I won an award from the Native American Flute Musicians community on Facebook

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I've been a member of the Native American Flute Musicians community on Facebook for a little while now. It's a great bunch of talented people who love the Native American and Native American Style Flutes.

About a month ago, they organised an online contest for the membership. There were 7 categories:

  • Best Original Single Flute Tune
  • Best Original Flute Tune with Backtrack
  • Best Ensemble Flute Tune (two or more flutes or two or more players)
  • Best Original Flute Song (Includes drums and other instruments)
  • Best Beginner Flute Tune
  • Best Traditional Flute Tune.
  • Best Cover Song

We had a month to get the video ready for submission. Then after about a month of judging, the organisers scheduled a live award show to announce the winners and review their entry.

The winner of each category would then get a coaching session with a professional flautist who will give them tips and advice on how to improve on their playing and recording. They will then be able to re-record their song and submit the new one in order to compete with one another for the finale.

Here was my entry, it is a cover of "Colors of the Rainbow" by Mario Spindler (Germany). I submitted it in the "Best Cover Song" and "Best Video Production" (bonus category).

To my surprise, my video got announced as winner of the "Best Cover Song" category 🏆🎉. I was stoked, totally speachless! My wife and son were excited too! My son was so proud he went and took some dollar coins and offered them to me as prize for winning this award, so cute 🥰.

NAFM Award 2022.jpg

The instruments featured in the song were:

  • a Mele Tenor Ukulele
  • a Native American Style Flute I built myself (see my store)
  • a shamanic drum made by a friend of mine
  • a Siku (or Zampoña) by Luthier Jose Luis Matus Muños

NAFM Award 2022 - Plaques.jpg

Above is the photo of the physical award that will be posted to the winner of each category. That's really cool from the organisers to do something like this.

Talking about contests and native flute, if you are not already member, then please consider joining the Hive community QuenaSabor created by my mate @albuslucimus and submit some videos of you playing any kind of wind instrument. There is also a contest on that community in the pipeline, we're still brain storming it, so stay tuned.


This kind of music is really relaxing and I like it a lot.
I play a little bit of the andean flute we call it "Zampoña" in Bolivia and a little bit of the quena and I really love those ethereal sounds. It's so soothing.

Sorry for the double reply. My browser was a bit messy.

no problem. Yes, I usually alternate between Siku and Zampoña for SEO purpose 😉 Would be nice to see a video of you playing the Quena and Zampoña on the QuenaSabor Hive community.

Thanks! I will do that. Playing Zampoña is like the national sport here in Bolivia. I even learned some tunes at school . I'm gonna do it ! 😀
I'm not a quena player tho jut a little but I need more practice , you know the lip thing it's kinda tricky but I really love the sound.

I like the Zampoña too but I can't do the game where each player only use half of the Zampoña and alternate.

For the Quena, I learned with:

Congratulations! Awesome 👍

Thanks for mentioning the community mate! And by the way, Ty e judges chose well. This is a really great performance, and excellently edited footage.

Cheers. I hope QuenaSabor will grow more.

Thank you, I certainly do too. I would love to see the community building interest in quenas and Native American flutes so we can learn together and share in our successes.

Congratulations for winning fb awards

Thank you for taking us through this beautiful journey of your performance.

And congratulations on the well-deserved award.

The drone pictures part is my favorite.

Congratulations to friends who have won the flute musical instrument. And also has displayed a very melodious voice from the flute.

Thank you

you're welcome.

Congratulations on the awards and unique instruments bringing them to life.

@tipu curate 2

Thank you

Great relaxing sound to put me into the right mood to face the day after flooding here over the weekend. Thank You!

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This is absolutely great, it is remarkable why you won that award, I have enjoyed every moment of this audiovisual content, congratulations for creating such wonderful things, health and blessings to you and your family! 🎼

the sound of your flute that I heard in the video was really melodious, the jury did not choose the wrong .... your video really deserves to be the best.

I really get carried away when I hear you blow the flute and strum that little guitar. apparently you are a professional artist ... I congratulate you on what you have achieved now ... hopefully in the future you will always be successful and keep moving forw

Exelente presentación amigo 🤗🤩✨

Congrats!! Hehe !PIZZA


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Congratulations on the awards and unique instruments bringing them to life. all the best

This kind of music is really relaxing and I like it a lot.
I play a little bit of the andean flute too and a littlw bit of the quena and I really love those ethereal sounds. It's so soothing.

I just can't go back to fakebook.

Finding stuff like this on my travels online, instead of regurgitated memes, bad news and politics, is literally changing my whole mindset.

Really beautiful piece of music! And the visuals are incredible.