I've lost my little friend.

Today a heavy day for me, my little doggo has passed away. We did everything to save him, literally that was our first time going to vet just to make him be good and healthy. We have never went to vet before for any of our pets just for this one because he was feeling really ill. We done corona test, Canine parvovirus, X-ray, vet gave him antibiotics, literally we done everything that was in our power just to make him healthy and happy. Today his struggle with life ended up, he is not here with us anymore. I have never been attached to my pets before but this breaks my heart. Tears just keeps running. :(



Sorry to hear that. :( Pets are very dear to us, like family. May he RIP.

He will be never forgotten.

Sad, I sorry :(

Sad news 🙁 It's always hard to lose a pet. One of my cats got ran over not too long ago, bad day...

It's really hard for me, he was such a beautiful little creature. :(