Beautiful snowy day

Hello people! Sorry for not posting, we had a lot of work during past two weeks and I had some headaches for two days and I'm recovering right now from that. Anyways, today was the second time of this year that snow started falling, there is at least 15cm of snow which is a lot for us. During past two years and more we didn't saw snow a all, maybe for a day or two.

My mother and I went to the shop and while we were walking there our dog was following us for a whole time, headache stopped today, I guess it's snow that made my health better because I really love snow. :D Anyways, here are some photos that were taken today. Enjoy! :)

















I miss snow... We are having beautiful sunny weather for the past two weeks or so, but hey January ment to be snowy, so I would change that for your weather :)

I think this will last for a day because tomorrow they forecasted sunny day. Come here, you are not far away if I remember well. :D You are from Slovenia if I remember correctly?

Yes, I know we are close by, so that is why I envy you the current weather even more :)

You should have much more snow than we have, because Zrenjanin has the least snow in whole Serbia. :D

And we are called "skijaši" !?

I didn't heard about that. :D

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It's a winter wonderland. So beautiful and your dog!! So adorable. We had snow falling all day but just big fluffy flakes that seem to never collet on the ground! Currently snowing again, much smaller flakes and now they are providing a dusting. I want loads of snow but so far this year has been a bust.

Thank you! I really hope there will be a lot of snow where you live! :)

very interesting post, the picture is also very good.

Thanks! :)

If I had to choose just one, would have no idea which would be the best, great shots!

I'm glad that you liked them! :)

Dear @miroslavrc the prevailing snow in such a beautiful place, it reminds me a lot of my son who works near the San Juan Region in the mines in Argentina where the temperature is permanently below 15°C, and colds are very frequent, he has to work with suits like busos. Take care over there. Success in your publication, hugs from Venezuela. Hugs.

Thank you for your comment. I hope your son got used to that temperature because it seems like it's always cold there. Greeting from Serbia.

We are from the state of Sucre in Venezuela dear, beach areas between 23 to 28 ° C and getting used to very low temperatures is difficult brother, of course he resists because as Administrator in Works Engineering, it is what my son has been able to achieve in Argentina, in the Mines located in areas that are too cold. Well dear, thanks for exchanging ideas from very distant areas of South America. Success in your publications, I hope you are always in contact.

Looks like a fun and beautuful day in the snow.

It was such a great day. :)

I don't like snow as much as you do but the pictures are great!
And that puppy of yours, is beautiful :)

Thank you! I'm glad that you liked them. :)

Thank you for the snow; I needed a dose of winter. I hate the snow when I live in it and miss it when I don't.

You are welcome! :)

Hola amigo, que hermosas fotografías y muy lindo el perrito negro de la segunda foto me pareció muy tierno.

Que hermoso... Debe ser espectacular caminar sobre la nieve... Espero estés bien de salud... Dios te bendiga...

Svaka cast druze odavno nisam video sneznu idilu ovo me vraca u detinjstvo pogotovo slika gde traktor vuce sanke a deca uzivaju to se danas retko moze videti budi lepe uspomene

Hvala druže, ovde kod nas je tako non stop, kad ima snega. :D

Such an amazing bunch. Really loved them, specially the first ones :D

Beautiful, you know well when to do click, you are a very good photographer, snow is nice although I don't like cold hahaha

Winter has its own beauty wherever we find it in the world, but the fourth picture, where the tractor pulls two sledges, reminds me of my childhood.