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RE: It could have been a Sad Sunday post...

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So nice of them to comment on your playing. It lifts you up… and definable brightens the day ☀️

Let’s play.. I would say Kale, apple, Spirulina and banana 😎


Yep, brightens the day even when clouds and rain are here :)

Game: you have one match :)

Then I would say: kale, spinach, cucumber and carrot. 🤓

(Apple is the same as apple juice right?)

I would accept apple as apple juice and vice versa :)

Oh, now again just one correct, but not that one correct 😂😂


Kale, mango, blue berries and kiwi. 🤓

So, no kale, but the other fruit that matched with bertimismaximus :D

Additional help, too all people who would take part: two of the ingredients are fruits and two we consume as veggies ( one the leafy one and the last one.. this one will be difficult indeed... 😁 )

Difficult… 🤓
Spinach, apple, pineapple and broccoli?

three matches ... as same as leaky20 :)

the last one... what to do with the last one...?
It is maybe insignificant... but it has a specific taste... and not ginger...

I think I leave all you suffer a bit more until tomorrow if nobody gives the match during the night {bad me} 😁

edit: as I forgot to finish my last sentence 😂
Good night @littlebee4 😴