Herb Drying Hack

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I wanted to share a fun little hack to do a little bit of herb drying when we are doing normal stuff in the kitchen!


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Herb Drying Hack

If you're like me, you're always on the lookout for fun and small things that you can do as a little bit of a life hack. I love finding ways to do something that I normally would be doing, and adding something else to it that doesn't do anything to increase the time, effort or cost. What am I referring to here? Drying Herbs!

The other day I wanted to hang up some of the basil that we've got growing and didn't want to keep the plant around anymore since the season is coming to a close and I haven't had the time to water them. I was also making breakfast and noticed the way I happened to put the toaster on the counter just so happened to be directly underneath the basil! I said fuck it, let's see how it goes if I keep doing that for a few days and it turns out that it really does work!


I bet that eating toast is mostly an American thing, because it's certainly not the healthiest thing to be putting into our bodies but at the same time, the stuff tastes so damn good LOL especially with some delicious butter! :D For me, toast is something that I eat multiple times per week, though not necessarily every single day. I have been trying to get back into my habit of intermittent fasting and getting into more of a healthier mindset when it comes to that stuff. I figured though, why not make the toast that I would be making anyways, and put the toaster directly underneath the basil so that it gives it a slight cook but not expose it to too much heat and ruin it?!

It turned out to actually be a pretty good idea, and one that I know for sure I will be doing every time that we have basil to dry!


One of the things that I get annoyed about with herbs and drying them is that unless you have a dehydrator or something, there's always going to be the herbs that just don't fully dry so they are crispy. They are certainly dry and wilted but they have enough moisture in them so that they don't crinkle when you go to crush them. I hate having sort-of moist basil in my salads lol those things need to be crushed up into a find particulate matter! With the basil here, it really did a good job sitting above the toaster to make those pieces of basil perfectly crunchy and did a great job of speeding up the drying process.

Often times the drying process to get the crunchy basil that I like takes about 2-3 months of hanging on the counter and it's certainly impacted by the weather outside. The dryer weather that happens in a couple months where it gets pretty cold and the moisture level is incredibly low makes the stuff dry quite a bit faster as one would expect which is good. That is still a few months away though and I don't want this basil to sit there in the kitchen for that long, so using the toaster it is! I'm also proud that I honestly didn't web search anything for this lol I know it's a little lame but sometimes I get mad that I can't think of a good thing like this without some assistance. The web searching has made our brain intellectually lazy sometimes!


This was a fun hack and one that I am absolutely going to employ when it comes to drying out the additional things that we get like sage and rosemary, those are popular herbs that we get from the farms as well so it's always nice to preserve these things and it helps us reduce the things that we would buy from the grocery stores, which is in itself a win! Local and saving money, right up my alley!

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I will remember that hack. As I am a toasty kinda guy. Little peanut butter on a lightly browned piece of bread is sooo goood.!

I'm with you on that man! As bad as peanut butter is for us, it tastes so damn good on toast lol

Peanut butter can't be all that bad. Former President Jimmy Carter turned 99 years old Sunday and he has enjoyed eating peanut butter his whole life! Think about the good unsaturated fats and low carbs in PB!🥜😋

Hahaha yeah, the issue with peanut butter is the inflammation it causes sadly. Some people it affects more than others, Carter was built differently LOL

Cool drying hack! No air fryer needed 🍃🌿🍃

Haha yeah for sure! I'm pretty happy with this little life hack!

Definitely a #homehack gem!

All the home grown, fresh herbs are fantastic on whatever we cook or bake at home. !LUV rosemary and basil on pasta, salad, flatbread, !PIZZA et cetera @cmplxty

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This is such a cool drying hack you figured out. It’s good to know in case our dehydrator goes out on us. We found ours very cheap back then and are taking good care of it because nowadays things are hard to afford.

The web searching has made our brain intellectually lazy sometimes!

Yes! This is real talk. I intentionally avoid searching things sometimes to give my brain some exercise. If we lose the net we’d be in trouble and it shouldn’t be that way. Sometimes we don’t even give ourselves the chance to think because we have the convenience of not having to.

Yeah I force myself to remember things instead of just doing web searches! It takes a little bit longer but we also are of the age where we remember what it was like back in the day to have to find a book or someone who knew the answer. Not easy! There are benefits to the easy access of information for sure but there is also laziness involved as well!

I keep debating getting a dehydrator, it really would help with a lot of the other things that I want to do.. decisions, decisions! Lol

Yes, definitely laziness involved when we opt for the easy ways.

Hahaha! Well if you can find a good deal I say go for it! 😃😄👌🏽

Thats great. You can dry this in this process.

That's smart
I love that!

Thanks! It worked out pretty well for sure!


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