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Authored by @tibfox

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🎄 Welcome to the DIY Christmas Contest! 🎁

Get ready to bring Christmas into our minds and homes! Join this contest and highlight your creativity by making your own Christmas decorations over the course of December. Everything from handmade ornaments to beautiful textile work, we want to see your unique Christmas creations.

✨ Grab your crafting tools, let your imagination flow, and make something special for your Christmas home. Share the joy and spread the holiday spirit with your DIY Christmas magic! 🌟

Review of the Previous Contest

Last month's ORIGAMI theme was again outstanding with 62 contest entries! It was an absolute delight to witness your creativity and the incredible skills you shared with our community. We sincerely appreciate your active participation and the valuable contributions you make to our community!

Here are all participants: @laranitacrochet @divergente1 @gaboamc2393 @yraimadiaz @suezoe @joss21 @leticiapereira @hindavi @nasri1 @mdakash62 @princess-dara @delvallecedeno @antoniarhuiz @aries12 @emybaby @meyateingi @kdelvaeg @mariangie @rodriguezkike232 @chacald.dcymt @lisbethseijas @aera8 @ivycrafts @flquin @marlynmont @nurul-uli @tifany @niggyayo @elbuhito @ridoykhan22 @fixie @omdjajlgcg @giocondina @ikigaidesign @evev @amiegeoffrey @multifacetas @elentogether @ibbtammy


To us, every one of you is a winner for showcasing your skills and creativity! However, we had to select three participants to award our prizes and here are our chosen winners!

DIY 3D Origami Dragon [ENG/SPA]
[ENG/ESP] Origami Contest - Pikachu Origami 3D
Origami contest Maple Leaf Creation


You will receive your prize within the next 24 hours!

Christmas Contest!

As December brings Christmas feelings near, a joyful and exciting spirit fills the surroundings. A tradition during this time is turning homes into magical wonderlands by adding beautiful and cozy decorations to our houses and gardens. Families gather to decorate their spaces with lights, ornaments, and fragrant wreaths, creating a festive and warm atmosphere. Besides the visual charm, decorating builds up togetherness with your family and forms long-lasting memories.


Adding a personal touch to the festivities, crafting your own DIY Christmas decorations is a wonderful way to embrace the season. Gather materials like pinecones, ribbons, and craft paper to make unique ornaments. Get creative with handmade wreaths, using items like cinnamon sticks or dried citrus slices for a delightful aroma. Involve loved ones in the process for a shared experience filled with joy. The satisfaction of showcasing your handcrafted decor adds a special touch to the holiday celebrations.
Transforming recycled materials into festive decor not only adds a sustainable touch but also lends a sense of ingenuity to your holiday home. Involve family and friends in the crafting process, turning it into a joyful and collaborative activity that enhances the spirit of togetherness. The satisfaction of showcasing your handmade creations brings a special warmth to the holiday ambiance, making it a truly memorable and personalized celebration. So let's create some beautiful things in the theme of:



🥇 1st
🥈 2nd
🥉 3rd
HP Delegation
(1 month) by @tibfox
Hive SBI

On top of that:
Our friend @sagarkothari88 will donate additional HP to the first 10 participants!

The winners will be announced on 1st of January 2024!

Rules (simply and mandatory)

🗹 Post inside of the DIYHUB community
🗹 Deadline is the 28th of December
🗹 use the tag #diychristmas
🗹 multiple entries are allowed


  • Boost your chances by thinking creatively and going beyond the usual.

  • Make your entry stand out by crafting something one-of-a-kind from the given prompt.

  • The more you share about your creative journey, the higher your chances of success.

  • Enhance your post with plenty of pictures, descriptive captions, and perhaps even a video.

  • Make the most of the long time before the deadline to perfect your entry.

  • as you can read in the rules and target niches we only accept processes/tutorials not just posts about the final result

The possibilities for your participation are endless but let us give you a few ideas and examples:
  • Paper Snowflakes
  • Candle Centerpieces
  • Clothing in Christmas theme
  • Mason Jar Luminaries
  • Homemade Ornaments
  • Bake some cookies
  • ...

Happy Creating!

We discover posts daily in various categories:

  • CREATIVE: coding, self made cosmetic and beauty products, fabric work, yarn work, pottery paperwork, and art tutorials
  • CRAFTING: 3d printing, electronics, jewelry making, metal and woodwork, upcycling
  • HOME&GARDENING: building, decoration, gardening, homesteading, repairing
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Congratulations to the winners of the month @gaboamc2393, @joss21 @hindavi, they did wonderful jobs 💙. Congratulations also to all the participants, the decision was quite difficult since many.

We hope in this coming and last beautiful month of the year that many people will join with beautiful works that inspire that warm Christmas atmosphere, I am sure they will bring beauties.

Merry and blessed Christmas to all 🌟❄️🌲☃️❤️

I invite @chacald.dcymt @fixie @irenenavarroart @yetsimar @taniagonzalez @elmundodebetty @elbuhito to participate 🌟❄️🌲☃️

Muchísimas felicidades a los ganadores del mes @gaboamc2393, @joss21 @hindavi hicieron trabajos maravillosos 💙

Felicidades también a todos los participantes la decisión fue bastante difícil ya que muchos presentaron trabajos de mucha calidad.

Esperamos en este venidero y último bonito mes del año se sumen muchas personas con trabajos hermosas que inspiren ese cálido clima navideño, estoy segura que traerán bellezas.

Feliz y bendecida navidad para todos 🌟❄️🌲☃️❤️

Invito a participar a @chacald.dcymt @fixie @irenenavarroart @yetsimar @taniagonzalez @elmundodebetty @elbuhito 🌟❄️🌲☃️

Por supuesto que voy a participar.. ya estoy pensando en varias ideas 🤔🤔 y espero ver tus hermosas creaciones 😁

Thank you very much@dayadam. hope will see many of nice Christmas decorations this time. Greetings :)

thank you very much, merry christmas to you too. ☃️🌟❄️🌲

Felicidades a los ganadores @gaboamc2393, @joss21 y @hindavi. Gracias por la mención. Ya estoy pensando que idear para la participación de Navidad 🎄, me encanta. Invito a mis amigas @antoniarhuiz, @ivycrafts, @mariamor785 y @blanca56.

thank you and best wishes for your Christmas participation 🎄

Saludos amiga, gracias por la invitación. Felicitaciones @gaboamc2393 ,@joss21 y a @hindavi 🌺🌷🌹💐

Thank you for the origami contest Now asking my friends @eolianpariah @sirenahippie @hive.samadi and @kamilla19 to join this time for Christmas decorations. and win-win. :):)

I had forgotten one person to invite @mystreriousroad to join this time's Christmas decoration and have fun and win awards. :)

Thank you for the origami contest Now asking my friends @eolianpariah @sirenahippie @hive.samadi and @kamilla19 to join this time for Christmas decorations. and win-win. :):)

Thanks for your update. Looking to try. Congratulations on your success.

@tifany @niggyayo @leidimarc ¡Participen!🎄✨

Cool! Merry Christmas in advance everyone🤗 I'm not missing this one at all, @treasuree @jessicaossom, check this out!😁

here is my entry to the Christmas preparation contest

Congratulations to the winners @gaboamc2393 @joss21 & @hindavi

Let's see some awesome Christmas enteries for this month's challenge


Thank you very much @stevenson7 I am ready and I will see what I will create Thank you for your support. greetings.:)

Congratulations to the winners of the month @gaboamc2393, @joss21 @hindavi. Since I saw your posts, I said to myself: “These are going to be on the winners list”.
I still had fun with the participation and of course I will also be participating in this new contest. In fact, I'm almost ready to publish a new Christmas ornament, and this contest was a perfect fit for me.

Thank you, and I wish you all the best with the contest. good luck. :)


Congratulations to the winners, it was certainly a great contest, with lots of creativity, of course I'm already thinking about what to do to join and participate in this new initiative, I take advantage and invite my friends @pannavi @edittasc86 @bayondalways1, so that they also go thinking about their creations, greetings.

Muchas felicidades a los ganadores, sin duda fue un gran concurso, con mucha creatividad, por supuesto ya estoy pensando que hacer para unirme y participar en esta nueva iniciativa, aprovecho e invito a mis amigas @pannavi @edittasc86 @bayondalways1, para que también vayan pensando en sus creaciones, saludos.

Me encanta este concurso.. ya estoy imaginando cosas, Aunque Tengo un proyecto a petición de @pannavi creo que lo elaborare 🤗. Gracias por la invitación amiga, saludos .

Felicidades a los ganadores @gaboamc2393 @joss21 y @hindavi fueron excelentes y hermosos trabajos 👏😁

Sería genial ver sus entradas en este concurso @laabuelita @divergente1 @marile21 @creacioneslelys

Thank you very much :)

Muchas gracias 🫂

Saludos con gusto estaré parricipando

Que bien abuelita 😊🤗

Muchas gracias, saludos :)

congratulations to the winners @gaboamc2393 , @joss21 @hindavi

I invite you to participate @chacald.dcymt @yagelybr

thank you.

Mágica iniciativa felices fiestas 🎄 mi invitación especial para @annafenix y @mili2801... Felicidades a los ganadores y suerte para todos 💫🧑‍🎄🎄

Hermoso concurso, muchas gracias por la invitación amiga. Felicidades a los ganadores.
Invito a @belkyscabrera y @rosam10 . 🎄❄️⛄

Muchas gracias por la invitación mi profe linda, se me sipwr chévere este concurso😊❤

Al fin ya tengo de vuelta teléfono. Muy lindas entradas las el mes anterior, mis felicitaciones a todos los participantes. Pronto estaré participando en esta nueva entrega 🙏. Hago extensiva mi invitación a @ceciliajess @dayanart @saraleo para que desplieguen sus obras de arte en esta temporada navideña.♥️🎄

Gracias por invitarme 🎄🥰

Congratulations to the winners of the origami contest, I invite @lileisabel, @purpleglitter, @yessi08, @annafenix and @artsugar to join this new challenge.


Thank you my friend.

thanks to miga for the invitation

Hola amiga muchas gracias por compartir y espero ponerme al día para poder participar 😃 está muy buena esta iniciativa espero poder crear mi contenido y compartirlo con todos amigos. Bendiciones.

Espero que así sea amiga , saludos y bendiciones para ti y tu familia 🤗

Congratulations to all the winner. Christmas is here again. I don't think I wanna miss this contest . @luchyl ,@marajah,@nurul-uli , @aera8, @tifany come and participate , it's gonna be fun 🤗

Thanks for the mention

Thank you very much with pleasure

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Thank you very much for the 3rd prize I am very happy chosen my work. I much appreciate it.
Congratulations to all the winners. Greetings :)

Congratulations to all the participants, especially to the three regional winners and their great work. Merry Christmas Eve

Hello there have you seen this @lara-bee @george-dee

Nice giveaway! @shiftrox and @kaibagt ,see this

Congratulations to the winners!

Look here @vempromundo and @zallin

Felicidades a los ganadores.. bendiciones y que Sigan los éxitos 🤗🎉🥳☺️

Felicidades a todos y a esos ganhadores,estare presente para esta nueva iniciativa de novidade. Quisera saber si aceptan maquillajes artísticos de novidad?

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year and the decorations make it more special. I am going to prepare something for my house and the contest.

La navidad es la época más bonita del año y las decoraciones lo hacen más especial. Voy a preparar algo para mí casa y el concurso.

Congratulations to all the winners!👍. Looking forward to all the amazing entries for this contest!
@tarilayoung, @wongi come and check this out

Thank you so much😊

Congratulations to the winner☺️☺️

@ibbtammy and @kingsleyy check this out, definitely fun

Felicitaciones a todos los participantes, en especial a los ganadores @gaboamc2393, @joss21, @hindavi por sus trabajos tan lindos.

Jingle bells all the way✨

@amiegeoffrey @ibbtammy @doreenarch, come and check this out.

Felicidades a los ganadores, hermosos trabajos 🥳🥰, quiero invitar a @eglis24 y @merlysmont

Hello, happy beginning of Christmas. Greetings to everyone in the community. Here I leave you my entry to the contest, I hope to be able to upload other entries, which are still in the process of elaboration. I also take this opportunity to invite @eylis and @diosarich to join this wonderful contest. Merry Christmas and success to all.


This great talent has scrutinized the skills through excellent practice and own skills. I respect and love your wonderful talent curation. Also to all the winners for their wonderful talents and gifts to us. We are very happy. What I will do is the joy of the future created with fine art and talented love. We want to enhance our own practice and not just acquire skills. We create a lot of work and a lot of art. One of the most creative and skillful practices is probably the winner of the talent skill and awarding itself. So we will present by more practice on our part by creating beautiful smart card home decoration and creative full of talent for various occasions.

Thank you very much for giving us this curation post with some wonderful rules and information. I hope you are well and I respect your busy schedule. Also, I send my respect and love to you and your family.

Congratulations to the winners, more than deserved!
Here my participation No.1


Bonito Domingo para todos. Por acá mí entrada al concurso Navideño diy. Espero les guste.


Felicidades a los ganadores 🥰🎉🎊

Invito a participar a este concurso a @jhos.indigo, @oddajosefi y @Karenlagonell.

congratulations to the winners @gaboamc2393 , @joss21 @hindavi

I invite @glorydee @ibbtammy @wongi

Thanks for the mention dear

Congratulations to the winners.

@beeeee @fredaa and @kingsleyy come see this

Thank you

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