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RE: The Weekly Turni-Issue 51

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Autocracy or democracy are a few things I don't really appreciate much. Maybe it's the rebel in me that doesn't recognize them but I don't consider myself rebel. Perhaps it's just how things usually go about their own ways that I too leave them be just as they are. In a warped sense of way I somehow don't mind about mutual exploitation but feeding off and turning into a leech is something I don't prefer. Everyone wants to be rewarded whether they deem themselves deserving or not.

Sam & Dean... suicide is a touchy subject to me although neither I nor anyone close to me has ever attempted to do that... maybe the emptiness inside was unbearable and pain was the only way one could feel something... In a way I would welcome any feeling good, bad or downright horrible but a hole inside is something I'd dread. Minhaj, over the past few months this is something I have been experiencing. People that I have lost touch with or out of contact have started to flood my social media. I don't even remember some of them and I ask "who are you?" Either they make themselves known or they choose to avoid, I go back my own way. মামা শখের তোলা ষোল আনা। there's a difference between শখ and আকাঙ্ক্ষা... and often they get mixed up and our minds can't identify which is same. Almost as same as want and need. There's no harm having hobbies or desires that fuels our inner selves but there's also limit to it. I can enjoy music whenever I want but going out on a shopping spree and buy everything on sight isn't something I would consider a hobby.


but a hole inside is something I'd dread

Aren't we all? :') But life never goes the way you planned, it's unpredictable just like the ending. :')

May we bravely face whatever life throws at us and have the courage to get over from the abyss when we're thrown into one

And that's what emptiness creates. It’s a very weird thing to explain really. Only people with suicidal tendencies can relate to what I (and weirdly Sara as well..we in sync!) wrote.
I hope you never have to face anything such as this. All feelings are good. But when you are left bare with nothing at all, that's when true darkness takes form in you.

You know sometimes I see people talking down about people suffering from depression and suicidal tendencies. I believe not everyone has the same coping mechanisms and what I can deal with easily, maybe overwhelming for someone else. Do you remember the saying - life never throws you more than you can handle? Maybe what they feel magnifies over time until there's no more space left

There's no harm having hobbies or desires that fuels our inner selves but there's also limit to it.

That is exactly my point Fia! U r right. There is a subtle difference between need and want. When one fulfills basic needs then he/she should step into further. Without শখ and মাজা life might not get the খাজা or it may feel like তামা তামা।

কে বলেছে?
কে বলেছে?
--- বলেছেন চাঁন মামা....!

my life already is তেজপাতা ভাজা ভাজা, ঝামা দিয়ে ঘষা মাজা 😂

I go back my own way.

Hehehe, that's good.
I also try to ignore some of that but the success rate is very very low, lol.
Well, i am trying to control my emotions with reality but sometimes they go wild and end up taking wrong inappropriate steps.

if you're not going to make mistakes, then you won't learn... some things happens for a reason