE tokens.) Hive Power can also be earned by performing social actions on, thus gaining rewards.”

“And I do those social actions through a dApp like Hive.Blog or PeakD, right?”

“Exactly. The thing is, Hive Power isn’t a ‘real’ cryptocurrency.”

“It’s not?”

“Well, it’s not a ‘liquid’ currency.”

“What’s ‘liquid’ mean?”

“Liquid currency means easily tradeable for other stuff. Picture how easily water flows in your mind. A currency that flows like that is ‘liquid.’ Money on your debit card is very liquid, just swipe and spend, basically anywhere! Money invested in stocks though, is much more solid, less flowing, less liquid. Same goes for HIVE tokens (liquid) & Hive Power (not liquid).

  • U.S. Dollars are very liquid currency.
  • Bitcoin is less liquid, but still liquid.
  • Mutual funds are practically solid.”

“Ah, and because Hive Power is like influence points that only work on the Hive Platform, they’re valuable but not very liquid.”

“Perfectly said. You don’t ‘spend’ Hive Power like currency. Instead you ‘use’ them like points. You’ll likely want to convert between Hive Tokens (liquid) & Hive Power (non-liquid) at times. More Hive Power means more invested in Hive, which means more influence, which means more rewards & earning potential.”

Hive-Backed Dollars (HBD) are ‘bundles’ of HIVE tokens that are equal to 1 US Dollar.

This currency was made because crypto can have many decimal places, even portions of a cent, which is kind of awkward to deal with. So Hive created Hive-Backed Dollars to make things simpler. It’s still basically just HIVE tokens, just in an easier to measure and understand form. You can spend, receive, transfer, and trade them. (Often shortened to ‘Hive Dollars’, or abbreviated to HBD, or HD)”

“Hmm, so what you’re saying is, if I don’t care about nice little 1-dollar increments, I can just swap back and forth between HIVE Tokens and Hive Power as necessary? And that’s all done through my Hive Wallet?”

“Yeah, that’s about right.”

“So should I ever use Hive-Backed Dollars?”

“For beginners, I mostly recommended ignoring HBD. Imagine it like this.”

You earned 1000 pesos on a social platform. But you can’t do much with pesos, so you want to convert it to US Dollars. Most people would be fine converting their 1000 pesos into like $49 USD, right?”


“But Hive decided this simple conversion was too confusing, so they created a ‘middle-man’ currency: Hive-Backed Dollars.”


“So they could display how many ‘dollars’ your post is earning. They wanted people to understand they’re earning actual money. So instead of “your post earned 10,512,319 Hive Tokens”, instead it says, “your post earned $457 Hive-Backed Dollars, which is roughly $457 USD.”

“I woulda went with 2 currencies and just did the ‘peso-to-USD’ conversion like normal people.”

“Same bro, but they went a different direction. Point is HBD are just ‘bundles’ of Hive Tokens, and each ‘bundle’ is worth about $1 USD. And each bundle counts as $1 HBD.”

“I’m mostly going to focus on Hive Tokens & Hive Power, I think.”

“Alright, well whatever currency you focus on, just be aware you kind of have to 'foreign exchange' between them. Similar to a bank exchanging Euros for Dollars. Like if you get HBD you’ll probably be 'foreign-exchanging' it into Hive’s primary cryptocurrency, HIVE Tokens.”

“Or it can become ‘influence points,’ right?”

“Yes. You can exchange HBD into Hive tokens, and then exchange those tokens to Hive Power by ‘powering up.'”

“That’s a lot of exchanging, but it's basically conversion, right?”

“Yep, but on Hive this exchanging tokens for Hive Power is called powering-up & powering-down, so I might as well explain that a bit more.”

"'Power-Up' & 'Power-Down?' What's that?"

“Good question. They’re just fancy words for exchanging specific currencies.”

( Note: This section received minor corrections by @antisocialist )

“Why couldn’t they call it ‘converting?'”

“Yes, but 'conversion' is a word that means something special on the blockchain, so I avoid using it. Plus, you know how new cultures are, they always gotta have their own lingo.”

“Chevefe, parce.”

“Haha. Let’s say you go to your Hive wallet. You see you have 10 Hive tokens in it. You wish you had a bit more Hive Power to play with, you’re sitting at zero. You can click Power Up, enter an amount, say 1 Hive Tokens, and it will be converted into 1 Hive Power instead, leaving you with 9 HIVE tokens and 1 Hive Power.”

“Ah, so by converting HIVE tokens, my ‘real’ cryptocurrency, into Hive Power, I’m basically buying influence points that let’s me do stuff & earn more on the Hive.Blog social platform?”


“What about powering-down?

“That’s just the reverse. Hive Power into HIVE tokens. Only thing is, it takes 13 weeks.”


“Yeah. Hive transfers one-thirteenth of your Hive Power into HIVE (tokens). It does this once a week for about 3 months. But be aware, although you’ll get a more ‘liquid’ currency in the form of HIVE tokens, powering-down does lower your influence (and earning power) on Hive.”


“Well, imagine you’re a rich man at a bank. Do you have more influence on the bank and the bankers when your account is full and overflowing? Or do you have more influence when you pull all your money out and your account is empty?”

“When I’ve deposited millions, obviously.”

“Right, same goes for Hive. You’re storing your crypto ‘in their bank.’ As long as it’s in tied-up in Hive Power, you’re much more influential on the platform…

If you suddenly withdrew all HP, you’d be just a ‘commoner’ with minimal influence on Hive.”

“But it’s still in my account, right? I didn’t withdraw it, I just converted it from Hive Power into HIVE Tokens.”

“OK fine, but it’s still like moving money from your high-interest investment portfolio, into your low-interest checking account. It’s not a great sign, and it looks like you’re about to pull all your funds out of the bank.”

“Alright, so keep a good chunk of my funds in Hive Power if I want influence & earning power on the platform, got it.

“Fair enough. And what does this ‘influence’ (in the form of Hive Power) do exactly?”

"It affects delegation, RC, witnesses, proposals, rewards, & inflation."

“Oh, great, so Hive Power lets me do many more fancy new things I don’t understand.” “Hey, you know what RC is at least.” Harry’s shoulders dropped, but I barreled on.”


…is investing Hive Power in others.”

“Why would I do that?”

“To earn for yourself & believe in people. Two ways of earning HIVE Tokens is by posting, and by upvoting, like I explained earlier, right?:


“But there’s a third way, delegation. You don’t have to post, you don’t have to upvote. Instead, you loan Hive Power to people you feel are active Hivers. That way you get a share of whatever they’re doing/earning on the platform.”


“Wow, so on most socials I don’t earn for upvoting or commenting. Those platforms don’t even pay me for posting. But on Hive, I can earn doing all those things? And even better, I can do none of that, and simply earn by delegating my Hive Power to other users?”

“You nailed it. That’s the beauty of Hive. Hive lets you earn as a creator who creates, a consumer who consumes, or even as an passive investor who ‘delegates.’ As added safety, you can un-delegate at any time too.”

"I love it. But what about proposals?"

“So Hive is by the people, for the people. This means that when you join Hive, you become a partial owner of Hive. You’re a share-holder. As Hive continues to grow, it’s users (shareholders like you) get to vote on where to invest Hive’s time, money, and resources. Do we want to control spam this month? Or do we want to focus on marketing Hive to the world? Should upvotes cost more? Or less? You’ve the option to vote on all this kind of stuff (if you want.) But some people have more influence than others.”


“Ah, and our Hive Power is our influence, which decides what Hive decisions get made.”

“Spot on. And these decisions are called ‘proposals’ or ‘work proposals.’ They can be anything that adds value to the Hive ecosystem (Development, Marketing, Operations, etc.) Newbies don’t usually vote on them, but you totally can, and it’s recommended. As is voting for witnesses.”


“Yeah, they’re like ‘custodians’ of the blockchain. takes a lot of power, bandwidth, and resources to maintain. So it needed a group of people to run the servers and take care of all the tech details. They also act kind of like senators who ‘govern’ Hive. They’re ‘voted into power’ by the users of Hive. Witnesses run the Hive Blockchain on powerful computers which make ‘blocks’ every time anyone does anything on Hive.”


“So I could say they ‘witness’ all that takes place on Hive. Anything else?”

I rolled my eyes at Harry's pun. “Yeah, witnesses earn a lot on Hive. They receive Hive Power as rewards for producing blocks on the blockchain. Their powerful computers basically process every transaction on the blockchain, and so, they’re rewarded for that.”

“Which means they have a lot of influence too?”


"Can I become a witness?"

Yeah, but it’s kind of like becoming the CEO of a company, it’ll take some doing. I believe @thecryptofiend made a wannabe-Witness Questionnaire 5 years ago that may still be useful for this:

"Who chooses Hive's witnesses?"

“You do.”


“Well, Hivians do. Any user of Hive can (and probably should) vote on witnesses. You get 30 ‘witness-votes.’ You can vote here:

“Maybe I’ll check it later, I wanna get back to earning on Hive.”

“Oh yeah, that reminds me, witnesses also publish HIVE prices, which helps figure out post payouts, rewards, etc.”

"Speaking of rewards...

…I’ve been pretty patient, mang. I’ve posted. I’ve upvoted. I’ve commented. I even clicked that re-blog button to help some peeps out. I don’t wanna be greedy but, can you please teach me how to get cash?”

"You get your cash from the Hive Rewards Pool."

“Say what?”

“It’s where all the cryptocurrency comes from.

Think about it. People are using Hive… so where does the money come from? Thin air? No, it comes from the Hive Rewards Pool. It’s a bunch of HIVE tokens that grows daily, adjusted for inflation. It stops growing by the year 2040. Which means Hive has a real cryptocurrency, traded on the market, that can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, or even withdrawn into U.S. Dollars, etc.”

“Wow. How much money is in the pool?”

“Well it changes as the Hive currency’s value changes. Last I checked, it was about half a million bucks, but who knows by now.”


“Sort of. Keep in mind that the amount shown next to your post is a ‘Potential Payout.’ It’s how much money your post will make.”

“What increases it?”

“Upvotes, re-blogs, etc. Great content usually gets great upvotes. Great content gets shared.”

“Shared by who?

“Curators, mostly. But anyone, technically.”

"So 'curators' can spike the 'author' rewards?"

“Yes. And a ‘curator’ is just a fancy word for a ‘voter’, a ‘hive user’, or ‘a person doing the upvoting.’

Anyway, let’s say your post gets discovered by a curator named @johnsmithhivelover . He spends some of his resource credits to upvote your post. The more voting power he has, the more his upvote will spike your rewards. Also, your post will display a higher ‘payout amount’ in the bottom corner, and more people will recognize it as valuable. Let’s say John also re-blogs your post to his audience. Reblogging doesn’t earn directly, but now even more people will see it and likely upvote it. A lot can be earned if a few big curators (or ‘whales’) upvote and share your posts. Then you get your ‘cut’ from the Hive Rewards Pool.”

“Cool, but the people doing the upvoting get paid too, right? It’s not all for me?”

“Correct. Hive gives a percentage of the payout to the author, and a percentage of the payout to all the curators. Currently it’s 50/50 split. So when a post pays out… half of the ‘reward’ goes to the author, while the curators share the other half (based on their Hive Power / reputation score.) This is why even though there’s only one Rewards Pool in Hive, we often say there is an ‘Author Rewards Pool’ and a ‘Curator Rewards Pool’. It’s a way of looking at the giant Hive Rewards Pool as a separate content-creator (author) pool and a separate consumer (curator) pool.”

“I’m getting all of this. Thank you. But you didn’t cover inflation.”

“I’d skip it.”

“What? Why?”

"Because inflation isn't too important for beginners."

“Yeah, but now I’m getting into all this. I wanna know.”

“Ok, I honestly say beginners should skip this, but if you really want to know, check out this clip I’ve tweaked from @geekgirl:

‘Consider there’s a group of 10 people who own a company called Snoogle. Snoogle gives 100 shares to all ten of it’s owners (shareholders.) Then Snoogle decides to bring in an 11th member named Jane. Snoogle gives Jane 100 more shares for free. Seems like a bad idea, because it decreases everyone’s share of the company from 10% of Snoogle, to about 9%. of Snoogle But if Jane increases the value of the company, it’s actually a brilliant decision by the initial 10 members. Even with less shares in the company, their net worth would be much higher.’

You get what she’s saying here?”

“I think so. She’s saying that:

Hive keeps ‘inflating’ itself by bringing on new users, who are shareholders.

But they believe that each new user adds value to Hive, so it ends up being worth it. So they have to keep manufacturing new Hive tokens to give to new users, which is basically inflation. But it’s ok, because users are valuable, so Hive will keep increasing in value, which means it will continue being able to make payouts, even as it grows?”

“Yeah, that’s a decent grasp of it.

And everyone who earns anything on Hive is automatically a shareholder in Hive.

(Or an investor, or a stakeholder, or a part-owner, etc.) To be honest, I’m not even sure I get it fully. It’d probably take a course in economics to get it all. All that really matters is that you can earn rewards as HIVE tokens. You can then convert your HIVE into bitcoin or something, which you can then convert to ‘real money’ like US Dollars.”

“OK, well it sounds like every new user has, and matters a lot. Even me.”

“Yes, that’s why Hive Power is so key. Because when you ‘stake’ your HIVE tokens into Hive Power, you’re basically investing it in Hive. It’s like you’re saying Hive is more valuable to you than withdrawing the money for yourself. Each Hive-User (Hiver? Hivian) affects the monetary value of Hive coins with their actions. Plus, the inflation of the Hive Rewards Pool is based on each user’s holdings. The higher the price of Hive on the market, the higher rewards for authors & curators. Hive’s value, like all currency, is decided based on supply and demand. Since newly printed HIVE tokens relies on current supply, every single Hive-holder makes growing rewards possible.”

“So this growing ‘inflation’ is where the rewards come from?”

“Yes, and Hive’s operating margins. At time of writing it’s:

  • 65% of inflation rewards to authors/curators.
  • 15% of inflation rewards to stakeholders.
  • 10% of inflation rewards to block producers.
  • 10% of inflation rewards to the Hive Fund.”

“Hah, now I get why you said to skip it.

It doesn’t really impact me getting my rewards now, here, today, does it?”

“Not really, no. But what does matter, is the 7-day maturation period.”

Harry cocked his fingers and thumb into the shape of a gun and pointed it at his temple. His mimed suicide was reasonable, considering I was throwing yet another complication into my original promise of “earn by consuming.” But teaching beats apology, so I pressed forward.


"Payouts only click in after a 7-Day Maturation Period."

“So I joined today, and I get paid in 7 days?”

“Actually, every piece of content a Hivian posts goes through this waiting-period. The post or comment is allowed to earn for 7 days, and when that’s up, the rewards are added to your wallet.”

“So my posts don’t earn forever?”

“Mostly, yeah. They stop earning after one week.”

“Why ‘mostly’?”

“Well, voting is closed after 7 days, but PeakD has a ‘tip’ button that works forever, so a post can technically earn that way indefinitely. Regardless, if we look at your posts upcoming rewards, it should give a due date for payout, as well as what amount the post will be paying out.”

“OK, how can I see that?”

"Just look at the 'Payout Amount' in the bottom corner of your post."

Harry clicked around the screen a bit, and eventually found his post.

“What does it say?” I asked.

“It says: Payout will occur in 7 days. 1.056 Hive Rewards (50%/50%). What does all that mean?”

“You tell me?”

“Well, the 7 days thing is pretty clear. I assume that counts down, and it will be 6 days tomorrow,” I nodded at Harry’s guess, “And I’m earning a little over one… HIVE token? HP? HBD? Something, I don’t know. WTF are ‘Hive Rewards’?”

“Since Hive has 3 currencies, you can adjust what you receive, so they just write ‘Hive Rewards’ because each users ‘reward structure’ may vary.”

“So my reward structure is 50% earned as HBD, and 50% earned as Hive Power?”


“Why? Why is my ‘Hive Rewards’ structure paying me half in HBD and half in HP, that seems kind of random?”

"You chose a 50/50 split Reward Structure."

“Uh, pretty sure I did NOT choose that. I don’t even know how rewards work, why would I choose that?”

“OK, it’s more that you chose it by default.

Because when you posted, you left it on the default rewards structure.

The default is 50% Hive-Backed Dollars & 50% Hive Power (at time of writing.) There was an option there somewhere to adjust it. You can choose instead to get your payout totally in Hive Power (100%), or to decline payout altogether.”

“I see. So I’m getting like $0.5 HBD, and 0.5 HP from my post.”

“Yes, but not until 7 days pass. It may still earn more, or get downvoted into earning less by then.”

“Hey! Who would downvote me?”

“Well, no one I can think of, but maybe your post sucks, or someone thinks it’s spam. Anything could happen, I don’t control the thousands of people on Hive.”


“Plus it can also change from inflation, the price of Hive in the ‘real-world’ market, etc.”

“Fine, but as it stands, my first post is earning a little over a buck, split between HBD & HP, yes?”

“Kind of. Some of it actually goes to the curators who upvoted your post. They contributed their reading attention, their voting attention, and you contributed to attention to create the content. So the rewards are split. This is called the Reward Distribution and it makes sure rewards are distributed to everyone involved.”

“So I’m getting less than a buck? “

“Yeah, but chill. Give it time. Like any platform, you get your foot in the door, keep putting out content, and grow your earnings patiently. Don’t be money-hungry man.”

“Alright, I’m just excited. I’ve never earned anything for posting & consuming content before, and it kind of feels like I still haven’t.”

“Don’t worry, you will. Things change as you grow on Hive.”

"K, when 7 days pass, can I withdraw my money?"

“Yes, you can withdraw it. Here’s how:

First, remember that PeakD & Hive.Blog are just ‘front-ends’, like browsers. Your actual Hive funds are stored in your Hive wallet. Which means there’s many ways to access it.

The easiest way is to click ‘wallet’ from PeakD’s dropdown menu in the top-right corner.

(Or replace PeakD with whatever dApp you use to browse Hive) You can also select the ‘wallet’ option from your ‘Account Actions’ menu on your profile page.

Anyway, once your wallet opens up, you’ll see 5 balances: HIVE (Tokens), Hive Power, Hive-Backed Dollars (HBD), Savings, and Estimated Account Value. With me so far?”

“Yes, I’m there and I see it all. I assume I hit the ‘CLAIM REWARDS’ button first, and you already explained the first 3 to me, so I’m pretty clear on those.”

“Right, and ‘savings‘ is similar to a savings account at a bank. It’s just a place to store Hive currencies, but unlike storing it as Hive Power, it’s more liquid.”

“Cool, so it doesn’t take 13 weeks or whatever to transfer it from savings?”

“Correct. It only takes 3 days.”

“Estimated Account Value (EAV) just shows the value of your entire Hive account (at the moment) in US Dollars. It fluctuates, just like the US Dollar does.”

"What are all these options in my wallet menu here?"

“Those are the things you can do while managing your Hive Wallet. Namely:

  • Transfer
  • Power Up
  • Power Down
  • Market
  • Buy
  • Sell

Can you figure out what each one does?”

“Hmm, I’ll try. Transfer lets me move funds from one (Hive?) account to another? Just like in a bank, I think. Power-Up & Down you explained earlier, it’s just converting to & from Hive Power (which are measured in ‘vests’) Buy lets me buy Hive I assume. Sell allows me to sell my Hive?”

“Not bad! A couple small things. 1) Clicking ‘market‘ will take you to Hive’s market for quickly converting between HIVE tokens & HBD. 2) Buying & selling does what you said, but you can’t purchase (or sell) HIVE with USD, you have to use other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and so on.

Once you have your bitcoin though, whatever crypto exchange you use will likely allow you to withdraw it as US Dollars or another fiat currency.”

"What's the actual withdraw process?"


OK, to actually withdraw your HIVE tokens you’ll need a few preparations:

  • First, you’ll need your keys for this. Your Hive Master Password (Private) or your Hive Active Key (Private).
  • Second, you’ll need an account on a cryptocurrency exchange that supports Hive (e.g. Binance, Bittrex.) Your exchange should also have a way to withdraw Bitcoin or Ethereum into a fiat currency, such as US Dollars. This may require a driver’s license, passport, or other identity document. It may even require to record video. (Since we’re dealing with money, all these companies like to be very secure. Plus it’s pretty standard for any financial service to comply with local laws.) There’s many exchanges, most are free, some only work in certain countries, some won’t process Hive yet… so do your research first. Binance & Bittrex are the most popular for converting Hive at time of writing.
  • Third, you'll need a crypto wallet (separate from your Hive Wallet)

Note: I'll explain crypto-wallets because @grindle mentioned that it might be important:

Exodus is a mobile-app crypto wallet.
Green by Blockstream is a desktop-app crypto wallet.
Trezor is an offline-hardware crypto wallet.

Each of the above cryptocurrency wallets is an app that lets you send/receive crypto tokens (bitcoin, ethereum, etc). Each wallet has a public key and a private key. (Yes, even more keys.) The first two are free to get, the third one costs money because it's a very strong metal device.

You need one of these to buy/sell crypto at a crypto exchange or in the general market. You also need one to convert your HIVE into Bitcoin or something more widely accepted and 'sellable.'

  • Fourth, you’ll also need a ‘deposit address‘ in order to send your Hive to an exchange.

Assuming you have all these, here we go:

  1. Login to your crypto wallet and go to your deposit details.

  2. In another window, login to your crypto exchange.

  3. In yet another window go to Hive and access your Hive Wallet.

  4. Once there, click ‘Send,’ to bring up the transfer window, then enter the amount & deposit details, target receiver (ie: your exchange) etc.

  5. Click the ‘Send’ or ‘Confirm‘ button. This will send some Hive to your exchange (e.g. Binance.) Make sure you convert it to Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) on the way.

  6. Once your Hive has been converted to [ Bitcoin or Ethereum ] in your exchange, you should be able to withdraw (‘sell’) it to a traditional bank or buyer as a fiat currency (like US Dollars, or Euro if using a European exchange.)”


“Yep, it’s basically just convert HIVE tokens to a ‘proper’ crypto (like Bitcoin) at an exchange (like Binance), then withdraw your ‘proper’ crypto into a traditional bank as a fiat currency (like US Dollars.)”

"What is fiat? How is it different from crypto?"

“Fiat currency is what most people are used to. It’s traditional ‘paper and metal’ money. It’s ‘legal tender’ backed by a central government. It’s sometimes tracked digitally and stored in ‘bank accounts’ but it’s not a truly digital currency. It’s a fiat currency. The government controls the supply, and you can pay your taxes with it.”

“So, basically USD or Euros are fiat, monopoly money isn’t.”

“Yes. And cryptocurrency is new. It’s not ‘legal tender’ and not backed by a central government or stored in a bank. It’s stored securely on the blockchain, spread across many computers owned by members of the public. It’s a truly ‘digital’ currency, that is quickly becoming mainstream. An algorithm controls the supply and you can’t pay your taxes with it… yet.


A crypto exchange lets you buy and sell crypto, as well as convert that crypto into different fiat currencies, such as U.S. Dollars. I cover this more in my Crypto & Blockchain Guide with Doodles. Besides, you can always Google how to use crypto exchanges.”

“Got it, so Bitcoin & Ethereum, for example. Thanks for being so clear with all this stuff.”

“My pleasure. Anyway, we were talking about withdrawing, and I just wanted to point out, just like a bank, you can store your payouts in your Hive Wallet and actually use them to earn ‘passive income,’ if you’re interested.”


"Holding, stakes, vesting, and delegation...

…Remember before how I said you can power-up your HIVE tokens into Hive Power, and that gives you a lot of influence? Well, you can delegate your Hive Power to authors (content creators) and curators (consumers) who you feel are valuable. As they go about their day to day activities, earning, you get a cut of their rewards.”

Staking is basically the same as ‘powering up.’

I have no idea why they use different words for this process. ‘Staking’ means ‘to deposit funds and ‘lock’ them as collateral into the blockchain. Doing this means it’s not readily usable by you, but it is usable by the blockchain. This helps the blockchain. It’s a form of ‘investing’ in the blockchain. It’s like putting your money into a savings account in a bank. The cash isn’t readily usable by you, but the bank can do a lot with it. ‘Staking’ funds into Hive provides a service for the long-term sustainability of Hive. It lets them maintain Hive well for all users. Similar to a ‘interest’ on funds in a savings account, staked funds often ‘gain value’ for the staker as well.”

Vesting is just another word for ‘staking,’ which is another word for ‘powering up.’

Technically vests are a unit of measurement for Hive Power. So for example, when you reach 'one million vests' worth of Hive Power, you're a 'serious' member of Hive and your vote starts to carry more weight.

"Okay, so when people say 'you gotta vest more, bro,' they mean I need to 'power-up my HIVE Tokens into more Hive Power,' bro?"

"Exactly. They're encouraging you to become a committed member of the community. Still, it literally hurts part of my soul that Hive has 3 words for the exact same thing, but there you have it. If you have a lot of ‘vested’ or ‘staked’ HIVE tokens, you have a lot of influence on the platform. Can you tell me why?”

“Yes, because vested, staked, or powered-up HIVE tokens are just HIVE tokens that I’ve converted into Hive Power, and Hive Power is literally my ‘influence’ on the Hive Social Platform.”


Holding – currently unanswered.

My gut says it’s actually a 4th word for staking/vesting/powering-up. Please help.”

“Man Hive is kind of like an entire culture, or a digital country or something.”

“Yep, it’s an online community, fully digital and crypto-based, complete with an economy and governance.”

“So cool, how can I be more involved?”

"That's a deeper question than this guide can answer."

“But point me in the right direction?”

“Sure, to learn about the Hive Economy, go here:

To learn about Hive Governance, go here: .”

“Thanks, you’re a rockstar.”


"DHF stands for Decentralized Hive Fund. (Also called the 'DAO.')"

“It’s a chunk of funds that has been set aside for the growth of Hive.

It’s only tapped into when Hive users & community has majority consensus on a particular project (‘work proposal.’)

Because this fund exists, any hiver can publicly propose work they’re willing to do in exchange for pay from the Hive corporation. Once proposed, Hive users can then vote on these proposals. in order to mark them as ‘approved’ for funding or, Hive users can disapprove of the proposal by downvoting it.”

"To make earning easier, some hivers use 'Curation Trails' or 'Vote Trails.'"

“A curation trail is more like a ‘curation pyramid’ to me.

Some Hiver at the top of the pyramid is voting, ok? And a bunch of other Hivers (who want to use their voting power to increase earnings) suddenly give some of their votes to the guy at the top of the pyramid. Why? Could be any reason. They’re too lazy to vote. They trust the top guy to find better content than them. They want more efficient, ‘automated’ voting. Etc.”

“It sounds like if I’m not going to vote every day, I should at least give some of my votes to someone who is, then we all earn more together, right?”

“Yep, but it’s a fine line. What if you’re an anti-vaxxer, and you trust your vote to a pro-vaxxer? It may not be an ideal situation for you. So giving away your votes requires care. That said, I’ll link you to a tool at the end of this guide that helps you setup your own trail. Just like in real life, giving your vote away on something requires real wisdom, and isn't something to do impulsively.”

"The Story Of Hive's birth."

Simplified Version:

The Steem blockchain was launched in 2016.

They ran on Steem cryptocurrency, and the founders decided to ‘control’ 80% of all the Steem tokens.

Users of Steem were pissed, but let it be with the understanding the funds would be used to help Steem.

4 years later, the Tron Foundation acquired Steem and started mis-using the 80% reserved tokens.

Many of the witnesses and users of Steem rebelled against Tron’s takeover and misuse, so they started Hive, a truly by the people, for the people social blockchain.

More details at the link above."

"Is It Hivian or Hiver?"

“I have no idea. I’ve heard it both ways.”

Can I edit my post?

"Yes. You're able to edit your post for 7 days only. And you can't edit your first tag, ever. Also note: When you edit a post, it re-notifies everyone you tagged in it-- be careful you don't spam others with multiple edits. (We're hoping Hivemind fixes this.)"

Edit: @focus.folks has given me a great name for 'em, by way of @antisocialist -- 'Hivizen!'

"What is 3Speak?"

3Speak is a dApp that’s basically a blockchain-based version of YouTube. If you want to post videos directly on the Hive blockchain, 3Speak is the main dApp to do so.”

"What is Splinterlands?"

Splinterlands is a crypto-based digital card game. Insanely popular. It’s literally the single most active dApp on Hive.”


"I tried HiveSigner over Hive Keychain, but why does it want my active key?"

“The best explanation I could find for why it needs your Active Key is here:

but it didn’t clear things up for me.

Edit: If you give an app (like Hive Keychain) your posting key, it can sign into Hive and do the things you want the app to do. Which is great.

But if the author of Hive Keychain suddenly started to misbehave with your permissions, you'd have to literally change your super-long key to stop them.

On the other hand, if you 'grant' an app (like HiveSigner) posting *authority *(by using your active key to 'grant' permissions) it can do the things you want the app to do on Hive, and if it ever misbehaves, you don't have to change your key, you can simply 'revoke' permissions.

Overall this probably won't be a big deal for hive beginners, but there you have it.

(Basic explanation provided by @antisocialist and I rewrote it to the best of my ability.)

What are 'communities' on Hive?

“They’re basically like ‘subreddits’, if you’re familiar with reddit.

If not… they’re groups that like-minded Hivians can join. Nature-lovers can join ‘C/Natural Medicine’, porn-lovers can join ‘C/DPorn’, and game-developers can join ‘C/Game Development.’ Join them to interact with content (and people) focused on a particular topic.

One thing to know though is that unlike subreddits, communities are basically their own ‘apps.’ They can have their own cryptocurrencies, eco-system, power-structure, and more. They’re kind of like ‘mini-hives’ for like-minded folks.


I wouldn’t focus too much on it just yet.”

Can I 'cross-post' to different communities?

“Yes. While posting, just click the ‘cross post in…’ button, choose a target community, and give a brief note for context. I believe it takes resource credits, but am not sure.”

"What are beneficiaries?"

“When you write a post on the Hive blockchain, there’s ‘advanced’ options at the bottom of the post editor for ‘post payout.’ One of these is to add ‘beneficiaries.’

They are people who’ll receive a percentage of your post payout…

…depending on how much you set it as.

It’s like sharing earnings with friends or collaborators (beneficiaries.)”

"What are stablecoins?"

“There are some cryptocurrencies called ‘stablecoins.’

These are cryptocurrencies, with a stable price that closely matches the value of a major fiat currency.

For example ‘Tether’ is a cryptocurrency pegged to the US Dollar.

Another example is ‘EURS’, which is a cryptocurrency pegged to the Euro.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a volatile cryptocurrency.

It’s price fluctuates rapidly, and is not pegged to anything.

Hive has been aiming to create it’s own stablecoin, Hive-Backed Dollars (HBD), they’re making progress.

Note: Unlike some cryptocurrencies, stablecoins are mostly created by centralized organizations that ‘own’ the currency. Even DAI, a well-respected stablecoin that markets itself as ‘decentralized,’ has faced scrutiny for its centralized organization. Stablecoins must also be audited through 3rd parties, in order to make sure their fidelity to their fiat currency. Involving 3rd parties can sometimes be sketchy. Also, stablecoins don’t provide the potential for high growth, unlike unpegged ‘standard’ cryptocurrencies.”

"What does DeFi mean?"

“Decentralized Finance. A term to describe apps and projects in the ‘blockchain’ space, aimed to disrupt traditional finance. “

"Re-summarize rep, RC, vote mana, vote weight, & HP again?"

Hive Power = Influence Points.

It goes up and down mainly because of voting and how much funds you have currently invested in hive. More HP generally means more earnings.

Reputation Score = Mostly a vanity metric.

Edit: User @crosheille reminded me that it goes up and down based on votes... but ONLY from hivers with a higher rep score than you. It basically means that other high-rep people have rewarded/upvoted you (or if your score is low, they haven't.) More Rep Score doesn’t mean a lot, but sometimes vanity metrics get more clicks and lead to more earnings.

(Edit 2: I misunderstood crosheille so @antisocialist clarified even further.)

Resource Credits = Points you spend for every interaction.

These are mainly to prevent spammers from posting everywhere. They go down with every Hive interaction you do, and recharge daily. Doesn’t directly lead to earnings, but you can’t earn if you can’t post/vote/etc. so still important.

Voting Power/Mana = The amount of votes you have, & how ‘powerful’ they are.

Goes down with every vote you make. Goes up after daily recharge. There’s also a similar ‘downvote’ mana. More Voting Power (Mana) generally means more earnings.

Voting Weight = How much ‘weight’ you’re giving to a vote you make.

More weight given to a vote, means it’s worth more & earns more, but it also depletes your daily voting mana much more.”

10. TL;DR

1. Join At, Using HiveOnBoard.

2. Get The Hive Keychain (Wallet) Chrome Extension

3. Create & Backup Your Account & Keys

4. Import Provided Keys Into Keychain

5. Login To and Browse Hive!

6. Gain Resource Credits At GiftGiver.Site

7. Make First Post

8. Consume Content

9. Engage (Vote, Reply, Reblog)

10. Reap Rewards (HIVE, Hive Power, HBD)

11. Manage Funds, Get Paid

12. Create, Consume, Earn, Repeat.

In conclusion...

A quote from @nonameslefttouse sums up Hive nicely, in my opinion.

“Buy a book or magazine. That money is gone, forever. Buy a single audio track or album. That money is gone, forever. Buy a movie or subscribe to Netflix. That money is gone, forever. Consumers are ‘spending’ their attention, their time, their money on other platforms all day long. They do so without getting anything in return. It’s a total no-brainer for them to do so here on Hive, where they actually get paid for consuming.”


“What? It’s obvious! Using Hive is win-win.”

“Dude… we’ve been talking for hours.

I could’ve been a doctor or a lawyer by now…

That ain’t a no-brainer. You’re basically saying ‘Hey, I’ll pay you less than a cent to consume, but to get started, you have to explode your brain learning crypto & Hive.’

For most people that ain’t a no-brainer, it’s a no-thank-you.

“I mean, I admitted it was overcomplicated…”

“Yeah, and there are less complicated, easier ways to earn money. I’m happy consuming on the ‘gram. Sure, they don’t pay me…

…but they also don’t make me earn a f--king Instagram-Degree to join.

“Wow. I guess being on Hive makes a person sort of overlook how off-putting the platform may be for new users.”

“Yeah man. Even if you wrote our entire chat up so I could share it with others, I’m still not sure I could get my friends to join.”

“Yikes. Well, do you wanna stop talking?”

“Nah, in for a penny, in for a pound. Let’s keep going.”

“K, almost done anyway.”

“Finally.” Harry said, but his upward-smirk told me he’d been enjoying our talk all along.

“The point is, you don’t own shares in Facebook. You don’t own shares in Twitter. Social corporations have been using you as their product for a long time.

Hive turns that upside down because everyone who joins is a shareholder.

Every user’s portfolio and net worth grows along with Hive. Every social action you take contributes to the blockchain and raises the value of the Hive network. So every action you take (potentially) adds funds to your crypto-wallet. This is revolutionary and a huge blessing.

With a diverse community of stakeholders and without controlling bad actors, individuals can experience true ownership in a decentralized blockchain & cryptocurrency.

That’s from Hive’s ‘about’ page. It’s a beautiful vision they’re aiming for. But it’s still new and rough around the edges. Which means it takes a bit of learning to navigate it. But you don’t have to learn it all at once.

You can always refer back to our conversation here for anything you don’t understand.

Sound good?”

“Yes! I’m psyched! And I appreciate all the help.”

“Great, then I’ll leave you to your Hiving, because I’ve been ignoring my account while we did all this. Time to give it some TLC.”

~waves goodbye~

Bonus A: Hive Resources

This could be helpful for beginners because many of these tools make life on Hive much easier.



FRONT-ENDS (iOS & Android)



Hive Keychain (Chrome)



Bonus B: Hive Influencers

This could be helpful, so you have some role models or context when you see names mentioned.

The Top 5 Witnesses At Time Of Writing:

Other names I’ve seen around:
@aggroed (Splinterlands CEO, I believe)
@yabapmatt (Splinterlands Founder, I believe)


Big thanks to all the following people!

Guide-makers who inspired me.

@pitboy , @sidwrites , @dalz , @shortsegments , @ylich , @jbbasics , @shenanigator , @abh12345 , @hivewatchers , @filoriologo , @mami.sheh7 , @katerinaramm , @leofinance , and @thekittygirl.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone. Each of the people listed have created guides or pieces of content that answered some of my questions about Hive. I’d have had a lot of trouble making this without their already existing work.

Also, these aren’t guides, but @anaclark ‘s post about Hive Marketing led me to @lordbutterfy ‘s incredible Hive marketing project, and both sparked me toward making onboarding easier for people.

Lastly, @saintchristopher gave Cyn a personal walk-through on how to sign up, and without that I wouldn’t even be on Hive.

Hivers who answered my questions.

These are hivers who engaged with me, supported me, helped me with this guide, and answered my questions directly. Some of them delegated me Hive Power to get me started, and others have also made guides of their own, so they’ll get an ‘asterisk.’

@intothewild * , @slobberchops * , @meesterboom * , @marc5 , @edicted * , @dandays , @nonameslefttouse , @joshman , and @nevies *.

One Hiver went the extra mile to help me with this guide.

@nickyhavey gets a special mention here. Yes he was a guide-maker who inspired me. Yes he answered my questions and encouraged me. But more than that, he spent hours going over corrections, typos, misunderstandings, and more with me to make sure the guide was polished and correct. Huge thanks bro.

Hivers who encouraged me to make this.

@yogajill , @crosheille , @karinxxl , @seckorama , @vikisecrets , @grindle , @focus.folks , @tarazkp , @bil.prag , and @traciyork .

A kind word or encouraging remark on my other posts makes a world of difference, thank you all.

Stock photo sites that helped me with illustrations.

Any stock images I used are from and They’re both amazing sites and I highly recommend them.

(Note: Actually one image came from and two came from :D)

The beginners of Hive.

Especially @cynshineonline !

And all the witnesses, users, & others who make Hive possible!

I’m new to Hive so I know very few of them, but I’m truly grateful to all.

P.S. This guide makes joining Hive easier & clearer, please help it reach people.

I love to see great content be elevated. It’s sad when it gets buried in the noise of the internet. This guide could be doing so much good work, as long as it gets visibility. Visibility isn’t my passion, but if it’s yours, or if you can think of even a single person this guide might benefit, please share it so it has a chance of reaching them. I, and many others, will appreciate it.

Introduce your grandma to Hive, or a teenager, or anyone who is new to blockchain. Anyone who wants a friendly explanation of Hive will find this article useful, and I greatly appreciate you keeping it in mind.

P.P.S. I am a beginner with less than 3 weeks on Hive, so...


I know it's ambitious to try writing a guide while being such a noob, but I poured my soul into this and did my best. If there are mistakes or corrections please let me know gently and I'll do my best to fix them. If I broke some etiquette or did something I shouldn't, I honestly don't know, please just tell me and I'll make amends.

Thanks to all who read, comment, upvote, share, etc. I appreciate.


There are 2 pages

Good guide.

Although, I rather disagree with the not bothering to upvote comments because of, a) the dust threshold and b) you or they aren't earning anything from it.

That is short termism. On other platforms do you refrain from liking a comment or post because there is no monetary value from it? No. You do so to show your appreciation. I know that myself/other 'old timers' and users in general often appreciate a comment upvote regardless of value and why? Well, simple. It shows you appreciated the comment.

When you are starting out you might want to think about building rapport, connections... Being remembered.

It will be a fair while before the average newb user's vote will be worth enough to broach the dust threshold unless at 100% As a result I often encourage new users to be free with their votes. Show people you like their stuff, don't worry about Voting power and the value of this that and everything. Try to enjoy the platform not merely for what you receive when you give but just enjoy the content and the connections to be made. When the aim is to connect and have a good time the end user experience becomes so much more.

Anyway, the upcoming hardfork (change to the rules which govern the blockchain) kicks in, the curve which penalises small votes will change (for the better, as in there won't be a curve) meaning there will be more value in comment votes, even small ones. Behaviour will probably change dramatically.

Just my two cents ;0)

I edited this to say "the upcoming fork changes things"

That was me dude. He was upvoting my comments at 10% which wasn't a whole lot different than 100% at the time. I told him his engagement holds value and don't worry about upvoting our comments, use his RC to upvote original content instead until he has enough HP it doesn't get dusted.

I even said something like I speak on behalf of everyone and dammit you're busy in my balls!! <-- I shit you not, that was supposed to say busting my balls. Autocorrect's funny enough sometimes I don't change it, explain it instead.

So good of you to speak up and 'take the hit' for me here :)

And lol at that auto-correct :)

Of course. This, what we're doing, is what Decentralized s all about—group census. I say don't do it, he says do it (which he's outta his skull by the way), choice is yours TOS!

Hahah, oh man... not sure humanity was made to agree completely with one another, but I'm happy for any 'group census' on this guide.

I think for beginners just to make it slightly easier to learn, I'll tell them to treat their votes just like they would on any other social, but with the caveat that there are nuances. :)

Lol. Your busy in my balls!¡ That's going to be my new thing!!

I told him not to listen to you. I said, everyone has a voice except dandays, he's fucking nuts!!

Blockchain times :0D

Hey I resemble that remark!

LMAO LOL ROFL @meesterboom , @dandays , you two are comedy gold. 🤣

Mr Days is far funnier than I! :OD

Sigh... welp, I got it wrong, and as always, I appreciate being corrected and finding a better way. I'll edit the guide to reflect this change (after I give my eyes a break.)

For the record, I'm not a short-termism person by nature, I was simply doing my best to follow what experts had been telling me.

Thanks very much for taking the time to clarify all this @meesterboom :)

There is no wrong, as dannythedayboy stated. We all have a view, I could be in the minority in my thinking. Then again, I might not. I think the main thing especially when starting out is to not give a hoot Amit vote value until you can make a difference. Just have fun!

Well said, and I amended the guide to reflect that very concept, I definitely appreciate the clarification, and having fun has been my aim since day 1. And you've definitely helped that happen (in a number of ways.) Woooooooo, thanks again! :)

You are very welcome. Now, go get hiving! :OD

lol, I'll get to hiving for sure, but may need to hire an assistant to handle all these comment-replies :D

Don't worry, they'll dry right up on a non hive post ;0)

"I rather disagree with the not bothering to upvote comments"

That's the comment worth upvoting ;-)

I agree!

I corrected this mistake in the guide thanks to @meesterboom 's insightful perspective. Hopefully I steer future newbies in the right direction on this.

And I've seen your name around, very honored you stopped by and commented, @gtg , thank you. :)

I stopped by to monitor this healthy reward.

My position hasn't changed. I've always suggested new authors who engage with me not to upvote my comments if their vote is lost. As I said to you, 'we appreciate it and it's thoughtful' but save your RC's for original content.

Eh, really though Rap God, congratulations on the rewards here dude. 👍🏿 I wasn't even aware data would cut you off forcing it to be done in two parts. This is very extensive, very nice work. It's refreshing to see it being rewarded properly.

lol, I love it... I did my best to include both perspectives, pointing out that for beginners it may be easier and 'feel better' to vote freely, but also pointing out that it may be suboptimal and cause lost votes. Hopefully seeing these two perspectives will allow people to choose the path that suits them best.

I hugely appreciate all the rewards, engagement, positivity, and love everyone's been showing me since I arrived on this platform. I only found out about the ~64,000 character limit when it slapped me in the face upon clicking 'publish', hahaha. So much to learn. Yesterday @cynshineonline posted a photo and it said "(Image not shown due to low ratings)", I used my considerable Google-Fu to discover what this error actually means on Hive, and not a shred of info turned up.

I wanted to include it in the guide so it doesn't happen to another beginner like it did to her, but... well... this noob hasn't figured this one out, yet. :)

Anyway, truly appreciate you bro. Thank you.

(And, omg now I'm Rap God, lol.)

Images were hidden due to low ratings.

Nah you're still TOS homie. 😉

64 fucking thousand??!! Thank you for telling me that number, you've really put your work into perspective, that's amazing!

My record is 39 hundred something, 3,943 or something like that.

Rollin in my 6-4! <-- Gangsta!!

LOL. Have you ever considered a career in stand-up? :)

Yep, 64 fucking thousand (approximately, plus 'formatting' characters cut into the limit.) Hah, between parts 1 & 2, the total character count was ~92,700 (pre-edits.)

I love short-form content, well-crafted one-liner tweets, and flash-fiction... so I'm all for a 3,900 piece too. In fact, that's what I wanted this to be.

Turns out explaining Hive in 3900 wasn't really doable, at least not comprehensively, lol.

"Rollin' in my six-fo'!" 😂

Wise words from the Wizard himself!! :0D

Fantastic job, Sir! I'd say you've accurately described how the system presently functions pretty damn well. The effort seems like an act of madness to me, but I think you're probably a genius instead. Well done!

Hahaha fantastic comment, thank you! I was aiming for an accurate description of Hive's current state, so I'm glad that worked out.

And they say it's a fine line between madness and genius, but to even approach it seems laudable... so if I've managed to walk that line, I'll take it. 😅

Happy to have helped you polish this one. Top work on putting it all together. I hope Harry has got some coffee and painkillers for his knowledge hangover now 😁

Omg thank you! I got up and Jay told me how much help you gave him. I know he said thank you and is grateful but so am I. To see him so happy and to be getting some amazing feedback from you (and everyone really!) it makes me even happier. So thanks again. 🙏🏽❤️

Posted using Dapplr

Yeah, @nickyhavey 's help actually made my entire day, lol, and now a bunch of people seem to value the post and have upvoted it! I feel very blessed. :)

You deserve all the rewards you get for this mate. You put the effort in to explain it and I'm sure it will be bookmarked for many newcomers and onboarders! Bring on the Harry's and Harriet's!

Aw, thanks bro. This is the most rewarded I've been since I got here, but it's also the most value I poured into a single post, so... lol.

I hope many Harrys and Harriets (lol, nice tweak) do bookmark it!

That whole sentence made MY day. ❤️


Haha, not a problem, happy to have helped and if it helps more people in the long run then it's a good thing for the whole Hive network! 😃

Dude, thanks so much, truly. You and everyone here helped me understand Hive so much that I was even able to write this.

And Harry went to Timbuktu for vacation lol.

Lol, hopefully Harry will post about his ventures on Hive now he knows how to 😂

My gut (and this comment section) says he already is, lol.

Such a very helpful guide for noobs. Thanks for this. Reblogging and also sharing on other social media platforms.

So glad you got value from it. And you're a true superstar for sharing, I deeply appreciate anyone who signal-boosts helpful content. Thank you! 🙏

I just click on sh*t until I run out of HIVE or I am a HIVE millionaire. Your guide has bookmarked and I will share it with new users....Thank you for all the DD/Research!!!!! You are a great asset to the HIVE community and are on my follow list.

Thank you for the kind words, support, follow, and encouragement!

I just click on sh*t until I run out of HIVE or I am a HIVE millionaire.

This made me chuckle, great line, haha.

It might be the most DD/Research I've ever done in a single week, very glad it's appreciated. Wishing you a great day!


Hey @ryzeonline! Here i am back on the "begginers enciclopedia" you developed! I cannot find the answer to a doubt I have and don't know where to ask, so I do to you.

Its clear that saving HBD pays 10% interest, but saving Hives? Does it pay interest? Sorry if this I missed in your recopilation, I think you didn't touch this issue?

Congrats for your work!

Hey @palimanali , thanks for being here! Great question and one I did not address it in my guide, good catch.

From the official FAQ:

"Your savings balance is HIVE and HBD tokens that are subject to 3 day withdraw waiting period. This is an extra security measure in case your account credentials are compromised."

Just like in the quote above, I've seen no mention of anywhere interest being paid on Hive, except in regards to Hive-Backed Dollars (HBD)... so my current understanding (and conclusion) is that interest is only earned on HBD savings, but we'd probably need to consult more established Hivers than me to get a definitive answer. Possibly TheyCallMeDan, Acidyo, or even @antisocialist .

Thanks for the kind words about my work! Cheers! 🙏

Hive power has an adjustment applied to it that resembles interest, but is not.
It comes from the inflation directly.
I think it gets 15% of the inflation.
The rest goes to witnesses, the reward pool, and the dao.
This inflation is reflected in the hive per mvest ratio.

Hbd interest is in addition to the other inflation, and only paid on hbd in savings accounts.

As usual, fantastic clarity delivered by you, good sir. Thank you for helping out. I should swing by lol, trust your meme game remains on point. :) Anyway, wishing you a great day! 🙏

Information wants to be free,...

Indeed, and in this internet age, there's more free info available than ever before. #Abundance :) 🙏

Thks @antisocialist. So there is no inflation nor intetest when the liquid Hives are moved to "savings"?

It confused me because they appear in the same account, like this:


Then.. I don't see much use in having hive in saving account.

Thks again!

Afaik, there is no interest on hive in savings.
Hive is meant to be traded, or powered up.
Powered up it loses less to the inflation.
In savings it is diluted at whatever the current interest rate is, that decreases each block and is around 8.5%.
When trading, you should make enough to cover the loss to inflation.

Clear as water now!

Thks @ryzeonline, didn't know about FAQ in Ok, so it seems there is no other matter to Hive savings more than a security thing.

Cheers, read you around!

Happy to help, and antisocialist cleared things up even further. Yep, Hive Savings is mainly a security thing, HBD savings does indeed earn interest. Cheers! 🙏

Part 2 was as helpful as part 1. Maybe even more so. So thank you again for all of this.
I did find a couple of things weren't working so well for me though. The GiftGiver doesn't seem to work for me - so I've still no Hive :-/ Boo to that.
I do seem to have the hang of Hive (ish) and am using Ecency which seems pretty cool and I seem to be racking up some points which is handy. What I want to work out is how to fund my Ecency Hive wallet so I can buy DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) on Splinterlands but I still have more learning to do before I can make that happen. I'm sure i'll get there soon enough but if you wanted to dive into Splinterlands and write a guide to that, then that would be awesome. Have a great weekend 😃

P.S. Thanks so much for the Ecency points tip, just saw it! 🙏

(And I can't recall, were you the one I sent my How To Win At Splinterlands guide to?)

Very kind of you to say, thank you, and it was my pleasure.

I had trouble with GiftGiver as well, I ended up getting it to work by having another Hiver (who'd used the site before) enter my username on the GiftGiver site and do the captcha. Basically they submitted it FOR me. I've also heard using other browsers like Microsoft Edge, or Brave may work.

Ecency is great! The founder has a great reputation around here for being very quick to respond and address issues with the app. For now though I prefer PeakD's look/feel (although the founder interviewed me regarding UX/UI design upgrades recently.)

I joined Splinterlands but the opening screen felt cluttered, chaotic, and over-stimulatingly colorful for me, so I never got past that. Perhaps I'll give it a go since a number of people have mentioned it to me. Perhaps they'll improve their UI and then I'll join? lol, guess we'll see. :)

Wishing you a great weekend too! 🙏


I've just gotten started on this, so if you cover it elsewhere bear with me.

'Converting' is a blockchain feature allowing hbd's to be burned and new hive created by it.
What may be more accurate in this instance is 'trade on the internal market'.

If hbd's are converted while the open market value is in excess of 1usd, value is lost.
If on the the other hand the open market price is less than 1usd, profits can be realized by converting rather than trading on the internal market.
These gains can be most efficiently gained by 'powering up 100%' rather than taking the time to convert.

Thanks for creating this, I'll book mark it for the newbs.

Thanks so much for this, I did not cover it elsewhere, and I appreciate every correction and clarification.

I'm doing my best to keep it all simple for newcomers, but I did amend and correct the section as best I could according to the insights you offered here. I left out the 'playing the market' aspect of HBD, but I did drop the word 'conversion' and fixed the section up a bit. I hope it does the trick. I also credited you in the guide for this amendment.

My pleasure creating it, and I'm honored if you bookmark it or share it with new hivers. Thank you!

It's a team effort here, though some might dispute that.
If we all pull together we can move more than if we struggle alone.

I'm glad you are here, don't be disillusioned by your early success, this is a long game.

Yes! Much of life (or society, at least) could be seen as a team effort.

And I feel like a lot of people pulled together to help a newb like me bring this guide to life. I mean what are the odds?

Oh, I hear you, not sure if you read my introductory post, but my homeless years taught me to take very little in life for granted and to remain humble... and it's a lesson I've practiced remembering and applying extremely often.

Regardless, reminders are appreciated, I'm grateful.

Often we don't find humble until life forces us to find humble.
Fortunately, I found mine somewhere along the way.
Life without much teaches you to appreciate things/people when they do come, but only after you miss them enough to stop driving them away.

Well said, and very true. That was the effect my life without much had on me. I appreciate the food for thought. 🙏

@antisocialist You gave some amazing help here to @ryzeonline! i know he's super grateful for it and so am I!

I learned even more things from your help like... reputation score, and especially this "Another good thing to do is to encourage the newbs to power up everything until they get to 1mv, it lets 'the community' know that they are serious about being a member."

Super helpful to me.

Again, thank you for helping out! I love it! ❤️

Np, it's a team effort.
We all benefit from more knowledgeable players.



'Granting posting authority' allows the account to do the things you give it permission to do in a reversible way.
If you just gave the apps your key it would be big headache to change keys if they misbehaved with your permissions.
So this function was created to make permissions revocable while granting access to use of the key.

If you use peakd, they have an interface to grant and revoke authorities.

ohhhhhh. omg great explanation. I spent (literally) hours, googling for this answer and it turned up nowhere. I will amend the guide to reflect, thank you again sir.


Good users don't, but you already said that.

Another good thing to do is to encourage the newbs to power up everything until they get to 1mv, it lets 'the community' know that they are serious about being a member.

Both great points. I made some small edits that emphasizes your first point about good users, and others that encourages users to reach 1mv. Thanks again for the clarifications and corrections, your suggestions are helping the guide be polished and accurate for newcomers. 😀🙏

If you set the multiplier in the lightning bolt tab, you can more efficiently earn hive-engine tokens for posting on the various tribes/hashtags/communities.

Some tribes/communities charge a penalty for not using their front ends.

While newbs are really dust votes, this is still a best practice habit to be in for when the account has more influence.
If they use keychain they can rapidly set this multiplier and forget it.
I use 5 because I mostly vote a 20% vote.

I'm starting on part 1 now.

This, like all your suggestions seems pretty helpful, but I'm not sure this one is accessible enough for newbies.

For example, I clicked the link and it said "please login to view your wallet." As a newbie, I had to get a Hive Wallet, I also had to get a crypto wallet, I'm not sure nudging them towards a third (LeoDex?) wallet is ideal here?

But maybe there's something I'm misunderstanding (after all the understanding I've just received from your comments, it wouldn't surprise

Leodex is just an interface to your wallet just like peakd is an interface to the chain.

If you have keychain enabled it is just one more facet of the diamond.

I guess this is an advanced feature that can be ignored until more stake is built up, but it is a set it and forget deal best done early on, imo.

Ah, got it, it's a 'dApp' :)

Well, it's a great tip that I can apply myself, whether it's added to the guide or not, so... sweet!

Not sure if I'll set it to 5 yet though, since my votes aren't worth much, I believe, lol. Anyway, ty!

Congratulations @ryzeonline! You have completed the following achievement on the Hive blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

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Support the HiveBuzz project. Vote for our proposal!

Thank you for the clear and wonderful explanation. I'm new to Hive so it still confuses me when I see words or terms being used in Hive. But thanks to your step by step explanation. It was a great help for newbies like me to know the terms being used in Hive and also the different processes. More power to you!

My pleasure, I"m glad you found it helpful. I explain more terms in my crypto/blockchain glossary, but either way, wishing you lots of fun and success on hive and a great day! 🙏

Now that I've seen the masterpiece, I'm thankful to be part of it. Thanks!

Congratulations on both these rewards Ryzeonline. I just finished pt 1 and Ka'pow! This.

Do you moonlight as a terms of service writer?

Great attention to detail here, in three weeks you put all this together? That's grounds for immediate rookie graduation. I'm glad these articles are being rewarded properly.

Now I must ask... Dude are those your real keys on the other one? I'm sure they are not but if they are, go edit them immediately beginning with your master. Immediately, like stop reading this right now and do it.

Thanks bro! Yeah, it was one giant guide but Hive's post limit made me break it up :)

Haha...hopefully this is more digestible than most Terms Of Service, but I suppose I could career-change, lol.

Technically, I put it together in ~1 week, my first two weeks on Hive were busy with other posts like my crypto guide, rap, art, etc.

They are NOT my real keys, but I HUGELY value you looking out for me on that.

Lol, I should probably put in a disclaimer because someone else shared the same concern. :)

I am honored to have been one of the "guide makers" who inspired you, and appreciate the shout-out! As one of the founders of @theterminal, a project that has taught users lessons such as this since Dec-2018 on our Discord server, it is certainly nice to see others trying to help new arrivals, too! Bravo, and welcome to the Hive blockchain!

The honor is all mine. I googled so many questions while writing this, and your content came up more than once to help me. I love that there's a project specifically teaching lessons like this. I'm only just hearing about it and I'll definitely check it out.

I want new arrivals to have an easier time onboarding to Hive than I did, and I figured this guide might be a step towards that.

Thanks for the thoughtful comment and warm welcome!

Hi :)
I saw your first post in the morning and followed you at once .. but just saw the notification of your mention right now :)
I admire your work (followed you at once) and it reminds me of myself when I first joined (steemit) back then - more than 3 years ago.
I would create a guide out of anything, assuming that my questions would be other people's questions.
I still receive replies to some of my older guides, so I guess that it is really helpful to create such content - :)
I really loved your doodles but also the way you present the information.
I immediately thought to ask you if in the near future I could translate it (maybe in a shorter version, we'll see) in Greek .. what do you think?
Again .. Congratulations for all the effort - I wait more amazing content from you!

Hi!! :)

I love that you saw my post early, so cool. Turns out I had mentioned you anyway, lol! :)

I really appreciate your kind words (and follow), and I'm honored to remind you of you 3 years ago. Making guides is a great way to answer our own questions and share those answers with others at the same time. I can understand why people would still be getting help from things you've written in the past... Perhaps I'll be receiving replies to this once it becomes an 'older guide', who knows? :)

I'm so glad my doodles and information-presentation resonated with you.

@jackyvergara and @cynshineonline have already begun working on translating it into Spanish/Espaniol, I believe and I'd be absolutely honored if you translated it into Greek!

Yia sou! (is that right, lol?)


Thank you so much, I hope to post more content soon, but for now, if you haven't seen my crypto & blockchain guide, you may enjoy that as well:

I started already. I dm'd @jackyvergara in the convos I hope she got it?

I'm so psyched to get it translated for you @ryzeonline. Helping more people, yo! ❤️


hello again, on what platform did you write me? i have discord (jackyvergara#2722) or skype if you want (jackyvergara2407) @cynshineonline

@tuzifantasha1 check this out.

 3 years ago (edited) 

So I just finished reading both Parts and whoa, I’m even more impressed with your work now! I actually got around to reading your intro post. It’s inspiring the learning lessons you went through and the humility you possess because of it. I can definitely see why you were in those gifted classes, you are special and talented and I am so glad you found your way off the streets and your way to this platform :)

As you stated, even veterans can learn something from these guides. As a veteran I can say that I did. When joining here five years ago I had no clue what I was doing either. It was on a learn as you go or get left behind basis lol. We all had to learn from scratch, picking up things from one another as we each learned them.

I appreciate the realness you added in these. Hive has a huge learning curve, it’s possible but it takes quite a bit to get the hang of things. I believe it will get easier to surf through as more things develop and of course with people like you making massive helpful guides such as these. For me it was more of the behind the scenes why. I learned how to do things here but I never fully grasped the understanding of why I’m doing them, I just knew in order to get from A to B I had to do it. So I like that you explained a lot of the technical stuff which answers some of the whys I’ve always had.

I’m not sure if you knew but PeakD created a way we can now remove a reblog. In case you have done it accidentally or if you decide you don’t want a post on your feed any more you now have that option.

You hit this point but I wanted to say one more thing about it...when your content is voted on by those with higher influence/HP the more your reputation score is directly affected. So the higher your rep score goes.

Also are you familiar with how works? I wasn’t for sure if you knew this was another way to get liquid rewards on your post payouts while also further rewarding those who upvote your posts.

Oh and I noticed your question marks around the mystery of what to call people who Hive. It’s really just a preference. Sometimes I say Hivers and other times I say Hiveans ;)

It’s a job well done here sir. Thanks so much for the mention. I’ve enjoyed our little chats and finding out how much we have in common as far as family experiences. I’m really glad to know I was able to encourage you ~

You already know I’m gonna reblog again. I really appreciate all of your efforts you have already given here. When I first saw how many minutes both posts were I was like

this is only for the finished piece, he spent WAY more time with developing, formatting, editing, consulting, proof reading etc.

You know I love those Doodles! 😍

I can see you will have a very successful future here and I hope to see your skills and talents continue being used here. You just never know who might reach out to you for more work because you are already a wonderful asset to this platform.

Kudos to you @ryzeonline!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

@crosheille I cannot even begin to explain how much I love this comment. I've seen @ryzeonline put out massive amounts of content over the years. I have served them up to people who have had luke-warm reactions to his work and it frustrated the hell out of me.

To come here and read the comments...has me near tears. To see other people who see his genius and APPRECIATE it...I am beyond happy. You see him. You recognize what he's done and what he can do! thank You. I feel like I want to give everyone here flowers, and love, and money! lol!!! I'm so grateful.

Jay provides value wherever he goes and whatever he does. This guide is seriously the tip of the iceberg of what he can do. I am not just saying this cuz I am his partner...but it's just facts.

Thank you for such a great comment, for your help and encouragement. I'm thrilled you got value and that you expressed it here to him and for me to see too.

Soooooooo much love

Hi @cynshineonline it's really nice to meet you :)

I am all about giving credit and praise where it’s due. I could already see straight on that he was a valuable asset here. Then after learning about his past and where he had come from I was even more impressed with how he overcame that and how he was applying himself and being of help to others.

It was a pleasure to read through both guides and leave my feedback and input. When we support and encourage one another great things are bound to happen :)

I feel like I want to give everyone here flowers, and love, and money!

Hahaha this made me laugh...loved it and your excitement for all of this!

Thanks for your comment 💛 ~


OMG Holy this guide! It's amazing! You posted part one and two YAY! I'm so happy that it's done and posted. You did an amazing job and LOVE the doodles. I'm always so proud of Your work. I love it all so much and do my best to get eyeballs on everything You make. You're a true artist. I love You.

I'm interested in what others think and say. How a newbie will do when following it too.

Con mucho amor.

I did indeed, and I'm also happy that it's launched and seems to be making people happy. :)

I appreciate you help promoting and sharing my value. That's an art in itself.

Yeah, the acid-test is a newbie following it.

"All we need is love, love." - The Beatles :)

always my pleasure. it's what I live for ❤️


At first, I was under the impression, seeing the 400+ people tagged in my notifications, this was going to be some lame promo for a new dApp or something. But, after (mostly) reading what you've compiled, it is fair to say you're grasping Hive far better than most. I wouldn't mind seeing this and its part 1 on some info sites. Quite comprehensive but not too technical where the 'normie' might get lost. I am also going to put both of them in my server for noobeez. Well done.

 3 years ago (edited) 

@enginewitty ...@ryzeonline and I joined the same day. And he understand this wayyyyyyy more than I do. I had to learn by helping him edit the guide lol.

I love that you want to put it on your server for the noobs (like me lol). That's so cool of you. Thank you!!! I know that Jay appreciates it and so do I.

(I'm Cyn btw...I'm Jay's partner). ❤️

Well, totally understandable, and blowing up anyone's notifications was never my intention, lol.

I really appreciate the support and encouragement, especially from such a prominent Hiver, I'm honored! I'm not sure exactly how well I'm grasping the ins-and-outs of Hive, but I'm confident that writing this guide has made me many times more confident and knowledgeable, so I'll take it. :)

Two people volunteered to translate this guide into Spanish, another one wants to translate it into Greek. I'd be happy if the guide reached some info sites, and I imagine that may happen? Not entirely clear.

I really aimed for a balance of comprehensive and friendly, so it's great to hear that quality came through.I'm guessing by 'server' you mean a discord server? Either way, I'm thrilled if it ends up anywhere noobeez are likely to see it.

Thanks for stopping by, the thoughtful comment, the good vibes, and all you do as a Hive Witness! :)

It's so easy, after 4 years, to take for granted just how much there is to learn.
Great guide. Thanks for doing this.

Yes! I totally feel that! There's actually a line in the guide somewhere about that very thing. :)

So glad you appreciate it, and it was my pleasure! 🙏

Thank you for this. I learned some new things. I noticed I skipped the first part. So I have to do something about that, I guess.

And I have to find out what to do with the Ecency Points. Have you written about that too?

 2 years ago (edited) 

My pleasure, I'm glad you learned something from it, I hope you enjoy the first part as well.

Since Hive can be accessed through various 'front-ends' (I use PeakD, others use Hive.Blog, others still use Ecency), many front-ends offer their own 'token.' Ecency Points are one such token, awarded to users of the Ecency Front-End.

As for their uses, I'm not sure, the founder of Ecency, @good-karma likely has a post or article about it, or other fans of Ecency such as @dandays may be able to enlighten, but so far, the only thing I've done with Ecency is test it out a bit and create this Ecency Desktop Wallpaper tribute to it. Wishing you lots of fun and success here on hive! 🙏

Wassup @crkevincr.

Ecency points are earned through actions on the Ecency front end. The points can then be used to either boost or promote content and I just happened to address both earlier this week.

Let me know if you need more help. I don't know everything but I'll teach you everything I know.

Cheers ✌🏻

Thank you @ryzeonline and @dandays. I'm going to look further into it. 🔥So much to learn 😁.

Any time.

Welcome to your second week on the blockchain.

Thank you for your post. Very informative to a new beginner like me. I am looking for the meaning of staking like staking POB tokens in Hive Engine; how does it affects, I mean how does it helps .... the more I stake POB tokens, the more influence I can get on the POB community? is it like that? Thanks.

I'm glad you liked my post and found it informative. These quotes from the article explain staking reasonably, but I can try and clarify further if not.

"Because when you ‘stake’ your HIVE tokens into Hive Power, you’re basically investing it in Hive."

“Staking is basically the same as ‘powering up.’
I have no idea why they use different words for this process. ‘Staking’ means ‘to deposit funds and ‘lock’ them as collateral into the blockchain. Doing this means it’s not readily usable by you, but it is usable by the blockchain. This helps the blockchain. It’s a form of ‘investing’ in the blockchain. It’s like putting your money into a savings account in a bank. The cash isn’t readily usable by you, but the bank can do a lot with it. ‘Staking’ funds into Hive provides a service for the long-term sustainability of Hive. It lets them maintain Hive well for all users. Similar to a ‘interest’ on funds in a savings account, staked funds often ‘gain value’ for the staker as well.”

“Yes, because vested, staked, or powered-up HIVE tokens are just HIVE tokens that I’ve converted into Hive Power, and Hive Power is literally my ‘influence’ on the Hive Social Platform.”

Basically, you are correct, staking more = more influence. Wishing you a great day! 🙏

wow, quite interesting, thx for writing!😀

My pleasure, glad you found it interesting! 🙏

After reading all this I'm totally agree that hive is not newbie-friendly at all! 😂

Before reading this I was so confused and afraid of losing my HIVE by power it up but your guide has explain it clearly that I think I'm interest to be more 'influenced' person in Hive now.

Thank you again for making the trip to climb this huge barrier easier and more entertaining, I really appreciate it.

Haha, yeah I wrote the guide to make something which isn't very user friendly (Hive) into something a bit friendlier (Hive + Guide :D)

I'm glad you're clearer on Hive Power & Powering Up now, it's a great way to boost your influence and impact on Hive, but you can always Power Down over a few months and reclaim the Hive if you want.

Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad I made it easier for you, wishing you a great day! 🙏

Wow @ryzeonline! Congratulations for pulling this off, man. Incredible job. And thanks for the mentions, isn't my idea paying off?😀 But then I think you would have still used my tip even if I didn't say it, you would have come to it at last for almost sure.
Cheers, man.

@nevies I'm so grateful and glad you shared your idea with @ryzeonline. That's soooooo amazing. I love how much everyone here seems so positive and willing to help each other. This makes me so happy ❤️

Cool! @cynshineonline I love that too and it makes me feel happy a lot. I can only wish this remains forever

Thanks @nevies , it was an interesting challenge :) Your idea is definitely paying off! The main benefit is smart experts at Hive have corrected and suggested a number of helpful things, so I updated the guide and it will be more reliable, accurate, and clearer for newbies now. :)

I may have come up with the idea, but because of your valuable suggestion, I didn't have to do the 'mental work', because you came up with it before me and so kindly shared it.

Cheers to you as well! 🙏

Wow!!! Awesome your post. Thank you so much for mentioning me. How nice that I was able to contribute to your inspiration. The really nice and great thing about Hive is that as bees, we all build quality content for posterity, and that we all support each other, each other for a better hive.

Thank you very much! And yes, your "Why Use Hive Not FB or IG" post helped me understand Hive and improve my guide, I appreciate it.

And I agree, it's so awesome that all us bees can build quality content for posterity, and continue supporting Hive and each other! :)

Three weeks? You’ve been on Hive for only 3 weeks and made this fantastic series?! Call me mega-impressed. I’ve been on here for a while, ok I also took a massive break, but I am still much more of a noob than you say you are.
I am definitely re-blogging these guides to not loose sight of them and I will be checking out more of your posts.
Thank you so much for putting this together!

Aw, thanks so much @oceanbee , and yep, 3 weeks (well, 4 weeks tomorrow.)

Admittedly I kind of became obsessed about learning while writing this, and poured way more time and energy than most would into it.

I highly appreciate the reblogs, it increases the chances newcomers will see it and have a more enjoyable Hive experience.

Thank you too! 🙏

“But there’s a third way, delegation. You don’t have to post, you don’t have to upvote. Instead, you loan Hive Power to people you feel are active Hivers. That way you get a share of whatever they’re doing/earning on the platform.”

I have read that there is no financial benefit from delegating to others. I'm an old timer here but the rules have changed so often searching for information gives out-dated results. Did you read this yourself in a search as well?

 3 years ago (edited) 

Great question, @leprechaun ! I'm very new to Hive and got many things wrong in the first draft of the guide that have since been corrected. I'm open to correcting this as well.

This post from @bhattg is only 5 months old and mentions earning through delegation more than once, and none of the other people who corrected parts of my guide called out the specific line you did... so... I'm currently assuming that delegation does in fact, earn financially.

Edit forgot to link photo:


That said, I love finding out the truth and am happy to correct this. Either way, thanks for bringing the possibility to my attention and I appreciate your comment! 🙏

The subtle thing though is that on a protocol level, you might not get anything for delegating but those you delegate to may pay you in return for your delegation. It seems he means you get rewarded on the protocol level here. It looks like your article was right about that part.

Let's handle this scientifically. I should go through my curation rewards and see if there is anything I got rewarded for that I didn't actually vote for.

That is a subtle distinction, and I'm glad the article is on solid enough footing here.

I look forward to the results of your research / experiment on this. Thanks again for bringing it to my attention! :)

I opened and My delegatee voted on this:

He received 1 POB curation reward but I got nothing for this.

By comparing the curation rewards of the delegatee and the delevator you can observe whether rewards are absent in the delegator that are earned by the delegatee. In the case of Hive Engine tokens, there is no protocol level monetary reward for delegating. I know this isn't Hive but I am more interested in this topic through the lens of POB.

I leave this as a potential methodology for experimenting. We need to find someone with delegated Hive power and the corresponding delegator. Then we can look at the curator rewards. If it's like Hive Engine, there is no reward. I'm convinced that the essay is wrong until I can be pointed to a pair who have a delegation from one to another a week from the time I see them or before, I will work under this belief.

Interesting stuff, and kudos to you for digging into it. That said, experimenting with 2nd layer tokens (Hive Engine generated ones), seems way off base for me explaining the foundations of Hive to beginners. The section in the guide is specifically about 1st layer tokens and native Hive currencies.

You're more than welcome to believe whatever you wish regarding the essay.

For now I'll trust all the other experts (witnesses included) who have examined my guide and consider that section of it accurate over your single-data point experiment using POB. :)

That said, I gladly welcome more conclusive data regarding this topic, and again appreciate you bringing it to my attention. Wishing you a great day! 😀

I just hope someone comes a long and does the same experiment but it turns out I'm only really interested in Proof of Brain. I should just reserve judgement about Hive. Hive-Engine tokens and Hive are completely different. I found I could not quickly find a pair of users where one delegated to another and it seemed like that was going to be a very long exercise and thus another long fool's errand.

 3 years ago  

This is an extraordinary and very complete guide! You did it awesome!

I'm happy to be mentioned ans one of them who inspired you! Thanks for that! ;-)

Thank you so much for the kind words, I really appreciate it. And yes, there would be big holes in this guide, or even wrong instructions without people like you. :)

really, this is a amazing guide. Do you think is possible translate spanish? I can help you if you want...
I think that is very value for hispanic community! @ryzeonline

I appreciate your kind words, @jackyvergara ! It's possible to translate, but it's about 16,000 words + 30 drawings, and I don't speak Spanish.

If you , @cynshineonline , and maybe some of 'la raza' to translate it, then sure :)

ok, @cynshineonline , I am at your service, when you want to start just write me. @ryzeonline

@jackyvergara whooo! Girl I’m psyched. I’m new here so bear with me please. I will send you a msg and we can discuss it in more detail. Break up the copy and do parts separate etc. Omg I’m so excited to help @ryzeonline translate this! He’s been translated before but never with such a big project! Yay! We have a live broadcast on FB soon. I’ll write you later today for sure! Thank you for being so willing to help! ❤️🙏🏽

Posted using Dapplr

with pleasure, I am also a bit of a novice, but I think that together we can learn and help others! that's the idea! have a nice day! @cynshineonline @ryzeonline

Feelin' the love here @jackyvergara & @cynshineonline . You two are wonderful and doing a valuable service for others. Thanks for your enthusiasm! :)



LOL we here at “La Raza” are happy to translate it! 😝

Posted using Dapplr


Congrats, this has become a long and impressive guide with lots of useful tips for all Hive users :)

Thank you! I poured a lot of love & energy into it, and I imagine it will help any Hive beginner who sees it, and makes onboarding easier for others. :)

Small recommendation on the post by thecryptofiend, I'd recommend changing it to a hive based link. Since it was posted pre fork, it's on hive as well. Just changing the url to peakd shall do the trick.

Great suggestion, and correction has been made, thank you! 🙏

Excellent Guide
Quality content for those of us who are new to Hive.

Thank you so much, I'm glad you appreciate the content, I aimed for quality :)

You rock man! Awesome guide, and well rewarded 😊

The feeling's mutual sir. You helped me bring it to life :) I'm so glad people are enjoying it!

This is the best description

Thank you very much!

Very welcomed


 3 years ago (edited) 

This is so amazing that you composed all this and it's all coming from a newbie. I am amazed by the work you put into this. Thanks for the effort as this would be useful to incoming newbies. I would appreciate you joining SMILE DISCORD SERVER. It runs an initiative in supporting and guiding newbies.

Thanks so much, I'm amazed I finished it myself, lol. I believe it will help newbies.

I don't use discord much at all, but I will join!

Smile.. Oh, you are missing out some awesome features discord app offers. I think you should try it out. Thanks for you reply.

Thank you!

I'm about to do a Live Presentation for my clients, but I did open discord and join the server. Woooo! :)

“Hive for dummies’
I shall cease with the superlatives or I will be here all day. I really enjoyed this, I was soaking it up like a sponge, until I got to the bit where I have to now create a crypto wallet.
Back to square one

lol, I almost named it that, but copyright :)

And by all means, heap on the superlatives, they feel wonderful, lol.

And you make a good point, perhaps I'll clarify the crypto-wallet section...

Thanks @grindle !

I wait in anticipation my friend

I clarified it a bit and credited you in it :)

We are glad to hear that Steemclenaers inspired you, although they don't exist in the Hive ecosystem.
They were launched as Hivewatchers on Hive :-)

Ah, I didn't realize, I'll amend the thank you section.

Thanks so much, you do great work!

This drove me nuts when I first joined. I thought…

I am with you on this, Harry! 😄 The 3 currencies confused me a lot but I'm a quick study and got the hang of it in no time.

This second part of your article is impressive as well. I have bookmarked both articles so I can always return to them when I have questions or turn into some confusing corners of Hive! 😅

Excellent! Well done.

Haha! I know right!

Like you, I'm a quick study and figured it out too.

Really glad you enjoyed both parts of the guide, and I aimed for them to clear things up and answer questions... sounds like it's working!

Thanks again! 😁

I'm rebloging these, just so I know where to find them if/when the need arises.

@josie2214 that's very smart. I re-blogged for the same reason...well and to share it so others see it but my real reason isn't even that he's my partner. It was really so I could find them faster on my own profile lol!!!! #samepage

Smart idea, and something I may do in the future, thanks for this! :)


Reputation is only impacted by votes, up or down, of higher rep accounts.
Bid bots threw off the metric so higher rep only equals more rewards having been voted to the account by higher repped other accounts.

It can be a guide, but far from absolute.

Ahhhh, my bad, I misunderstood someone else's explanation earlier. Thanks for making it clear (again), corrections made and tagged you.

Wow I am so impressed with your work, so easy to understand and indeed life in Hive has just become more easier for me.

I found the first post so helpful, didn't knew I just got started. This post answered so many questions I had in mind thanks to your explanation.

Thanks for making this great effort, I really appreciate your kind heart towards newbies like me 🙂

@merit.ahama like I told someone else...@ryzeonline signed up the same day I did (well technically I was signed up in 2019 but i didn't touch it until the day Jay did) and he's like got a PH.d in Hive and I'm like in Kindergarten lol!!!

I'm so glad you found this helpful too!!! It was way easy for me to follow as well ❤️

Oh that's great, nice to meet you @cynshineonline I hope you're having a great time in this amazing platform 🙂

Thank you very much! I aimed for it to be easy to understand. :)

Haha, yes, I tried to keep it as all one post, but Hive's post-size limit prevented me. I'm glad this post answered many questions!

I appreciate your wonderful comment, and I'm happy to help newbies, especially since I am one myself! 😁

A newbie? You can't call yourself a newbie 🙄
If you are a newbie then what am I? 🧐🙃😂