"Hey Jude" - An online musical collaboration with homemade Andean instruments

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Hey Jude - Andean Flutes Cover.jpg

For the past few months, I was making various percussion instruments to go with my flute playing. I've posted about:

As I was making those in preparation for this new collaboration, Roberto and I were also recording individual audio tracks of each instruments and there are quite a few of them as you can see in the video below. It took us a couple of months to complete the work, I had a bit of a down time due to stress. However, editing the audio and the video was a nice challenge and we really enjoyed the result. My son also joined us to sing the outro.

Before I continue, here is the video clip of our Andean Flutes cover song of "Hey Jude" by The Beatles:

Making a drum with packing tape

Making a drum with packing tape

I had the idea of making this Bomba (Andean drum) from watching videos on how to make a Taiko drum using packing tape and a car tyre. But instead of a tyre, I used a large garden pot. It works quite nicely.

Making a Guiro / rice shaker combo

I also made a Guiro (Andean rattle) from a piece of bamboo. I drilled a little hole so I could pour rice into it so it can also be played as a shaker/maracas.



My humble home recording "studio"

Home recording studio

Here is a view of my humble home recording studio. The only hardwares are:

  • a Yamaha MG10XU mixer
  • a Shure SM57 microphone
  • a Rode NT-1a microphone
  • a pair of Roland DM-20 monitor speakers

I record everything through GarageBand and edit videos using DaVinci Resolve 17.


I've been following your posts on Reddit for while, but this was by far the most descriptive glimpse I've gotten of your studio/flute collection - that's impressive! I'm planning on creating a QuenaSabor community here (among a few others), but have to first figure out how to get HIVE coin. I can't find it on Coinbase or through Ledger Live coin swap, but it'll just take some looking around. Thanks for introducing me to the HIVE community!

Nice to see you here mate. Would be good to see QuenaSabor here.

For getting HIVE, try blocktrades, bittrex, Binance, huobi

Awesome! I’ll check the others, but I verified this afternoon that HIVE does not seem to be supported by Binance.US. Hopefully there’s an exchange for US that handles it, if not I suspect I can still build HIVE over time just by participating, it just would take longer than buying my way in.

@quochuy Saludos desde Venezuela “Hey Jude” de The Beatles: Bella melodía muy famosa además, pero lo que más me gusto es la versión que hicieron muy original y suena maravillosa. Eres todo un luthier el tambor suena muy bien. Felicidades y que sigan los éxitos. //. Greetings from Venezuela: Beautiful melody, very famous as well, but what I liked the most is the version that they made very original, and it sounds wonderful. You are quite a luthier, the drum sounds very good. Congratulations and successes continue.

That was an awesome cover :O aaaahhh your child XD

I remember making a tape drum before, must have been for circus or something as I know I wasn't at home when it was made. I like your studio, that's an impressive flute rack :)

Hey thanks 😅
Tape drums work rather nice. But I have to make another one, the layers of tape on this one don't stick well together and make noise when they unstick from one another. The rack is almost full lol

You need another one ;D

And a key rack for pendant ocarinas XD

Qué belleza... Tienes un talento increíble para hacer instrumentos, ejecutarlos, y también para producir música. Estoy deleitado.


Those are wonderful flute. Listening to the melody of the flute works well in the mind. As a child I tried hard to learn to play the flute. But it was difficult to hold my breath.

At the beginning controlling the breath is indeed tricky, then you learn to shape your lips to not let too much air out and it becomes easier.

This is so cool, very soothing song! Your flute post reminds me of one of our famous flute singer, maybe you have heard of him, he was known worldwide

Ohh, I can’t be compared to Zamfir 😂 he’s a master, I’m still a beginner

Yes, he is a legend. With work I am sure that your style will evolve

I need to make a better panflute first, this one is a bit crooked with pipes not round and not uniform making it less easy to move from one note to the other.

Hi! Great work! As I see The Beatles, I'm sold! You inspired me to post a Beatles cover today too!
I love how creative your work is and to bring bamboo flutes into a Western-vibe song. Hope to see more like this and I also hope to see the music community grows more as music is such a beautiful and powerful thing to do! 😊

Nice work on your new post. Thanks for coming around

Please tell me, when you pick up a piece of wood from which you want to make a flute, do you already understand how it will sound? For me, this is completely incomprehensible) !LUV

With bamboo I can have a basic idea on how it will sound. But not all the time. With more years of experience I should become better at it.

The most I did for my children was a glass jar shaker stuffed with buckwheat, but with a guitar it sounds good) Have a great day!






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You have the power of creativity and this is so importante fact in a musician . I love what i see and whar i hear. great!

Thanks for the kind words

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congratulations good job, beautiful ...

Wow that was so impressive! I hope you get tons of views on Youtube.

Love this song so much ^^ cheers!

Thanks mate.

@quochuy Waoo que talento felicidades...siempre que escucho musica instrumental siento una inmensa paz.

Saludos @quochuy desde Venezuela, no entiendo el inglés pero me fascinan las canciones de los Beatles, le deseo mucho éxito en todas sus gestiones amigo

Gracias :-)

Vraiment très sympa le résultat 👍 bravo aux artistes!

Merci a toi

Ta chaine youtube est super du coup je me suis abo Hahaha! Je me suis fait une petite séance détente avec pendant que je codais, tu te débrouille bien et sur pas mal d'instrus en plus.

Merci pour le partage, ah cool tu as un soundcloud 👍

I like people who work with their own hands, craftsmen. You are well done!

Oh wow you are so talented. That reminds me of my childhood on the farm.

This is very interesting. I love ❤️ your system. Keep the good job going.

Thanks bro, am really grateful for your good gesture.

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Qué bello!. Felicitaciones por esos talentos @quochuy.

Wow seriously Cool and inspiring