Birthday Tea Party


A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege to photograph a 6th Birthday Tea Party! It was for close friends of our family so I don’t consider this a job but more of a fun favor. 😊

It was located at their family’s church in their fellowship hall. When you walked in you saw the tables all decked out with dress up supplies for the girls to wear. There were pearl necklaces along with gloves and little hat clips for their hair.



The girls helped each other put on the gloves and jewelry while us mothers stepped back and assisted as needed.

It was like a princess fairyland with all of the pretty dresses and shoes the party attendees wore.


The Menu

I loved the food choices my friend put together. There were healthy picks along with yummy treats and hot chocolate (since the birthday girl doesn’t like tea 😄).

We had the main course of unicorn shaped sandwiches which were very yummy btw.

Next, a healthy salad was served.

Then onto some fresh fruits. 😋


Finally, some very tasty treats to finish everything off. I call this marshmallow madness lol…


There was a pretty backdrop with streamers and heart balloons where I took individual and group photos. The girls had so much fun running around and playing foosball. Of course they really started partying after that sugar got to their systems. 😅

As the girls partied and danced around us mothers were able to sit down, eat what was leftover on the food table and relax to some conversation. It was like a little getaway for us. Most of the families there were part of our homeschool co-op community.

It was nice taking some time out to catch up as we nibbled on some fresh fruit and treats.

Lastly, it was time to gather around the cake as we sang happy birthday to the sweet princess…



My little girl was so happy to be there. You already know how girly she is and how she loves doing princess themes. She was surrounded by so many other princesses and didn’t want to leave. She was the youngest one out of the bunch but always enjoys hanging around those sweet girls.

They always include her and make sure she’s taken care of. She looks up to them and follows them around everywhere too. 🤭

It was such a fun and cute turnout and as always I was happy to be there with my camera. My friend loved the photos and really appreciated me doing the extra work (which to me isn’t really work because it’s what I love to do 😆).

I hope you enjoyed this tea party glimpse I shared. Of course I wish I could share more and even of the dresses that were worn but for privacy of the families I had to avoid showing any faces.

Wait, you didn’t think I’d forget about you did you? I brought you a piece of cake from the party. Enjoy my Hive friend! Thanks for reading ~ 🤗



Wow why haven’t i noticed your photographic side..These pictures are amazing 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻...

And this cakes looks so yummy I can already imagine it melting on my tongue and finding its way to my tummy..such a delight

Thanks Esther! I may not always show the best of my photographic side in my posts but there are some like these where I try to make an emphasis on my work. I've loved photography ever since starting on this platform and it's what encouraged me to pursue it more. 😊

I hope you enjoyed the cake!! 😁

Thank you for the cake :)

My friend loved the photos and really appreciated me doing the extra work (which to me doesn’t work because it’s what I love to do 😆).

Hehehehe, this is all that matters. You are a lovely person, I'm glad you get appreciated.

The pictures are beautiful and colorful.



You're very welcome! I hope you enjoyed it! 😃

Aww thank you @samostically for such a nice comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos ~

The girls had so much fun running around and playing foosball.

not me who had to google foosball. First time:)…I wrote this part before I googled. Turns out, I know what foosball is, just didn’t know it was called that. I also didn’t know it was called Table Football either. I guess I never knew the name and never bothered to find out. I just know it’s a game I’ve seen people play around.

That cake you brought me was delicious by the way. More please🥹

Oh cool! So now you know what it's called and how it's spelled.

I actually had to look up how to spell it because I always hear people say it with a z. I wanted to be sure it was spelled with an s. 🤫😅

Yay! Thank you for telling me how the cake was. You're the first one to say you actually enjoyed it. 😂

I appreciate the visit and comment ~

Wow🤭, what a unique birthday party 🥳🎉. The menu is a royal one 😂, I can feel it from my end, the salad is eye catching too, same with the yummy 😋 cake 🍰.

Those princesses sure had to great fun 😊 and your daughter didn't want to go home anytime soon 🤗, that's understandable, you wouldn't blame her you know 🤩♥️

That was a nice shoots you did ma; professional photographer you are 😅👍

It's so thoughtful of you to bring for us a piece of the party Cake, I feel like devouring it via my screen 😅😅👍

Hahaha it was set up so nice and fancy. The girls really felt like princesses. 😍

Right, I don’t blame her at all. I didn’t want to leave either 😅.

Aww thanks so much. I’m glad I’m able to do favors like this for my loved ones. It feels good to be able to save them money and do the photos myself.

Lol I wish you could have really tasted it…it was so delish!!

Thanks so much for stopping by ~

Lol I wish you could have really tasted it…it was so delish!!

Wow🤭🤭, and now I am craving for the cake already😋, I guess it was fluffy too? 🤩🤩

My love for cakes 🤦🤦

Yes!!!! It was so soft, moist and fluffy. I'm so sorry. Let me stop talking about it now that I know you love cake. 😄🤭

I can relate to your little girl's love of princess outfits and princess moments. I love everything that shines, the golden color, the pearls. It's just beautiful.

I'm glad you had a truly distracting few hours. When you love what you do it doesn't feel like work, it's true.

The pictures are gorgeous, I was left wanting to see more of the girls' outfits 🤫 I understand what you expose about privacy.


Yea she takes after my mom who loves shiny bling. 😄

Thank you. It was really relaxing and I was in my element with taking the photos.

Right?! I wish I could show more of the dresses. If things were a bit more safe we wouldn’t have to worry about keeping faces hidden or identities discreet. Unless given permission I never show the faces of any children or even adults that want to remain anonymous.

Thanks for reading and glad you understand about the privacy ~ 😘

I understand very well. I respect the people around me very much. My mom told me on Sunday to document a family gathering we had, but I know that many of those who were there would not agree to be publicly displayed. So I just enjoyed the moment.

That's really great @creacioneslelys. It's always good to respect people and their choice of privacy. 🌺

That is so fun!! I love that they got to dress up - I have always thought about having a tea party party for one of my girls, but I haven't done it yet! Thanks for sharing the fun photos and the unicorn sandwiches look pretty tasty as well and cute!! What a fun idea! The cake looks amazing. I would definitely eat a piece of that!!

It's so much fun! We did this for my daughter when she turned 7 and she still remembers it. It truly has a lasting effect when they get to dress up and be fancy. 😁

I know you all would love it if you had one. It’s really a fun girl’s time.

Thanks for much for the visit and comment ~

I will have to suggest it for the next girlie birthday we have! The boys would hate it that they wouldn't be included! Ha!

Hahaha! It’s funny you say that because this was a double party. While we were in the church hall having our girl time, her older brother was celebrating his birthday across the way at their house. The boys ate pizza and played games. 😄

Ah, such a good idea!!

Colorful candies and cakes, balloons, gloves and pearls! That really looks so much fun. ❤️ But I also love that there's healthy salad and fresh fruits.

It was such a blast for the girls and us ladies too! Yes, I was really pleased to see the healthy options as well. My friend and her family are trying to eat healthier so she made sure to have those better choices available :)


A nice groovy party you had there👍. As for me a party is rated 100% when there's enough food and drink, and this one has it

It was very groovy 😄. Oh yes there was plenty of good eats!! 👌🏽

Thanks for the visit ~

I am pretty sure you had fun with your princess and this event looks really nice with the lovely dishes and pictures taken to make it more memorable.

I did have fun. 😉

Anytime I can we can dress up and be girly girls is always fun. 😄

Thanks for the comment ~

It's a pleasure and keep up the good work moving

You make me salivate with these beautiful pictures. This gathering was really fun from your post.

Thank you for the cake too

Hahaha I'm glad you had that reaction because that means you enjoyed what you saw! 😄😆

Thanks so much always ~ 💓

This looks like so much fun. Love it all except that i can't eat the cake you brought for us


So sorry you can't enjoy it in RL but a virtual piece can be just as good. 😂

Hi @crosheille , the party was a lot of fun, the goodies, are the special touch; the accessories very beautiful and the pictures colorful.

Thanks for sharing.

Greetings and blessings!

Thanks for your nice comment @belkyscabrera! I'm glad you liked the photos! 😃🤗

Blessings to you as well ~

What a nice party for little princesses. You have taken great photographs.

Thanks so much! I hope we get invited to more parties like this. 😁

Omg but what a fancy ando lovely party. You are so incredible, details look amazing. Congrats.🖌️🎇🎨🎊

It was truly fancy for the girls!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting ~

Happy birthday to your friend. I love this cake it look so beautiful and for sure it will be too sweet

Thank you ~ 😉

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First time ever to ee take a pleasant short as a photographer boss. It seems you have been into photography for a long now. It's good to see the lovely pics. Happy birthday to her.

Thank you. I started doing photography when I started blogging here six years ago :)

Wow, this is interesting because it shows that you're already a professional through the help of Hive. Good to hear boss and Happy Sunday.

Very true. This platform sparked my interest for sure.

I hope your Sunday was great ~

Yes, Boss, I thank God for the gift of life.

Wow, this is so nice

Thank you for visiting! 😃

 6 months ago  Reveal Comment

Thank you @azamsohrabi! I'm glad you enjoyed the party decor! 😃