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Community update

It's been two months since we did a kind of relaunch of the Music community in Hive and since that moment important things have happened that invite us to write this update.

From the beginning we have been thinking about what the true function of this community should be and we are increasingly realizing that this space should be dedicated to music lovers fundamentally, because if we achieve a truly active community, a community where they talk about the great musicians, their recordings, concerts, musical genres, a community where there is a real passion for music, then we will have a space where any group, singer, producer or music entrepreneur, will want to be present.

Of course, this will not go against the musicians who are already active in Hive, for them we will continue our support, which will now be bigger.

Therefore, our task is to promote the active participation of the community, to talk and comment on music in its different expressions. Since the beginning of this platform, some tags have been emerging that have fulfilled a similar task to the one that challenges make nowadays. These tags invited to talk about different topics, depending on the day of the week.

Although my search was not extreme, I was able to find the following:


I would like you to indicate in the comments which of them you are using or would like to start using and you can also suggest others. Of course, these tags are not restrictive, on the contrary, we want them to be a stimulus to create more content and to interact.

In our curation work we will be supporting the content for all the tags that gain their real space in this community. But remember that our judgment to vote content follows the same rules that govern in Hive, everything must be original content, we want to know your opinion, your tastes, your views. Also, we will take into account the dedication and effort to make your post. Remember the importance of mentioning the source of the images that you use, as well as quotes that you are going to place in it.

Logo completo.png

Our vote continues to grow

One of the good news is that we have had an extraordinary receptivity with the whole community project and we have already received some important delegations that have led our vote to exceed 10 thousand HP. Apart from the fact that there are some votes that follow us, which bring a significant sum to each post voted by our account.

We share with you the list of delegatators and delegations:

DelegatorDelegated amount
@vcelier5,031 HP
@gogreenbuddy2,002 HP
@uwelang1,008 HP
@alexvan1,001 HP
@slobberchops503 HP
@steevc251 HP
@ylich101 HP
@earthsea100 HP
@beatriche50 HP
@fredfettmeister10 HP

You can also join this list, by delegating to the @music-community account, to help reward authors with a larger vote.

Here some links to delegate using Hivesigner:

50 HP100 HP500 HP1000 HP5000 HP

OCD Incubation Program

The most important news is that our community has been selected by OCD for their Incubation Program, so we now have their official support in our activities. This means that we are formally the music community in Hive, this also leads to a delegation that we will receive to support the vote from the @music-community account. This selection responds to the number of subscribers, as well as to the activity of our community.

But the most important aspect is that we become like curators of OCD, so we can apply for the posts published in the Music-Community and will receive the OCD vote and the whole accompanying trail.

Although we will continue to upvote and support content published in other communities, for this program we can only apply for content posted directly in our community. For this reason we invite you to publish all your musical content from this space.

For this great recognition an dhonor we would like to thank @acidyo and the whole team of @OCD for having selected us for such an important task, especially because we are dealing with such a concrete and important subject as music. And in response to that honor we want to correspond by postulating the best possible content, both of music played in Hive, as well as music contests, analysis, reviews and all the possible content related to this art form. We also want to have the opportunity to reward as many varied authors as possible.

Follow us for keeping informed about all the news in our community!

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Wow, this is great, great news! Music community deserved that already a long time ago!

I have a few questions, the first is about the tags, as I didn't know before. I saw a few times #metalweekend and #techofriday, but I didn't know about others. So if it is #musicmonday for example, what exactly that means? Can be any kind of music? It has to be a review of some musician.. or?

The second question is can I still post the kind of posts I am doing recently?

The third, can I post like "history" of classical music, or composers, I mean not history like in school hehe, but classically oriented? And what would be an appropriate tag for it?

As fourth, I would like to delegate a little bit for @music-community, as my whole HP is not big, but I hope that every little can help. I will try to do it now

You rock, thanks so much @mipiano - re your questions:

  1. #musicmonday you could post whatever you feel like (we did not create that tag though) - review is fine, music genre open, be creative.

  2. Sure you can!

  3. Absolutely, we love a variety of content, i personally was learning organ is my young years with JS Bach, so bring it on. Feel free to create your own tag and we can integrate in our next curation post.

Thank you @music-community for the answers 😇

I thought some rules had changed or something, so that just with those tags will be acceptable. Ok, so no worries 😊 I was thinking keep on my piano videos but more often do reviews as well, or that history kind of posts. Something will rise in my mind for the tag as well.


We are looking forward to it!

It's good to hear that, you now got the OCD Support that would encourage musicians to publish more work driven by better rewards.

Thanks a lot, yes we encourage them to create content here, the more quality the better chance for rewards

Oh ja, auch dank Dir!!

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I hope to find more music via the community, both new block chain stars and old album artist from the record player age I may have forgotten or not heard often enough yet.

We all hope to discover new blockchain stars - not sure we find that many here as long as we do nit get new users - but i am sure some pearls are here and old records can be provided with good stories around.

Digital busking is frickin' awesome.

yes it is!

Awesome! subscribing now.

Great, enjoy and be active.

I'm thrilled to see OCD get behind the music community in this way, and grateful for the effort people put into curating and encouraging musicians and music lovers on Hive.

Thanks for the lovely comment, much appreciated. We try our best and are thankful for the OCD recognition.

Talking from a creators perspective, i think the #mymusic tag makes quite some sense. Maybe basic genre Tags would make some sense too, like #acoustic #electronic #Band #SingerSongwriter... you get the idea.
Thanks for the effort you put in here!

good ideas - we will make sure to add these tags to our next post. Thanks mate

Congrats!Hope we can find a way to use communities to attract new users at hive. We certainly need a music community.

Btw, how do I make a link to delegate? We are collecting delegations to @crossculture

Thanks dude - any support appreciated. How to make a link to delegate is quite easy - can send you the "raw version" to integrate into your post.

Hit me on Discord uwelang #9257

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HiveFest⁵ feedback and contest results

Full support to the Music Community. Pitched in with a small delegation.

Great! It's good to have the support of whales.

I am new to the platform, but little by little I am getting to know and fall in love with the community. I hope I can grow with you. Greetings!

Very pleasent surprise, I'll star to upload my music here <3

I was using the music tag more generally and didn't realize it was a community until I got some comments from people in the community. It's a cool idea and I will try to think of ways to post more about music than just what song is in my head when I wake up in the morning, which is a series I've been working on for years. I originally intended to do that every single day, but that would've gotten old a long time ago. I just do it now and then.

I do play music, so I could start sharing some of that as well. I play drums in a sludgy metal band, but I also write more singer-songwriter type songs on my own. Guitar was always my first instrument, but I also love playing drums. I love all different sorts of music, too. A lot of folky/Americana type stuff lately, but I like metal, some hip hop, some electronic music (more the style of Aphex Twin than the more fancy stuff), punk, classic rock stuff, old soul... I just like music.