Sparkly Sounds w/ the UDO Super 6 Live

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In this clip I'm sequencing the UDO Super 6 from the Eurorack with the Squarp Hermod that has quickly taken over both my modular brain and regular IRL brain. I can't even understate how helpful it is to my hardware-based sequencing workflow that I can dedicate a single channel of Hermod to an entire polysynth worth of chordal information. As I shift main sequences on the eurorack I'm able to smoothly switch the quantization and other hardware sequencers while bringing in a fresh set of chords + improvisational sound design via the Juno on steroid that is the UDO. I'll be posting highlight clips like this to 3speak going forward and trying to merge my Hive and Golden Shrimp Synth Guild families at last!
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I'm working towards writing an album almost entirely onstream ... if this sort of synthy content is up your alley, by all means visit me live on Twitch:

I'm also on the normie social medias:

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Ive always enjoyed yr sounds when i checked them out here! I'd like to see more original, wild music on hive...thank yoi

Thanks @quinnertronics! Always trying to bring highlights of what I'm working on to the Hive community!

Though you already stated: "Clip"... but mannnn, this one is way too short! The moment I was getting into it, it was finished. Ah well, the good thing is, I could enjoy some cool tune for a little more than 1 minute. Well, little more than 3 minutes, since by know I've listened it three times already :)

Thanks for weighing in, I have been experimenting with cutting different lengths for each platform...I think adding a five minute length for Hive and Reddit probably makes sense.

Hahaha you can make it 30 minutes for HIVE if you like! I do like that hahaha

Just remembered: VODs of my streams in full are available on my Twitch page:

Owww, Twitch keeps the live stream for none-live viewing, these days. Why not add a link to these ones in your posts at the HIVE chain?

Because inexplicably still bad at this after three years. :)

But now you know! hahaha

Also: hit a giant honker note about two seconds after this clip ends. 😏

Ok ok, this time I forgive you {LOL} hahahaha

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I love how huge all of this sounds. Amazing work as usual. :-)

Thanks friend!