Blizzard "Smudge"

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Hey Kitten.!!

My pet human is one of a kind. And there are sooo many of them. Humans that is. I often POL (purr out loud) wondering if there are more of us kitties than humans?

Anyways, I keep hearing my @krazzytrukker human call the latest rescue kit, "Kitten". Kitten this, kitten that. The little " Blizzard" probably thinks his name is " Kitten?"

Last I heard this little white kittens name was going to be "Blizzard Smudge Briggs". The tenth and final (yeah right) rescued kit that did not go to a forever home and is now part of my pride of misfit kits.

They Ate the Trees.!

As you may know if you follow us. The humans have been very busy with the giant noisy machines that are eating the trees. When the one yellow machine my human called a " TigerCat" would grab hold of a tree and slam it to the ground, the house would rattle and it sounded alot like thunder. Now I may be the alpha female bad ass kitty and all. But I got no time fo dat! I been chillin' behind the sofa and only coming out at night when the scary machines are gone.

Yep! The machine monsters are eating the trees!! Gobbling them right up. Leaving many pieces behind laying all over the once lovely yard that me and my adopted kitty pride like to sit in the window and watch. We call that kitty television. And we love to watch all the birds, squirrels, turkeys, deer, and...

"The Black Cloud Ferals"

that call our yard their home. Seems there is always something interesting to see.

But these noisy monster machines are bigger than my "Prime Mover Truck" home away from home. So there has been very little daytime sun puddle kitty television time. I wish my pet human trucker driver would get back on the road. I am not skeerd out on the highway. I am used to that after almost 13 years and a million miles under my paws.

Here are a few photos of what I am seeing out the windows. This is my @krazzy-kitty POV (Point Of View)

Do you want to win 500 Ecency points? First one to enter the Longitude/Latitude numbers into this link --> GPS Coordinates
Then tell me the physical location those photos of "Blizzard Smudge" were taken will win the points. 😉
Coordinates on the bottom right of the photo.

L👀k for me out on the road soon. My human always goes out and stays out truckin' after being home so much. He calls it catching up. I call it my happy place. Just me and the "Little Guy".

Thaaazzz Right...

"Little Guy the Miracle Kitten."
His real name is "Tony the Tiger" I do not think I have ever heard the humans call him by his documented name. Weird bunch you humans are.

Thanks for seeing things from my Kitty POV.


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