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Here is another guitar cover by ed sheeran called Shape Of You. it's one of my favorite songs of Ed Sheeran.


I planned making this cover 4days ago but I wasn’t available to my guitar kits that’s why the cover was delayed to today.

By the way, I hope you enjoyed listening to my cover of Shape of you by Ed Sheeran.


IMG_20210911_213620 (1).jpg](3)![IMG_20210915_072622.jpg

IMG_20210911_213620 (1).jpg




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I have only a few hours in hive and the talent that I have discovered in its users is incredible. This melody sounds great on electric guitar, and the sound it produces is sensational.

Wow ! Thats cool bro 👍🎸💥

That’s brotherly!!!

I really liked this interpretation, it sounds great, I must confess that I didn't know the music but my 14 year old son did and he hummed it before he started listening to it .... congratulations once again.

Yeah, it is a popular song. Almost as popular as DESPACITO and it is liked by many people.

Yes, I can see why my son does know, he likes English music.

🤘 Yay, superb version of this song, for sure. Mister Sheeran, come to Hive and enjoy this cover!!

Smiles.. thank you very much for your nice words.

Love what you did with the guitar. The effect gave it a nice sound.
This is really beautiful well done champ

Thanks a lot brotherly. I really appreciate!!!

You are welcome. That was a nice cover enjoyed it

lets go bro

Smiles.. been a while brotherly

The lowlight video of the iPhone XR is definitely not bad I think. Beautiful strings, I love the accuracy, the way you followed that beat to the letter, absolutely mastery. You're making this your A-niche almost everyday. It's absolutely good. Big one there. Wow.

Thanks a lot brotherly… it’s actually what I first thought I would be doing when I came to Hive but lack of resource couldn’t let me. Now, I am doing my purpose already..

Another wonderful rendition. Kudos to you bro.

When I grow up, I want to play the guitar like you do.

No dey whine your boy biko..


How today go be now

Na you go determine o boss.

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¡Suena buenísimo!

Wow! You’ve gotten really good man.

Sweet rhythm..
You ve got some skills on that machine Chief.
Well done.