Reflecting a bit on the passing years... and some photos from last spring

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I recently turned 30 this past December and I'm finding that years seem to pass much more quickly these days. At the same time, a lot happens in the space of four seasons. The photographs in this post were taken last March at the Heard Museum, a little slice of natural habitat near my hometown in the midst of a rapidly-developed, suburban, concrete wasteland errrr... "paradise" on the outskirts of the Dallas metroplex.

Honestly, though time seems to go by more rapidly for me now, it is hard to believe that only a year ago HIVE split off onto its own blockchain journey. (Of course, I think of HIVE as the same chain that I have used since 2017, despite the re-name, so perhaps that is also a factor.) By all measurements, 2020 was an eventful year, and I have some wonderful memories from it — especially during the spring, when people briefly stopped filling the interstates with cars and the skies with so much smog.


I'm at a quite different place this Spring, and not feeling the urge to go out and do as much Smartphone Photography. Thankfully, I have a large surplus of things I never got around to sharing last year — so even if I don't venture out as much I will be enjoying both editing some of the shots to post on HIVE as well as making neural network processed versions of them using Deep Dream and Final Cut Pro.

As always, there are so many avenues to explore in life — it often makes one's head spin. Strangely enough, a part of me is actually pining for the quiet days of the crypto bear market. I tend to enjoy when the hubbub dies down a bit, and have something of a proclivity for the ecstatically solemn — if you can conceive of such a thing.

In any case, I believe 2021 is going to be an absolutely amazing year — I intend to make it such — and will be endeavoring to enjoy the journey each step of the way.

Here's to spring,
Daniel / @d-pend
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posted March 24, 2021. Photos taken with iphone 8+.






The day and the minute become our battlefield and finally the moment. At that moment we know we have lived. The closer we come to realizing eternity the faster this world seems to spin around us. A child plays and time seems last forever. A teenager makes a schedule and plans what he or she will do during the day but in disappointment finds very little tangible accomplishments. A young man or woman will plow on like a bull to accomplish stuff while killing off good health and good relationships. Eventually a body slows down ailed from the aimless pursuits in vain effort to escape the face of eternity.

The Koreans count the age from the time a baby is conceived so the moment a baby is born he or she is one year old. Then every New year everyone regardless of their birthday becomes one year older. So those born on December 31st are one year old at the time of their birth and two years old the following day. That's a lot to handle for an infant who still hasn't figured out how to suckle.

Stunning, absolutely stunning; I love the first and third image from the first upload in the blog because of the bokeh effects, the edges are definitely amazing. I wouldn't really believe this one was done using a smartphone, probably the iphone 12 I guess?
Anyways I haven't had the feeling of knowing what spring feels like, I guess the beautiful changes in the colours of the tree. As a creative person sometimes you feel totally Indifferent, but consistenly you've been comin up with contents nowadays, its always great to find time to be here like irrespective of the fact that sometimes attending to our real life commitments can take much of our Priorities.

Hey thanks @josediccus, it's actually an iPhone 8+ lol, I can't keep up with how fast they update but I'm pretty happy with the quality of this model even though the 10 and up are higher quality.

You've mentioned before you haven't really experienced Spring... it's because where you live is near the equator? Or some other reason? :-)

To be honest, I think I have gradually gotten more comfortable with showing vulnerability and trying to connect more through creativity, for me creative projects especially writing is a double-edged sword — I can choose to hide myself through it, or expose my true feelings.

Sometimes I find the latter very difficult and painful, and the former comes very naturally to me.

I'm always happy to see you around; there's only a handful of us that are still going strong from way back in the day! Maybe some more will come back now that HIVE is going up in price :-D

Take care brother.

You've mentioned before you haven't really experienced Spring... it's because where you live is near the equator? Or some other reason? :-)

This is because in Western Africa we only seasons like Harmattan, rainy and dry season. I guess I haven't left the shores of Western Africa. I feel like sometimes this can be a sort of limitation sometimes to me as a writer. Because sometimes we need to experience sometimes to be able to create that perfect image.

That is absolutely stunning from the iphone 8+ wow, I knew it has good cameras. Apple these days just comes up so fast with those upgrades on their iphone series hahah.

Take care too, and well congratulations on hitting 30.

Congrats on 30! Just wait till you hit 40 or so ... then the time will really fly!

These are lovely, young man. Nice to see and hear your optimism. Cheers 😊

As always beautiful photos my friend.

The quality of your photographs are amazingly great and the trees are wow

Looking to more of your posts

Nice pictures buddy :)

Thanks man :) How've you been lately?

Doing good, wbu? :)

Doing well also! Trying to juggle a ton of different projects at the moment :-P

Best of luck then :)