Letting AI do the editing part 2

Hello people. So, 2020. is coming to an end today, it was a hard year for everyone during this pandemic that still didn't finished but we should reflect on only good things that happened this year. Photos were taken almost every day, there was time for some vacation, met new people during my work, surprised myself and others with some gifts and so on. Overall, to me, it was a good year.

Anyways let me show you few more photos edited by AI, software is called Luminar AI. Great software that do things for you in just a click. I've chosen few photos that I wanted to see how it will be edited by AI and it looked pretty good, on some I tweaked some things and that's all.

Have a nice evening people and stay safe, see ya in 2021. :)











Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Those are really great photos @miroslavrc, but we cannot see what is the real contribution of AI to them. It would be nice to post OOC photos alongside these edited, so the difference can be appreciated.

I forgot doing that, in new post there will be side to side difference between photos. :D

What app is that?

It's called Luminar AI, it has trial version so you can check out how it does its magic. :)

Will do that. Thanks.

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