Vintage feel with the Flea market in the old town Annecy 😊

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I can't believe I post to my own account only once a month !
Fortunately, it's not because I don't have time to post that I don't have interesting outings, on the contrary 😁

Proof today with these multiple photos that I'll share here, taken this weekend at the flea market in my city Annecy in France.

This market takes place every last Saturday of the month in the old town.
Of course, it was on hold for a long time due to Covid restrictions, but this month things seem to have returned to some semblance of normalcy in the Old Town, as it once again hosted this monthly event that the we always enjoy finding.


The retro charm of these objects is always a pleasure to photograph, and the environment of the old town of Annecy highlights them perfectly ...judge by yourselves...

here flows the Thiou, one of the canals which cross Annecy and make it the Venetian charm ... 😊
here is the sight from one side

and then from the other side.... :



Look at the castle in the back β™₯️ ------------------>


Let's now take a closer look at all the finds I have made,

even if I have not bought anything because that is not the goal for me of this outing, I only aim to bring back trophy photos...
And I brought A LOT 😁

Of course, you can always find books of all kinds in a flea market :




retro posters and signs ...



Crockery ... glasses, cutlery and kitchen utensils




which of course include the old coffee grinders that can be abundantly found here at this stand 😁


Pious objects, crucifixes, rosaries :



Furniture pieces from different eras ...





The essential little wooden horse β™₯ ️


Ancient weapons for collectors


Very old cameras ...



And finally let's not forget where we are: in a mountainous region so we also find old skis and also cow bells from all sorts 😊



special thought for @melinda010100 πŸ˜‰ :


VoilΓ ...this is where this tour in the flea market of the old town Annecy ends


I wish you all a wonderful Sunday, filled with peace and joyful kindness 😘




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I miss seeing regular posts from you with your beautiful photos! These photos are delightful and I love seeing the Old Town again. I would be tempted by the dishes and crockery and I would love looking through the old books and posters.

there were some school posters that give a nice nostalgia feeling 😁 I would love to stroll this market with you my friend ! And I think of you each time I see the Clarines, the cow bells as I know you always enjoy them πŸ˜‰

I do love those bells and tried to stop along the road to take photos of cows with bells on while I was traveling around France. It used to be a sight you would see and hear occasionally here in Wisconsin, but I haven't heard cow bells in years.

!ENGAGE 20 😘

Such cool photos. I really love your style and I wish that I could buy up those old cameras. They look so cool.

I have thought to all photographers when I took the old cameras shots, such historical items are kinda touching indeed...πŸ˜‰

Those are great photos. Everything looks so cool. I love antiques and old fashioned objects. Looks like an awesome market.

It is really a nice monthly rendez-vous , I don't go each month but every now and then is such an enjoyable moment to spend there 😊

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Thank you much @pinmapple ! 😊

There is such a lovely atmosphere and feeling in these photos! I just love them! 😻

I'm honored Keith πŸ˜‰ ty_l_phant.png for your appreciation 😊

What an interesting place!. Love the crockery, thanks for sharing your photos

happy you have enjoyed it @elentogether and thank you for your comment 😊

What a wonderful place to visit and take those pictures . awesome. I would love to visit that old town and that fantastic market, so much to see. If I was there, that wooden horse would be in my shopping bag for sure, loved it.
Thank for sharing @barbara-orenya, it was a nice tour of a beautiful place.

img_0432.png for your appreciation ☺️

So glad to see life coming back to normal. Your photos enhance the atmosphere of the flea market. They are outstanding, all if them.

A relief to find back some of our events we were used to go to….thanks for yout comment @nelinoeva and have a

Cool & binteresting ;))

Thank you @denisdenis πŸ˜‰

Wow you definitely have trophy photos! My mother would love this place! She has always been fascinated with antique items :)

Really great job on your photos!!

It was a very nice journey to capture these treasures for a post on Hive, kinda double pleasure, I'd say πŸ˜„
Thanks much @crosheille and caturday_joyful_kitty.png

You’re very welcome!

Oh I’ve missed these drawings! Thank you! πŸ€—πŸ˜Š