Enjoying the East shore at the Talloires Bay

On a sunny but cold windy Sunday two weeks ago, we went around Lake Annecy, France, by bike.
the ride is a 40 km lap and we usually make a stop in any of the beautiful places around to have a picnic


Yes, the choice is difficult, all around the lake is sumptuous, so poor of us, we have the choice between the wonderful or the magnificent, I'm a little ashamed to confess it ... 😁





So here we are stopping at the Talloires bay to enjoy a sandwich,
carried by the beauty of the landscape but mostly, by the gusts of wind 😄



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Watch how stormy the lake is !
Beautiful and furious waves slammed against the pontoon that we therefore observed from a little behind, while usually the pontoon is where we prefer to sit down to eat 😉






the bay of Talloires is home to two very famous gastronomic restaurants

The first one that you see here is "the Auberge du Père Bise", a famous place acquired a few years ago by the chef Jean Sulpice


He was rewarded with a first Michelin star in 2006, and a second in 2010, at the age of 32.
After acquiring the Auberge du Père Bise, his establishment was awarded five stars and Jean Sulpice ha been named Chef of the Year 2018 by Gault & Millau.



The second one you see below is the "Abbaye de Talloires"

it is an authentic old abbey 😉
I've read on their site that after the French Revolution, the monastery became a winery and then a horse relay.
In 1862, it became an inn and the first hotel and restaurant on the shores of Lake Annecy.
Today, you can still admire in the abbey, the cloister, the gallery opening onto the doors of the old monks' cells, the Prior's room...
I can not testify of that as I have never entered this restaurant now, but I count on the Hive to make it my way in , one day or another 😁

and look at the fabulous peaks still powdered with snow at the back ... what a magnificent sight !

and the look is FREE ❤️
How does it get any better than that ?

That's it Lovelies, I hope you have enjoyed this stop at the Talloires bay... 😊

as much as we enjoyed eating our sandwiches next to gourmet restaurants 😁


I wish you a wonderful week !





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Now I know I have to. I must. I need to. Visit Lake Annecy before my time runs out. Hurry on Hive. Moon up as fast as you can. Need to see some really marvelous places!

I am so envious you can enjoy this any day you want when so many people just dream about it. Indeed you are so fortunate.

I will provide you as many photographis posts as you need to nurture your dream @gems.and.cookies 😁

And definitely yes, I never cease to feel lucky being here, I live in an appartment that I rent, it's quite expensive but not as much as it could be according to the market prices, the house in which we rent our appartment has been bought by a real estate developer and will soon be destroyed to make way for a large building, so we are going to leave the place in the oncoming two years. So we will be moving from Annecy that is too expensive for us to buy an house here, that's why we search in the countryside and are obliged to move away from here, but that's ok, every where is beautiful in my region, if it's not by the lake I will cope with it as I have much enjoyed my years at its side 😉

Thank you for your visit, and I would be glad to welcome you for real here 😊


That's so nice of you. I am so overwhelmed with your kindness. I do hope you get some place as good or even better than your present apartment. But you have the perception of a great artist. So anywhere will always be beautiful to you as seen only by those unique eyes of yours. You will always find beauty in everything anywhere and anytime.

And to you, I also extend my welcome in my city if you find yourself here for whatever reason. Stay safe and hoping to see more photos of your lovely place.

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Your photos are always so beautiful of Annecy and the surrounding area. We did that bike ride around the lake when we were there and made a few stops along the way but I don't recall whether or not we saw the abbaye or restaurant.
That one steep hill starting in the Talloires was a real challenge for us though. We had to walk the bike up it lol. We saw a few people who rode up it like it was no big deal and were quite impressive. Are you able to make it up the hill on the bike or do you have to walk it like we did?

Haha, this is a question worth asking indeed ! 😁
if you have a closer look to my bike you will see that it is an E-bike, and I can swear I could not make it without the E help at this precise place you are talking about 😅
Even the first times we did the loop, I didn't want to make it in the west-east direction because I thought it would be too hard, even with the electric assistance. But then I let myself be convinced by my man, who has a normal bike for him because he is an excellent cyclist, and we did the loop in the east-west direstion and then of course it climbs much more easily with my electric bike 😄


The E-bike makes sense. Its such a steep hill!

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

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How nice of you ! Thank you much @LivingUKTaiwan and @pinmapple ! ❤️

What a nice view, living in one of those houses on the shore must be a privilege.

Oh yes, a very expensive privilege ! 😁 real estate in Annecy and even more around the lake is the most expensive in France right below Paris 😉...but for the same price I would always choose these landscapes rather than the big city life 😍


I think I would also choose to live there, as long as I can cover the cost.

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Simply gorgeous! You know how much I love this place and your photos of it 💙🌞💙

I'm happy to share fresh new pictures 😊 at the same time last year I was digging into my archives because of the confinement 😅
Thanks for your visit my dear lena and I'm happy you are back on the blockchain ! 😘

Very great place. To relax and calm yourself from the concerns of life

You are right about that 😉

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Excellent post thanks for sharing 👍🏾

Thank you @kgakakillerg 😊

No problem it's my pleasure 🤝

hello dear friend @ barbara-orenya good morning
You have visited paradise, what a beautiful place, invites you to take a bike ride there. I appreciate that you let us know all its history
great shots congratulations
have a nice day

I was just wondering about you as I looked at my adorable "Chihuahua" drawing you drew. I have been away for a while, but have come back to continue to share our journeys. I was thrilled to see you have been sharing more of yours.

That peak was beautiful. Does it have a name? I am sure the photos do not do it justice. I know the photos never do the places here justice.

Ces photos sont pleines de magie et font rêver. Les bleus du ciel et de l'eau se mélangent dans une composition absolument pittoresque et cette gastronomie, ça donne envie d'aller faire un tour!

Quel poète ! Tu as raison quant à la magie du lieu @edouard et j'espère que les restaurants vont bientôt rouvrir ici, meme si ce n'est pas vraiment d'actualité pour l'instant...😅

Demasiado hermoso para ser realidad, las maravillas que nos presenta la naturaleza y la vida; para los amantes de la naturaleza no existe no existe nada mejor que deleitar estos lugares, es el paraíso, es un lugar realmente hermoso que espero algun dia visitar. Gracias por dejar compartir tus experiencias.

Très magnifique!

OMG that is so cute...like an alien joy-bulldoggy 😍 😃

Hello @barbara-orenya
The photos you have shared are a beauty, it is impossible not to want to be in that space, I really think you have made me go to bed with those beautiful images, and for sure I will be able to sleep much better.

Great post and Amazing photos

What a breathtaking lake i am so waiting for travel to become easy again so i can start visiting these beautiful parts of the world 🌞

This is indeed a very touristic place for the reason of its beauty of course...worth the travel if you can 😉
Thanks for your appreciation @kohsamui99 🙂

Do hope to see that part of the world some day.

Have a great weekend @barbara-orenya 😊

Wow the scenery is to die for! Thank you for touring us your place! Greeting from Philippines!

I'm glad you have enjoy it @marizze 😊 thankyousnail.png

The lake is equally beautiful with calm waters and with waves crushing the pontoon.
These two restaurants must be very exquisite and I hope you will visit them and make a review.

Haha ! May your wish come true ! 😁

Very nice blog!
Uploading image #1...

What do you mean "uploading image #1" @phuke ..? 🤔

im like your all photo! You very good photographer! You have idea!