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Over the past couple weeks, I have been busy getting into architectural photography and have been hired to go and shoot several different buildings and job sites. Yesterday, a realtor contacted me and asked if I could do some photos for a home they are listing for sale. I had never done real estate photography, but it couldn't be much different than shooting the buildings I have been lately, so I decided to take the job.

The home was pretty big. I think it had 7 bedrooms, two living rooms, and was about 4500 square feet. They are going to be listing the home for almost a million dollars, so I knew I needed to do a good job with this so that they could really showcase the home. Luckily there wasn't any furniture or anything in the home, so I didn't have to worry about that, but the one thing I am not a fan of with this type of photography is shooting all the bedrooms. They are small and boring, so it was hard to make them look good and different from all the other bedrooms.

Another thing I wasn't a huge fan of when doing this photography is how long editing takes. Each image is a composite of 3 or 5 images and each set needed to be merged into a single HDR image. The lighting can also get pretty tricky, and a lot of the images have long exposure times, so having a tripod is a must. Before I went and did this shoot, I watched a six minute YouTube video to get some good tips on what to do. Good thing I did too, because it helped me pay attention to the smaller things when I was framing up my shots.

This was just my first shoot for real estate and I can't wait to get better at doing this. It is pretty easy money and the best thing is I don't really have to deal with people when I do it. Over the years, I really got sick of trying to pose families and deal with kids that didn't want their pictures taken. It has been a lot of fun learning new ways to capture the world with my camera. It will be interesting to see where all of this goes from here because things are starting to get busy for me.

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Nice shots man! Cheers to the first shoot! I knew you were gonna nail this shoot, awesome.

I can give you one tip, unsolicited I know... But I bet you gonna find it valuable if you're doing more of these jobs in the future. Real Estate can become really lucrative in The States compared to the Netherlands.

Before taking a photograph, turn off all of the lights, so you only have daylight to work with, this makes color correcting and balances so much easier, and at the same time, it prevents yellow, orange, and blue light sources to show up at the same time in a single image, which is a pain in the ass to correct. If you think the ceiling lights are contributing to the image without guiding viewers' eyes too much to the ceiling (where they can see smoke detectors etc.), take an additional photograph with the lights turned on and blend the photograph in post-edit. And... if you're going to make this a serious job, always ask for the temperature of the main lights. This is such a great question since they will know you pay attention to detail (and lighting of the photograph), and you come across as a solid Real Estate photographer. Plus, you can add in an additional service; bringing your own lightbulbs with a series of temperatures (5400K for daylight/ceilings), and 3000K-4000K for warming up the space with some coziness (usually with furniture and/or kitchens which isn't the case right now).

Thanks man. The color of the lights was one of the things that I had tried to pay close attention to. The only problem was that some of the lights on the higher ceilings had a bulb or two that was a bit different. I had thought about taking photos with all the lights off but it would have been way too dark in the home, especially the basement area. It will be cool to see how I improve with this type of photography as I do more of it.

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That is some really crazy angles you got there. it almost looks like cgi~~~ ultra cool man. Ultra pro~

Thanks man. It was fun to shoot a new style.

Very good shots, well done!👋

Good photos are a very important part of selling a property.


I guess would need better and different gear to do this type of photography. A high-quality wide angle lens would be necessary. I've seen a lot of real estate photos so I have an idea how good ones should look like.

Ya, a nice wide angle and a tripod are essential to getting good shots for this type of photography.

Light is often not ideal indoors, which is why longer exposure times are in order. Hence a tripod.

High-quality photos make a huge difference in real estate listings.

My favorite lens for this is the Olympus 7-14. I use it on my Panasonic GH5 and I think its very nice.

Impressive even for your first time with that. I hope that will be sold soon! Now I'm thinkingb photographers should know how to edit and not just take a picture.
The thing that I'm very lazy of because I don't know how

Thank you. Ya, learning to edit is just as important as taking the photo.

What editor do you use If it's ikay to ask? My office computer is low. Ened so. I can only use my phone for it.

I hoe in an join your conrests thisbweek as an amateur. Good day to you

I like GIMP. It's open source so its free, but it can do very simple or very advanced image editing.

My favorite is Blender, but that has a super steep learning curve, but its also one of the most powerful graphics creation softwares ever.

Thanks. I hope my phone can do that work. My office pc is only 32bit and is laggy

The infrastructure looks amazing reflecting your photography skills

Thanks. The house had some cool angles that made some of the photos more interesting.

That’s great they contacted you for this job. It can be hard to shoot inside houses.
A lot of work goes into the editing.
I like it better when a house is staged with some furniture as it speaks much more to buyers and the photos will be more interesting.
Great work!
Have an awesome weekend 👋🏻😊

Ya, it would have been cool if there was furniture and stuff in the home, but at the same time, it was nice to have an empty home to take pictures of and not worry about if the furniture was ugly or having to move things around.

Yep… both options one can work with.
Hope you get many more projects to photograph 😉

The quality of the picture is superb. Now I'm moved to own a house.

Thanks man. Hopefully you can own a home one day.

And yes I will.

Damn that's awesome, you don't think too much about real estate photography nowadays with a phone but there are definitely the ones who will do well enough to pay for it if the home is going to sell for enough! I think you did a good job and I initially thought that was a wide angle lens only, not that they were stitched together so that's good to know. I wonder if I'd be able to try my hand at that stuff one day!

Thanks man. The lens itself is pretty wide. I use a 17mm tilt shift. To get the HDR images, I take 3-5 images ranging from under exposed to over exposed and the. The software combines those images to get details in the highlights and shadows.


Nice house and photography👏👍

#derangedvisions sir,
Very good shots, well done!
Good photos are a very important part of selling a property.

cool shots, house looks nice. how much is a house like this where you live?

You take amazing photos wherever and whenever. Simply great! :)

Ooooh..! I think this could be a hella good niche!!

I think Real Estate is my favorite thing. Well, I know it is, that's what got me into photography and drones. I agree with you completely.

The problem I had was that realtors around here didn't want to pay what I thought was the minimum of fair. I wanted $250 flat fee for coming within my range and doing pretty much anything they wanted, go home and edit and then upload.

The editing was what was getting me. Even the trip and time is probably worth that, but the editing was a ton of time. Tons of fun though. There is just something I really like about shooting real estate. I love shooting any sort of sales shot really, lol.

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