GOT FIREWOOD?😀.......................... Actifit Report Card: December 2 2022

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Got Firewood?☺️
Eighteen degrees above zero this morning!🥶
Does Silvertop rekindle the hot embers in the wood stove or turn on the mini split heat pump….😳
Eighteen degrees is pushing the limits of what a heat pump is capable of, so I nursed the fire back to life!😇
Soon the temperature in the house started rising……….that’s more like it!😊
Modern wood stoves can burn eight hours, if it’s well below zero, someone will need to get up in the middle of the night, and reload the firebox!😮
Thankfully that is extremely rare in the Pacific Northwest!
“Silvertop check the mailbox for a amazon package!”🥰
No packages……
but look what I found at the gate!😳
My Squirrel had a feast with Liz’s pumpkin decorations!😲
The road is a solid sheet of ice, the Mail truck hasn’t been up our road for several days. UPS has a 4WD pickup truck with a cap for deliveries, our local driver waved as he drove by……😇
I headed back inside to let the temperature rise a bit before venturing outside.
I have been getting “Air-Dropped” LIKE coins, and I installed my Keplr extension wallet, to manage these and any other Cosmos based coins.
I also did some research with the “” trading/ swapping app. I can swap “like coin” for “cosmos atom” or numerous other coins!🤗
This app can connect to my “keplr” wallet!😊
As always do your own due diligence!😇
It was warming up, so I hiked up to Tim’s off grid cabin.
Someone attempted to drive up the steep snow packed gravel road that you can see in a couple of the last photos!
They only made it halfway up, got stuck, and had to back straight downhill!
What were they thinking!😳
By now the wind was picking up, and the Sun was well on its way to setting…..
Time to be back inside ……….😊
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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Even with 4WD and studds, I would not attempt that! Sometimes, people just don't think!

Darn squirrel! He did the same thing last year and now it looks like he's going to make a total mess of things AGAIN! 😡🐿


People are just not thinking........ What would have happend if they slid off the side of that hill!!😬😳

No kidding!!!😳😳😳

Poor squirrel! It's got to have food for the winter. Wait till it gets the other pumpkin!
Your wood burning stove is a great one!!!

Liz is wondering about the rest of the pumpkins as well lol.....
Last year we put several large pumpkins by our front door , then one day @silversaver888, they were completely eaten lol!😬🙄

The snow and place look amazing… collecting and pepping firewood 🪵 is difficult thing to do on winter I think..

I usually spend part of the summer collecting and stacking firewood! You can never have too much, it's always nice to be able to throw another log in the fire and stay warm!!😀
Have a wonderful weekend my friend take care!

Got a lot of snow!

Nice to know about the airdrop. I also got Larynx token for the first time. Hehe

I've discovered with this AirDrop that you can delegate to one of the witness/delegators then next month if you try to increase your delegation there is some sort of a problem with increasing your delegation. You need to pick a new witness next month if it continues this way...

I see. I am yet to explore on Cosmos. I always forget. Lol!

Cosmos Atom is one of the better staking coins, you can also HODL this in your ledger if you have a ledger nano!!😀

I don't have ledger Nano though. Hehe. But I know there are many airdrops there. Hehe

You can still use the browser extension wallet Kepl for your Cosmos ATOM. You can do this without a ledger, it pays a good monthly dividend if you delegate!😀

I reinstalled Keplr. I already have an account. Lol