The Junjun temple - Using blender 3d in image making.

Well this is also part of my role playing game series, but this time a bit more technical.

I have experimented with using the open source 3d suite Blender for making landscapes and architectural images. The technique is similar to what modern film matte painters do. combining the fastest solutions from both worlds.

Of course there is also an explanation of what you are seeing, and what i represents in the game world.

The Junjun temple

Below is the finished image of the Jun jun temple in the mountains of the family Tarms. As you can see I have tried to make it a bit painting like in style, but the result does have the slightely cold feel that 3d adds. I will probably try to get it even more painterly in future ventures, but as of now I am pretty happy about it.


Below you can see the actual geometry. The temple deformation is made with maps, while the diffuse map like on the landscape behind (the image you see) is made in Krita as a painting. Alot of the geometry showed up to be unnecessary. The stones in the foreground for example. In the ambient light it didn't mean much for shadows, but they didn't harm either so they stayed. I work pretty fast so making it neat in Blender is not interesting to me.


And so what is this JunJun temple? As you can read in the previous post there are eleven living Gods that are the result of Norn's magical technology. Junjun was a peasant woman who joined Norn's little cult, and who especially plays a role when Norn's dream contains erotic elements. This dream is broadcasted through out the realm of Norn every five days when he returns from the underwolrd. She is often depicted with spread legs and occasionally bare sex. The mask inside her magic machine in Arangungel has human features.

She is worshipped as a fertility deity by the peasants, and are also popular with both the sacrificery (the part of the administration which takes care of the large scale sacrifice business) and the Mission (the frontier soldiers and warrior monks of the administration), as she is seen as a sub-aspect of Morkala who is their leader and one of the most powerful undead Gods of Norn's realm.

The inspiration is of course from the Irish Sheela-Na-Gig.


Great job as usual, man. I love the feel and eerie aura of this stuff, it is exactly what a temple should ooze.

Could also be oozing in some dense Nigerian forest :) But this is what its like up here. Cold and wet.

Hahaha hah. It gets cold and wet here too in the rainy season and in harmattan.

Somehow I am pretty sure it gets colder here :) One day you will come here and visit and you can see for yourself.

Oh, yeah, I agree, must be colder there anyhow. Yeah, I'll see it when I come, I'm going to visit for sure one of these years.

Nice ! Is the temple part high enough poly count and manifold to be printable as well ?

It occurs to me that it could be a great RPG technique; write a module, illustrate it this way using Blender, then make key parts into STL's for people to print and use on the tabletop.

In this case it is not made for printing. The geometry is simply a shell on which i project the painting giving me perspective without having to construct it myself and also some extra natural light. But...

We have made a lot of figurines in Blender which are printed. I will return with more on that later. Right now my biggest problem is that making a post is hard to find the time for, but I have so much artwork that I haven't shown yet.

Man you are doing a incredibely job with this world modeled in 3D i think it could be a awesome game from what i've seen so far

Yea, a lot of work has gone into this for sure. We have even made a lot of 3d models that we have printed... that'll be in a later post.

He looks a little like a spaceship that's just landed... all that dust!

At least they are not beating around the bush about the anal probing.

I love this, I immediately saw Sheela Na Gig. I am lucky to have seen a few of these stone carvings, as there are quite a few in the midlands of Ireland, where I am from. xxxx

I would love to go to Ireland some day... actually I will! I just decided.