I built a mark tree (bar chime)

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A mark tree is a percussion instrument consisting of a series of small chimes. It is used to add some musical colour to a piece and is played by sweeping a finger through the the series of chimes.

For future flute recordings, I've decided to make myself one by using aluminium flat bars. So I headed to the local hardware store to buy some. I started to cut the first bar to a 20cm piece. I then carry on cutting 34 more pieces reducing the length by about 3mm each time.

Aluminium flat bars

Cutting aluminium flat bar

The band saw left some burr on the end of each aluminium section so I had to sand them off. I then made a little jig out of an off-cut of wood to make sure I'm drilling a hole at the same place on each of the sections. The holes are then drilled on the drill press.

Sanding an aluminium flat bar

Drilling a hole in aluminium

Once all sections are ready, I went on and cut a little section of pine wood. I have 35 bars of 1cm width and I want 3mm gap between them so I need:
35 + (34 * 0.3) = 45.2cm of wood. I added 5cm on each side so the total length is 55cm (rounded down).

Cutting pine wood on a band saw

The cut wood is then sanded to clean its surface off all the dirt and stain.

Sanding wood

Sanding wood

With a pencil, I then marked the location of each holes to be drilled on the board. They are spaced 1 + 0.3 = 1.3cm, starting at a bit less than 5cm from the edge.
Marking the wood

I then marked a line with a homemade marking gauge. This will make sure my holes will be aligned.

Homemade marking gauge

Back onto the drill press to drill those 35 holes with a 2mm bit followed by sanding again to remove all marks on the wood. Before continuing, I applied a layer of oil to the wood to protect it and reveal the grain.

Drilling holes

Oiling pine wood

With a thin fishing line, I started to attached the bar chimes to the wooden frame. It was a bit time consuming to get them aligned enough but I got something acceptable in the end.

Building my mark tree

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Nice! You seem like a handy person that enjoys DIY.
I prefer to do most things myself and therefore get overwhelmed with too many things to do.

I am in the same boat too many unfinished DIY's on the list. The thing is that there are so many ideas and opportunities but one has only 2 hands and 24 hours

So true... I've been wanting to learn how to code for linking my games to the blockchain for over a year and have yet to get around to that. I need to overhaul a website for someone first though because I said I would do it long ago and got side-tracked by more pressing projects. My field of interests is just too wide. I need at least 10 of me in order to have any hope of catching up. The good thing is that I can't die yet because I have too much left to do! At least that's what I keep telling people. It's a psychological thing... you create your reality with your thoughts, so its an excuse to stay healthy and keep living.

o very true bang on !

you create your reality with your thoughts, so its an excuse to stay healthy and keep living.

You have hit the nail on its head. That is the essence of staying alive and I guess feeling alive too.

By the way what kind of coding do you want to learn would it be one of those old style rpg games that you wanna take to the blockchain with a nice storyline?
Just curious

I run daily play-by-post games here on Hive and I would like to automate the responses rather than having players use my github tool.

I saw your vote and jumped on your page to check you out- instead of follow it says approve witness so I did that, I think, I put in my key- can you let me know if it didn't work since it's still saying approve witness? Thanks!

It did work thank you. It can take few minutes to update the message after you approved it. Thank you

Oh good! I'm relearning the platform after a too-long hiatus. Back in steemit days I was always mindful of voting for those who interacted, seems like a good practice to continue! :)

I got a vote and drifted to your page. I am a big fan of DIY and the mark tree (bar chime) that you have created looks pretty good and impressive.
I think if we get this kind of content on the blockchain we can truly add enormous value
Would love to see lot more of this kind of content. I know it is easier said then done because it takes a lot of preparation and hardwork for creating this kind of work and document it in a post like this

One of these days (when I catch up on the current chaos) I will begin posting this sort of thing. I have several projects that I can post.

would look forward to it for sure :)
However as for catching up with current chaos is it not always part of life's drama? (Just my generic observation about life I guess)

Yes, for sure! It seems that no matter how much time I have, I will always find things to fill the void. Currently, I'm assisting my neighbour with clearing clogged perimeter drains (mostly completed) and patching an abandoned roofing job so that it lasts through the Winter.

For myself: doing the fiscal year-end book-keeping.

Ha Ha Ha so you chose the boring part for yourself or it can be pretty challenging too when numbers disappear mysteriously from one column and reappear somewhere else Harry Potter style
Then it can be pretty challenging too if one is not extra careful

I actually dislike doing paperwork but it has to be done.

I second that
Think of it this way if it does not kill you (well it almost does doesn't it) it makes you stronger leaving just enough resolve to deal with the next years accounts and bookkeeping I guess.

I procrastinated about doing my paperwork today and took advantage of the sunshine to do some garden work instead. I'm really good at finding excuses to leave the paperwork until the pressure gets too high.

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great DIY work

That's interesting! brother

Seeing the title before reading the post,i actually pictured how stressful and time consuming this will be...Interestingly you did alot of work,Very nice work sir!

This is awesome work. Years ago I worked with steel, but never with pine wood.

for you






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What a lovely sound, like rain on silver. You are so talented. I envy you sometimes.

that's interesting 4 me, thanks