TMI (as always) : Imagine Being a Bot?

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I dreamed about my dad last night and woke up feeling wistful.

I also went to catch up with some good humans on Hive, before I went to sleep last night, and logged off feeling disappointed. And annoyed, if I’m to be honest.

And I always aim to be honest.

So disappointed and annoyed.

Because this 👇 is how I was taught to work by my late father. He was a very special, unique and admirable human.

And, I think, with this specific life lesson, he was totally right yet again.


"You see it doesn't matter what work it is you do." he would say.

"It doesn't matter what your job title is. That doesn't define who you are anyway. You can be a factory sweeper. And if you're a factory sweeper then you should do that work to the best of your ability. This is what will give you satisfaction at the end of the day."



Full story here

Also, "I see you" you Hive. And you're awesome. ❤️ #justsayin


Yep. I’m finally sharing my opinionated opinion on ChatGBDSMT.

Ooops… Freudian half slip.

I mean ChatGPT.


Most of you may know that I’ve taken some downtime, recently, to get healthy again. And to get back on my feet financially, hopefully.

Because being poor, as it turns out, is expensive. And it sucks, quite frankly. And by poor I mean poor, by the way. I don’t mean poor by my very wealthy friends' standards. I mean suffering daily poor because you can’t do the things you need to do to thrive poor. Or get to where you need to get to, to stay okay poor.

The you’re poor and if the shit hits the fan you're in real trouble kinda poor. Like an emergency trip to a chemist in the middle of the night with no transport in a country that you can’t complain about the public transport in. Because there isn’t any. And the transport that's available at that time of the night could get you killed anyway kinda poor.

I mean the kinda poor where you can’t afford to take a whole day off work because getting to where you need to be takes hours. And the waiting for the care you can’t afford takes days, or weeks at times, kinda poor. The you can’t take work off to wait anyway, kinda poor. Because there are a million people, as poor as you are, who'll take the shit job with not enough to survive on anyway kinda poor. I mean the you're replaceable anyway kinda poor.

I think you get the drift.


And still… even when I was there (and I was)… never ever not one time did I do anything that didn’t live with my personal principles and values.

Not. One. Fucking. Time.

And it was this exact stubbornness of mine that, ultimately, set me free in full.

But that’s the story I’ve been trying to share for so long and I’m still too tired, and too broke, to share right now. Because sharing that kind of content is only for those who can afford expensive lawyers and, probably necessary, very private security.

It truly sucks being poor in South Africa, is what I’m sayin'.

But there's a point at which selling yourself becomes slavery, you know.

And I’m all into freedom.


I just landed a website for another client, by the way.

For a massage parlour, if you can believe it.

I’m pretty excited right now. 😅

I had a very enjoyable hour or so, researching competitive businesses yesterday afternoon. A nice distraction. I wish I had the audacity to do that, actually. Paid for intimacy. No cuddling or drama required. Or marriage. Or fighting about rubbish.

Literally and figuratively both

It makes far more sense than most of the love relationships I run into these days. Or the ones being advertised on dating sites, if we're to be honest about this now. Honestly.

And holy moly some of those working gals are gorgeous, huh? 👀

Sadly, it turns out, I’m officially too old to become a sacred prostitute. Yes. The whole Tantra thing has taken off big time. Tantra my middle aged (lost it along with the rest of my life) ass. Sensual massage at best.

But I’m too old now anyway. Ass or no ass.

The application form stated ages from twenty something to thirty-five. I 'spose I could find a site that punts M.L.F.S. But, I suspect, I’ve moved more into the G.I.L.F market because I wear my hair in a bun all day now, a crocheted poncho is officially my “Cloak of Pippin" and I’m learning to knit as well.

But the girls are really beautiful, huh?!


Um... distraction... where was I.


See? ChatGPT would never do that.

ChatGPT is methodical, linear and logical.

And boring as fuck, by the way.

If there’s any reason to get on the game to stop content creators using it, it's because of this plain fact alone.


It's the "tone". The "writer's voice." You can’t complain about this either. Because there isn’t any either.


And yes... I can tell when people are using it. Of course., I can.

Because I actually do read you.

And I know how you sound and express yourselves when you’re being human. I mean... that's why we read, innit? To be swept away by someone else's mind and story for a while. New perspectives, imaginings and horizons. Human connection. Why we're here and even bother to participate in this circus we call Life in the first place. If not what’s the point?

Now we're being inundated with ONE perspective.

Bland. Dull. Information driven. Toneless. Or tone deaf, I should say.


If I wanted to read something information based on some far off place, I'd head over to Wikipedia ffs. I’m reading your content to connect with a small moment of your world. Your vision. Your experience and how it smelled, felt and surprised, delighted or terrified you. I wanna know what it was like for you and why. I want you to give me hope and inspiration and ignite some fire in my daily grind. Or to provoke me into taking action to move and shake in the world again. I wanna read you awkwardly human, weird and embarrassingly imperfect so I can laugh at us with you.

I wanna know I’m not so fuckin' strange and alone in the world after all.





Co-ordinated anything sucks the magic and vitality, and most importantly the authenticity, out of any real life experience. And ART.

So please don't waste my reading time. My time and attention. My absolutely most valuable possessions in the whole entire world.


Does it count as plagiarism if ChatGPT spews out the same content with a few different words stuck in, by the way?

I mean, will ChatGPT be held accountable for plagiarism at some stage?

Surely it must.

Speaking of which...

adding a few typos to your ChatGPT posts may fool AI but we humans feel things and communicate on many, many meta levels, you know. And some of us can pick a vibe up over 300km of wire and/or satellite connection. Because you can't fake a vibe. Not really.

So please don't use it around here anymore, okay?

It really brings the whole tone of Hive down.



I've been looking into Deso, as I said I would, because fearless traveler, Curious George and we don't progress by isolating ourselves. And remaining wilfully ignorant. I also strongly believe in open relationships. Because freedom again.

Because “familiarity breeds contempt” and all that.

And laziness as well, as it turns out.

By the way, I still choose to return to Hive because of the heart around here. I'll say it again and again

Deso feels about as social as...




I'm not jealous at all, too be clear. By nature, I mean.

This rant isn't because some of these auto generated posts are hitting big payouts. Which is also a bit of a fuck up in my opinionated opinion. This isn’t what this is about, although I know people will choose to believe what suits them best.

As we humans tend to do.

I'm conscious enough, these days, to acknowledge a small flash of jealousy if it does hit randomly. Momentarily. This is a part of my Shadow. A part of my developmental trauma, from early childhood, because my parents were unskilled, at times, and we kids were set off against each other for the role of favourite child of the day or week or whatever.

I'm so over that nonsense now.


No. That's not what this is about.

We all have "intuition". We all know what the reality of a situation is at all times.

We are wired to, you see.

We simply choose (at times) to not "see" it because we're somehow afraid.

But jealousy?

I see people acting this one out unconsciously around me all of the time. And people really aren’t even aware they're even acting it out, mostly. But that’s what “unconsciously” means.

People tell themselves they're following rules or whatever. But, secretly, they feel threatened and insecure. People tell themselves they're being productive with time or whatever...

but they really maybe aren't able to prioritise and let certain things go to make more time. Or to say no to some people because they're afraid.

It's our own unconscious animal instinct... our fear...

that drives us to behave badly and, ultimately, fucks us up personally in the long run.



When we’re in survival mode, we aren’t thinking rationally or consciously. We may resort to taking action that is out of alignment with the way we want to walk in the world in this state.

I’ve done this more a few times back when I was still using alcohol and substances, by the way. And it fucking sucks. I've spent years going back over my past and making the amends, I needed to make, to clear that shit out of my head.

So I could live a more peaceful life with myself.

These days I just try to keep it simple and not do it at all. And if something happens that does feel “off” to me, I address it as fast as possible to keep my head space clear. Because when I say it took me years to clear that shit up for myself (and making it right for others in the process)… I mean LITERALLY years!

I only got into recovery in my early forties, you know. That’s a whole lifetime of making bad decisions based on…


It’s always fear.



Nope. I've worked too hard to have to go back and do a whole bunch more of that at some stage again. Shame is an awful emotion to carry around. The worst, I think. And even if nobody notices or it doesn’t affect anyone else much…

If it doesn’t live with who you want to be on this planet…

you are going to know and it is going to bother you.

And no authentic self love and acceptance possible then.


It’s a big ‘un.

So please take care of yourself. ❤️


So no. Not about jealousy; social hierarchy; animal instinct; financial fear and they are all pretty much the same thing really. Animal survival insitnct. Until we become conscious of it

I totally see a flash of jealousy in my own brain these days. Usually when a family thing is triggered briefly. Briefly! I know enough about my own history to know what's happening pretty quickly now. Almost ten years of doing this recovery thing hard. I may even be considered an expert but I don’t believe in experts much anymore either, these days.

Things are simply moving too fast now for anyone to be able to profess that for too long.

If I see the green-eyed monster, I roll my own eyes at my own "Self" now. It's by "seeing" these “”shadows” that they (honestly) disappear. Immediately.

I genuinely enjoy seeing people thrive. But that’s just me. I was trained to serve the adults around me, you see. An “Adult Child” they call us in some groups.

I guess that's why I've always been pretty good at jobs that are service orientated.


So for #FreedomFriday I’d strongly suggest a clear conscience being of the utmost importance for an authentically Minimal Lifestyle.

And possibly the most important thing to live as an authentically free individual.

I recently ran into the woman who illegally evicted my twelve year old and I last December, by the by. My bad. I triggered her trauma accidentally. But I also only did this because I was triggered when I did it back then.


She's unwell, and had been behaving erratically, and had also been offloading her shit on to me every day since I’d arrived.

I think letting people know I’m certified in recovery assistance is the problem right there. They immediately share all their stuff without thinking. But that’s also a symptom of trauma. The over-sharing and lack of personal boundaries. Boundaries for the traumatised person and everyone around them both.

I’ve been there and I get it. I know it as well because of my studies. Still, when we're in a fight/flight reaction not much logical or rational thinking is possible. It’s the nature of the beast and the "Reptile Brain" doing its job.

So, not thinking clearly, I asked her not to offload onto my son when he arrived the next day, while I was renting from her. But she’d had contact cut off from her grandson, for some years. And this pained her greatly.





I received, at 8pm one evening shortly after my request, an email to evacuate the premises the next day. This was two days after my son had arrived for a very much needed special beach holiday break for us both. We'd been dealing with the unnecessary court case, and the fallout for three years, and hadn't had one holiday or weekend away since April 2019. So when I say we needed this...

we needed it badly.

I don't exaggerate because I have a boobs and a vagina, by the way. And I'm not remotely "overly-emotional" or "dramatic". Not anymore. My situation for the last while has drummed that out of me in full.

It's one of the perks, in fact.


So a beach holiday with my boy and always working anyway because self-employed.

I know some of you get this part

I'd, accordingly, sent C.V.s out in preparation for the summer and had already landed a very possible job. I'd booked a place for three months with exactly this in mind. To gain some ground health wise and financially. I already knew I needed to rest and reboot. Yep. Way back then in December 2022 already.

This was when the travels went horribly awry.


She enlisted some shit head lawyer, who clearly has no idea of how the law actually works, to do her dirty work for her.

And, with the sudden stomping around upstairs at 2am in the morning, I didn’t feel safe keeping my son there.

He was nervous and uncomfortable by the time we got that email at 8pm on a Monday night. And he'd already been left traumatized by the family court process in the Western Cape. Totally botched by my government. Currently under investigation by the Department of Social Development. Narry a word heard in how many years is it now...

and now sitting with some mysterious "Directorate", apparently.

Whatever that means.

It's why I asked her not to offload on my boy.

We were both desperately trying to heal from the "proceedings" and government "assistance", after I ignorantly went to them for help.

Hey... know what?

I'm also done with talking about them as well now.

I'm over their rubbish too.

But a parting shot is...

if any of them had actually abided by their duties and supposed values...

none of this would be happening.

Of course...

I'd never had made it onto Hive then so...

for those of you who wish I hadn't, please (try) and take it up with the government in the Western Cape and South Africa at large. 😏



with the weird behaviour upstairs, and written threats from the shit head attorney who clearly doesn't know much about rental laws and who refused to answer my emails anyway, I chose to simply leave.


Photo of a twelve year old sitting outside on a bag, surrounded by a small arrangement our remaining worldly belongings - removed for privacy reasons.


And that’s what really lead to me being so sick, a few months ago, that I had to take a full rest and stop everything to get back onto my feet physically.

I mean… I met a few more not so present humans along the way who added fuel to my burn out… but that lady right there?

She was the one who started the serious downhill slide. Her, her mind-controlled minion and that attorney of hers.

I'll follow up with the Law Society when I have the time.

I consider this "right action", you see.

Although I'm over this too, someone could get hurt. Or die or something stupid. Because of unethical practice, you see. *sigh What a waste of precious time when things could be so simple.


So I ran into her in the village the other day, was my point.

She's not looking so great at the moment. And she couldn’t even make eye contact with me. She stuck her head down, hunched into herself and scurried past me like a rat being hotly pursued.

The only thing I felt was pity when I saw this.


I’ve been there.

And it sucks.


I think this is what my Buddhist teacher used to try and explain to me about compassion, by the way.

When you understand that people are acting out their own unconscious imaginings, mostly, it’s easy to forgive them. As far as forgetting though? Well... that requires personal accountability and ownership, I reckon. It goes to safety, you see. Self preservation in a too predatory world right now.

Amended behaviour counts. ❤️

But her other tenant won the case against her so it seems she hasn't learned much yet.

I also saw she’s renting one of her places out again.

Needless to say, I won’t be applying for the rental or suggesting anyone who needs one talk to her. And I happen to know two very reliable tenants that are looking for accommodation out here. I wouldn't trust her to provide a safe, warm space for anyone I care about though. It is what it is.

We make our own luck.

And fate.




Best to try and simply "do the 'right' thing", maybe.

And to "keep our side of the street clean". 😬

There’s nothing more important than a Minimal Clear Headspace, in my experience.


Also... it's far more fun!




Hmmmmm... still waiting. No response yet. I find this sad as, development wise this blockchain has a lot of potential and what looks like a fuck ton of money thrown at it. But money doesn't buy authenticity or common sense so...

I'm new over there so maybe I just haven't met my people yet? I do happen to know more than a few around here who would've found me pretty funny and upvoted me anyway. And another few who wouldn't have found me funny at all. But who would've stepped up anyway, to set me or themselves straight.

And that's all we need to grow and progress together, you know...

Open conversation.

Even if it's uncomfortable at times.


In fact... I'd go as far as to say that the more uncomfortable a specific conversation is...

the more desperately we need to talk about the topic.


Another loooooong post. Sorry and thanks for your reading time if you made it this far. I don't use ChatGPT for my writing. And I never will.

If I did I'm sure the Bot would've edited this down for you. To a reasonable reading time; for a generalised optimised post length; to gain the most readership; and make the most money, honey.

But my stories happen organically, and meander all over the show, and I kinda feel this is how some of whatever message people may need to hear is shared. Somehow.

It's the way the stuff we don't know about yet...


And I don't wanna destroy the magic. 💥

Please excuse typos. Only Fully human...



P.S. I've taken all autovotes off for now. Although there are some of my favourite humans and creators here, who deserve consistent support, I had to take all off to remain neutral for now.

So if you see me say hello, it's me.

You've been duly warned. 😁 And I can't wait to see you!


Eternal Seeker
Hardened Dreamer
Peaceful Warrior
Determined Dancer
and Stargazer


Beyond fear is freedom

And there is nothing to be afraid of.

To Life, with Love... and always for Truth!
Nicky Dee


All images my own for this one. Original Aweh (meta Verse) illustration created with Photoshop. Original illustration used original source unknown. Gif created using Canva. Jung meme created using IMGFlip.
All photo editing done with GIMP.



I do love your father's words. It is mostly special to me because I have been told some words like that. It's not the same, though, but It had the same meaning attached to it.

You've been through so much, and I am glad you've been healing. It took long years, but you did it anyway. That's special. And I am sorry your son had to go through that, too.

Speaking on the usage of Chatgpt if I got the spelling right. I believe you wrote these words yourself, and I learned so much reading every word. No weird feeling. I cried, chuckled, and felt those series of emotions, and this is why I took this statement out of your text;

I mean... that's why we read, innit? To be swept away by someone else's mind and story for a while.

I was truly swept away. And you've got my respect and love on that.

I don't use AI to write and never will. I love my words raw and weird.

Ah... what a lovely comment. Thank you, sister 🌸

And for the support.

Yes. We've all been through so much! So many stories... And it's time of us all to heal now.

You're right... it's by sharing our stories that we create the spaces for connection and authentic healing. More reason to keep it real!

Thank you again for connecting because I didn't connect that! And see?! This is why honest connection is so important for us all.

Massive love and respect back. ❤️❤️❤️

Honesty does overrule. Thanks too for sharing. Have a fulfilling weekend.

It's the one and only thing we should be focusing on right now, I reckon <3

Stay you!

And I concur 😉. I sure will

This moment is valid :)

Also actually me 😁

Well I suspect you're an alien, really...

So prove yer human :)

Hello you 😀


You must be killin' it out here!
@nickydee just slapped you with 1.000 PIMP, @albuslucimus.
You earned 1.000 PIMP for the strong hand.
They're getting a workout and slapped 1/1 possible people today.


Read about some PIMP Shit or Look for the PIMP District

Oh hell yo!!!

Hmmm…this is a fun challenge…what can I do that AI can’t?

Oh I got one! It’s 10:00AM and I’m having a nice cold 24oz IPA, after which I’m gonna go jump in some freezing water because I like it :)

…I don’t think AI will produce a statement like this for many years 🤣

EDIT: Crap, I missed th mark, you said alien, and aliens surely love beer and cold water…so now im stuck in a quandary! What would an alien be unlikely to come up with on its own? All I can think of is Country Roads by John Denver, but im not sure thats even relevant! If this were an alien border crossing, my ass would be on the way to a quarantine cell hahaha!!!

See. Now you did it accidentally because AI wouldn't be able to tap into it's intuition like that.

You could, however, still be an alien...

All good. I don't discriminate.

p.s I think I may be an alien and I don't like beer or cold water...

Beer i get…but cold water??? Lol actually I get that too 🤣


I love water. But will not be caught swimming unless it's hot, hot, hot!

Bit of a wimp when it comes to this one. Don't tell!

It’ll be our secret…just between you, me, and the public blockchain :)

Aha, i see you have the older version. In the latest version that weeks conscioys response is now "This moment matters".

Hello. It's me too!

Hello 👋:)

Sorry I took so long to reply. My comment chatbot has a bug :|

Is it really you?! 🤔

But how will I know?

Prove you're human!

!PIMP your vibe 😆

You must be killin' it out here!
@nickydee just slapped you with 1.000 PIMP, @unklebonehead.
You earned 1.000 PIMP for the strong hand.
They're getting a workout and slapped 1/1 possible people today.


Read about some PIMP Shit or Look for the PIMP District

Im still breathing. So does that count?

Who knows these days?! 😅


It's so very sad that AI has begun to replace human writers. I see it used mainly in independent media (and even some MSM) articles that land in my Google news feed and you can spot an AI-generated writing in a second. As you eluded to, the emotional spark that causes that great connection just isn't there.

It's sad to see it happening here, our beloved blockchain has a long history of people trying to game the system. This, I guess, is going to be a microcosm of what we'll be dealing with in the very near future, trying to discern what's real and what's not and trying to stay a step (or two) ahead of the tech. There is a program called that can spot/flag it AI-generated content. I wonder if there's a way to automatically run all Hive content through it?


People don’t even realize that they use AI to save time so that they can be more miserable having too much free time. It’s funny, isn’t it?

Like the old adage, if you don’t have anything worth saying, don’t say anything at all.

Like the old adage, if you don’t have anything worth saying, don’t say anything at all.

I like this! Good approach! :)

My granny used to tell me something similar. And she was happy and smart both!

People don't realise that they're using AI because they don't have enough time to do the things that fill their soul. And that using AI is probably only going to exacerbate the problem :|

It's internal!

I was thinking about something the other day that might fit in here. It was about how we try to teach people new farming techniques and how to use new technologies in order to make their lives better, but ultimately their lives and communities don’t change.

I think the problem is that the people introducing these techniques and technologies are people who love and appreciate the lifestyle that accompanies them, but rather than teach that love and appreciation of the techniques and applications being implemented, they just show people the how to use it part.

I’m not sure if that makes much sense, but I think that in a lot of cases, innovation comes from passion, but the passion and love of the lifestyle that creates new inventions doesn’t get passed on to the masses that adopt them and so the real change they could produce never comes about.

Huh! 👀

I have to let this one simmer to appreciate it fully! And respond with some thought.

Thanks for your thoughts! <3 :D

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Thanks, HiveBuzz.

Sending love always. ❤️

p.s. some of those conversations were epic! :D 💥

You're welcome @nickydee, it's well deserved! Congrats on your constant involvement on Hive 😊👍

How does one do those auto votes?

I guess that's my first question 😂😂

When it's a longer post, I don't know how to arrange my thoughts for a rather reasonable comment 😂

Cause I have a lot of ideas...

Ermmm I guessed I'll first ask about Deso...
What's it about?

Then the second is about the old lady who's been visited by karma

Karma in a mad ass anime

I think if I was in your position I would've tried talking to her...
When I notice someone who did me wrong is suffering in any way, I would like to know what happened to him/her...
Just to know how exactly Karma visited..

Maybe I'm a bit of an asshole in that part😆...

I'll talk to her one day, perhaps. When I'm further in my own development.

Right now I'm still a bit pissed. Can you tell?! 😂

It's my mama bear instincts. When my kids are harmed I lose my shit. I'm not sure I should change that....

Deso is also decentralised social media. Lots of 'em springing up now. It's big (too big too fast in my opinion as it's confusing and nobody seems to really know what's going on much).

Loads of scams and I can't find many actual humans posting about their actual lives... but I could be a noob. Search results don't yield much joy either so...

And many of the bigger accounts that seem worth a follow, actual creatives, seem to have abandoned the platform in around 2021.

I'm not sure what the story is but... of course... this makes me even more curious. So I'll let you know if I find out :)

Hive is still the most original and authentic in my experience. More community driven. More real. And has the best earnings I've seen on my meanderings as well 👍

But I like to learn and experience new things... so I always wander around asking questions :D

Hurrah for hive then😂😂😂😂


For now 🙃

Best we keep our game on!

I guess I'll check Deso out...

Eh... let me know what you think then.

I don't have much time right now.

But, I suspect, I’ve moved more into the G.I.L.F

You know, I'm of the age with the GILF is the new sexy, too. I bet we could make a tv series out of that. Without ChatGPT! 😂

Truth be told, I've used ChatGPT, but I use it for work. It excels at helping me write/debug code and write unemotional user documentation (e.g., do this, then that, then the other thing). I rather concur, it lacks emotion, but I find that I still always thank it when it corrects my code for me. I'd like it to remember me when AI takes over the world.

I've taken all autovotes off for now.

Hee. I've never autovoted. These last few weeks I've barely voted as a result. I'm so behind. You know that. So behind.

So very behind.

Hey! I'm all for productivity and making more time in a busy world!

I'm not anti AI at all. I love tech, in fact.

I just love art and literature as well.

Absolutely would use it for code etc (if I knew how to use it) 😂

Shopping lists as well. In fact shopping as well because yuck!

Cooking dinner a few times a week definitely... when it's able to get that right.

Reminding me what day it is... sometimes.

You know. A P.A. But not to take over "me".

I put them back on again. Because time. And I shuffle things around so...

Have a great day, V. Sending hugs and smiles. Don't forget to get outside for a bit.

Hello, i see you!

Catching up.

Hah! :) Hello!

You know I do think about you and wonder what you're busy with.

So hey. Sorry to sporadic my side. Busy trying to figure out how to be around more.

Work in progress...

I hope you're well.

See you over the weekend to read up on what's goin' on in your world.

i went back to Bulgaria for about 5 weeks & was busy with volunteers working in the garden etc. Back un England now for a while though.

Ah.. how's old England?

You do get around, huh? :D

England, full of red tape, nanny state, like most places.


And on the wrong side of town?

Knew you were one of my people :D

Have fun and see you soon 💥