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RE: Dreams & Imaginations: Sunday Morning tunes by Villalobos & Haze

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Helicopter invasions everywhere... Maybe we are getting fooled! Alien invasion?

You have a very cool way of getting yourself out of a bad dream! I'll make a note of that. Don't tell your husband, but he could start wearing earplugs 🙃

The reason why I can't apply this wakeup system is that I never have a bad dream. What others consider a bad dream, I usually find interesting. Strange me 🤣


Ok, I will not tell him about ear plugs.

I just noticed now your first tag, notsosadsunday 😂😂😂😂

Am I Don Quixote to try to revive SadSunday tag? 😂😜

Helicopter invasion

Trying is always allowed.... I try a lot of things, sometimes I fail misserably, sometimes it turns into a moderate success. 'notsosadsunday' need to keep the fun levels up and up and as much up as I can 🤣🤣🤣