Photochain Challenge: 104th Edition Start - 103rd Edition's Winners

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Hello World!

This is the 104th Edition of the Photochain challenge. The Photochain Challenge is a blockchain-like photography contest. If you would like to know more about, read the Photochain Challenge INTRODUCTION Post on HIVE. There, I explain the functioning of the contest and how to participate. I changed the rules of the winner prize a bit of editions ago.

In this post, I'll announce the 2 (two) winners of the 103rd Edition of the Contest. Within the next 72 hours, I'll reward both of them with 1 HIVE - as explained in the rules - and will post in the comment section of the 103RD EDITION the transaction confirmation links.

And the Winner is...

The 103rd Edition counted 19 (Nineteen) valid participants

The two Key-Subjects were:

Tree and Leaves

These are the 2 (two) Winners of the 103rd Edition:

Winner 1



with a road under a vegetable roof

The personal subject is Road

Winner 2


with two little horses grazing under the trees

The personal subject is Horse

As I promised, I will award the 2 winners with 1 HIVE token each, and I will award the other 2 photos that I appreciated during the edition with 1 HIVE SBI.

The first honorable mention:


by @klub-wloczykijow

and the second honorable mention:


by @elitogold
with a different view of the Tokyo Tower


Thank you EVERYONE for participating in this week's contest!
@gems.and.cookies @trincowski @alechi @bartolomee @olgavita @eto-ka @klub-wloczykijow @ninahaskin @elizacheng @eolianpariah2 @qwerrie @onemoretea @apnigrich @elitogold @birjudanak @kvinkyl @sgbonus @hindavi @adinapoli

I also invite you in the new edition with all the Steem and Hive participants

I received ECENCY POINTS to redistribute during the edition. So, I will award each valid entry with 10 Ecency Points (up to the 25th entry). Soon I'll send the Points to the last week edition participants.

The Feel Good community became an ARCHON-supported community , so you can enjoy the benefits of the Archon landscape, a community with its own token and reward system. You can find more information on the OFFICIAL ARCHON COMMUNITY PAGE or on its DISCORD CHANNEL.

A big thank you to @archonapp




I explained in the Introduction Post that everyone can participate by submitting his/her own photo in the comment section. The photo must contain the 2 Key-Subjects - that will be communicated in each post of the New Edition - and another key-subject of your choice (contained in the photo). I also explained there how the key-subjects will change and the criteria with which I'll choose them.


Are you Ready?


This week edition is the:

104th Edition

The KEY-SUBJECTS for this week are:


Incredible, we reached a new big goal with Photochain: nineteen participants, a new record for a single edition. Welcome to the many new faces that joined Photochain this week. I have to admit that I met many problems in the choice of the winners and the honorable mentions. Many other ones deserved a prize, but the rules forced me to choose only four of the submitted entries. I will try to repair with the 10 Ecency points destined for everyone.

But NOW! The new editions arrived, and we have a new pair of key-subjects. This time a simple road with a more difficult horse. I hope you stay far enough away from this beautiful animal when you photograph it. Probably we will not replicate the large participation on the 103rd edition, but we'll try it anyway. As usual, I wish you...




If you have any doubt, follow the practical example in the Introduction Post. Furthermore, I add a practical example in the comment section of the Zero Edition Post and you can consult the previous edition to know more about how can the comments be.


Reading more about it

photochain fund_ADDRESSES.jpg


Now it's your turn.


📣 Congratulations to last week's winners! 🎊

This is my entry and link for this week's contest


Good luck to all the participants!


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Ci avevo pensato da subito quando ho letto le parole, ma ho avuto pochissimo tempo e infatti neanche un post 😅

Where do elephants hide?
They paint their toenails red and hide in strawberry patches!

Credit: reddit
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Beautiful Qwerrie, maybe an unusual road for this nice horse, or maybe not o.o
Thank you very much to join in, a bit of !BEER for your participation

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Hello, dear davidesimoncini greetings🙏 here is my entry for challenge keyword horse and road.
thank you.

Thanks a lot, @davidesimoncini! 🙏🙏🙏

It was me who successfully entered!

Thank you very much for the special mention! I’m really happy to be chosen and will try to participate this next challenge. Congratulations to the winners too.

Congrats to the winners!
This is my entry, I call it "Don't text and ride"


I suggest Phone for the next edition.

Here's a link to my post.

Congrats to all winners!
My entry for this round is:


I suggest FENCE as the subject for the next round.

Full post is here:

Thank you and all the best!

Transfers to the Winners & to Steembasicincome


The Winners:

Tx 01
To @adinapoli

Tx 02
To @servelle

And the Honorable Mentions:

Tx 03
1 Hive SBI
To @renrenrainrain

Tx 04
1 Hive SBI
To @dejan.vuckovic

Congratulations, excuse me for the delay, and thank you to join the contest! :)

Thanks for the prize 😀

I could get in trouble for stealing from the kitchen supply store
But that’s a whisk I’m willing to take.

Credit: reddit
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Congrats to the winners 🥂

Hi! I'm interested to submit my entry but I have some questions about it.

As I wrote under your post, tell me what you want. I try to ask your questions :)