Practicing ambient guitar and native american style flute

in Musiclast year

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I recently bought a Cort CR50 Les Paul electric guitar to step into ambient music. I really like the dreamy soundscape music with those long delays and reverbs. I started watching a few tutorial videos and thought it would be easy since I play a bit of ukulele and guitar already but ambient guitar is a bit different since you usually want to spread out the notes of the chords you are playing as to not overcrowd the sound with those long delays.

In this first attempt, I'm using effects inside Logic Pro but I've since purchased some guitar effect pedals so that I can practice and play without the computer. So far I have:

  • a Behringer CS400 compressor to increase sustain of played notes
  • a Donner Morpher Distortion to add a tiny bit grit to the clean guitar sound
  • a TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay to combine up to 3 different types of delays and create more space
  • a Boss RV-6 Reverb to wash all those delays creating even more space
  • a Donner Circle Looper to create live loops of the guitar and play the flutes on top of
  • a Neunaber IconoClast speaker emulator to be able to connect directly to regular speakers while sounding like a guitar amp

Using a mixing desk in front of the pedals, I can also play my flutes using some of those pedals as effects.

I'm still practicing and will be uploading some more tunes soon.

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I used to learn to play ghita in 3 months but now I can't play it. 😢

You should practice again!

The tune of guitter so amazing. But I like your flute tune the best. If all the videos sound like flute melodies.

Thanks. Do you think it’s better the flute alone or with the guitar in the background?

The sound of the little guitar in the background didn't sound bad, but it sounded good.

This is quality, goodness me! I was left carried away, it was like listening to native american ancient ukulele Vibes, the guitar was new for me, I didn't really know it would follow the ukulele rhythm until you began. Wished the video was longer.

I’m preparing a longer one. Still practicing it

That would to great, to actually hear a longer one, felt like all that beauty needed more than a minute.

I like the sound of this guitar!

Thanks. The sound it produces is controlled using various effects.

One question, because you are very good in what you do. I would love to have a microphone to record my voice, what should I pick? I also want to use it to record my book reviews and also for storytelling. I saw these options

Is there anything else I need? A special software? I am a total beginner and I want to record a decent sound while filming. Any advice would be appreciated😁

It’s a difficult one to answer because one microphone can be good for my voice but bad for yours. Each microphone react differently to different frequency ranges.

If I have to choose between the two you mentioned, I’d probably go with the Rode USB one because I know and trust the brand. It also have a pop filter included which will help.

If I had the budget, I’d buy a Shure SM7B which is a great microphone for the type of work you are doing. It has good side and rear rejection which record your voice better while filtering out the room sounds.

As for software it depends on if you are using Windows or Mac.

I understand you are recording video as well? You would need a good software to sync video and audio. Davinci Resolve has a free version and has all needed to edit the video and audio.

For ease of use, you could also connect the USB microphone to a mobile phone and record the video from the phone. This way your video will use the audio from the external microphone. It will save from synching the video/audio later on.

Shure SM7B, I looked it up, it has great reviews😍

Thanks so much for helping me, I think I will go for a Rode first and the slowly build myself up from there


Love it man! Many instrument ambient joy! I am a big fan of the TC Electronic pedals, that one definitely adds the space

TC Electronic do good pedals indeed. I’m planning to buy their Crescendo auto swell pedal too. Do you play guitar too?

I do indeed! I have their polytuner which does a splendid job and takes the faff out of tuning.

I was going to use a regular guitar tuner but it’s a pain, a pedal makes life easier. Will add one to the order.

What type of music do you usually play?

Mostly metal sometimes a bit of Spanish guitar on my acoustic. But of anything really

Dude you always impressed me with that deep pieces you create, it is simple but so special can feel it inside me and this one relax me i really appreciate it

Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad to see it’s touching you

Oh man that sound would fit with my compositions!

Nice to see another ambient musician on here. We should try to collaborate on one of your future work

I am in! Can you import STEM files or what DAW do you use?

I’m using Logic Pro. Stem files in WAV or AIFF should be fine too.

Wow! Thank you so much 🥰
Your flute and guitar make my morning colourful, nice practice, your deserve an accolades 🍾

Nice sound that you achieve here. Congrats

Thanks mate

Nice 2.jpg

our posts are intertwined/interconnected, I have to often see your posts to see real practice. nice to meet you @quochuy

Man, your music never ceases to impress me - you’re like a jack of all trades, AND a master! Very cool stuff :)

Thanks bro. I was planning to do another recording but been too busy these days. How's your Hive life?

Man, I am loving it here. I’m slowly starting to understand some of the advice you gave me in the beginning, but I had to do a lot of things wrong to get to this understanding. Hopefully 2022 will be a strong year for me here in terms of quality content and proper posting; rewards are cool but my favorite thing here is creating a record of my existence, meeting new people, and sharing information!

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I see that you are in a recording, studio, is like you are a music producer?

Hey. Yea it’s my little home studio. I’m doing very humble music production. Mainly flute stuffs with a bit of guitar, ukulele and vocals.

Wow! That's so nice

Keep up the good work 💃

Sounds really cool it reminds me those old movies you know 😎

I've had a kind of dilemma to buy an audio interface, I'm between the Behringer and the Scarlett, what do you think about it?

I’m perso ally using Yamaha MG10XU mixer as audio interface cuz I can use it to with PA speakers too.

UMC202HD va 2i2, both seems great with Scarlett having better audio quality but Behringer is not far behind. If you wanna save $$ and buy plugins then go Behringer, still a good choice.

Yeah exactly sometimes I spend too much time trying to get the best gear possible but st the of the day the thing trying to sounds good without breaking the bank

Thanks for the recommendation

It’s easy to end up spending too much time choosing gear and not enough recording. Nowadays, most gears are good enough for home production. We need to sound good with our instruments first lol.

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delighted 🤩

Energetic and smart quochuy!
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I have added a few tokens to the effect, I will continue to support you.

saya sangat suka memetik gitar, tapi gitar yang saya punya cuma gitar biasa,

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Well-done @quochuy,I love people who plays musical instruments

This is cool, I love these kind of guitar tones! The flute makes it different than what I've heard before. Do you listen to Khruangbin? You'd love that band! Check out my reverb radness playlist for more dreamy soundscape music with those long delays and reverbs —

I always wanted to learn guitar but couldn't.